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Giant StepsIts schools provide a cross-disciplinary approach to education that combines music, occupational and speech therapy, while its adult autism services provide young adults with a relevant and engaging after-school learning and recreation environment.
Woodbury aims to provide students with autism with the learning skills necessary to lead happy and independent lives.
Warrah Specialist SchoolIt is a non-profit community organization that supports people with disabilities in a variety of services and settings. They provide education for students with moderate to severe disabilities that can include cerebral palsy, visual impairment, autism spectrum disorder, sensory and physical disabilities.
Luke Priddis FoundationThe Foundation aims to improve the lives of children with ASD. They believe in a world of awareness, understanding and support for families and children living with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other special needs. Additionally, they seek to provide excellence in early intervention through the LPF Center for Autism, providing support and services in West Sydney.
The Autism Community NetworkAutism Community Network promotes the health and social well-being of people with autism, their families and communities by providing information, support and coordination services for people with autism, their parents and caregivers, social skills development programs for children and adults with autism and community development programs for disability services and mainstream providers
The Asperger/Autism
Network (AANE)
This network helps people with Asperger's or similar autism spectrum and neurodiverse profiles to build meaningful and connected lives. We provide individuals, families and professionals with information, education, community, support and advocacy, all in an inclusive atmosphere of validation and respect.
Autism Awareness AustraliaThey empower parents and caregivers with quality information and resources. They also offer educational programs geared toward families, professionals, and the community in general. And they support the inclusion of people on the autism spectrum
St Philip's Christian College DALEIs a dynamic alternative learning environment for students ages 5-10 who have an autism spectrum disorder, social and emotional difficulties, or a mild intellectual disability.
Ajuga SchoolIt is a purpose-built school for K-12 students with a history of complex trauma and / or autism spectrum disorder. Seeks to provide a relational and safe environment.
AUTISM SWIMIs an international social enterprise of experts specializing in the prevention of wandering and drowning for people with ASD and other abilities. The company combines the expertise of autism specialists, behavior specialists, occupational therapists, and swim instructors to achieve the best possible results for the people they support.
St Gabriel's, SchoolIt is an independent coeducational Catholic school serving students with disabilities such as sensory disability, moderate to moderate intellectual disability, and autism.
Autism central coastIt is a non-profit organization that is committed to making a positive change in the lives of people living with autism, special needs, and disabilities. They aim to empower people by providing them with resources that enable them to live enriched lives in which they are valued for their abilities and contributions. They work collaboratively to promote awareness and understanding so that their full potential can be reached.
Autism Advice & Support ServiceThey work in partnership with people with autism, their families and caregivers, to evaluate, plan and implement the appropriate services to support and deliver positive outcomes.
The Autistic Realm Australia TARAIt is a non-profit charitable organization. They honor diversity as autistic, recognizing and supporting all their members whatever their history, expression of identity or support needs. They try to practice Radical Inclusion in all aspects of their work.
The Joseph Varga SchoolIs a registered special education school, specifically serving children with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). provides a welcoming, accepting, safe and supportive environment that has a "family atmosphere."
Sydney Autism
Community Lions Club
The Sydney Autism Community Lions Club is dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of people with autism. They seek to serve the community by participating in volunteer projects that promote the culture of acceptance and enrichment. Its goal is to produce results that result in practical improvements in the lives of neurodivergent individuals and groups.
Belmore SchoolThe college provides expert education, care, and support for students with a variety of disabilities, including physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism, visual impairment, or complex health issues that require paramedical assistance.
Broadmeadows Special
Developmental School
Broadmeadows Special Developmental School offers educational programs for elementary and high school age students with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities, physical and sensory impairments, and autism spectrum disorder. Learning areas include well-equipped classrooms, dedicated specialist spaces, and outdoor learning zones.
Autism PartnershipThe Autism Partnership was established in 1998 to provide a comprehensive service to families and professionals caring for people with an ASD across Australia. Its method is based on an established and systematic evidence-based strategy and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
Melton Specialist SchoolIts goal is to provide its students with educational opportunities to reach their full potential and achieve success academically, socially, and personally. offers quality educational programs for students with disabilities at the elementary and secondary levels in a positive, caring and safe environment.
Aspergers VictoriaThey believe that providing a community that understands and accepts Aspergers is critical to discovering meaningful and connected futures. Their mission is to empower Aspergers to have the confidence to realize their own strengths, abilities, dreams and ambitions, and with that independence, as they handle challenges throughout their lives.
Learning For Life Autism CentreIts mission is to provide the highest level of ABA-based services to help children with ASD and their families reach their full potential, regardless of financial circumstances. Driven by a desire for children with autism to have access to the best educational start possible and to remain educated, socially and emotionally engaged as they transition through their preschool, elementary, and high school years and beyond. there.
Mansfield Autism Statewide ServicesIt is an independent non-profit organization that supports youth and their families living with autism. Its mission is to support autistic people to achieve their goals and aspirations within their family and community. Pretend to offer individualized and integrated services from our Center of Excellence.
The Autism Teaching Institute (ATI)He is recognized in the field of educator training on ASD. Its goal is to help provide a high-quality education for all students with ASD.
Jacana School for AutismThe Jacana School for Autism actively encourages a student-centered approach building a positive relationship between students, parents / caregivers, and staff. They value the right to be treated fairly and courteously, even in difficult situations. The school offers an educational program for all its students, with differentiated learning in all areas of the basic curriculum according to the child's ability. All children have the opportunity to participate in a diverse and personalized curriculum that covers all major areas, including specialty programs in visual arts, performing arts, physical education, and food technology.
Southern Autistic SchoolIt offers a caring, supportive, and safe environment where all students are encouraged to do their best. They focus strongly on inclusion and working with the community and local agencies to create an environment that is welcoming and nurturing for their students. Southern Autistic School is a positive, friendly and welcoming school for students with ASD.
Victoria State
Government. Education and Training
They lead the provision of education and development services to children, youth and adults directly through public schools or indirectly through the regulation and financing of early childhood services, non-governmental schools and training programs.
Amaze. Shaping the future for Autism.Amaze fosters community understanding of autism, influences policy change for autistic individuals and their families / supporters, and provides independent and credible information and resources to individuals, families, professionals, government, and the community in general.
Light Up Autism Foundation Making The Future BrightLight Up Autism Foundation provides educational assistance to school children with autism. In collaboration with the child's school, the foundation funds and facilitates ABA programs within the student's school setting. Its goal is to build a network of specialized teacher training and therapeutic programs, continuing the early intervention work that many children with autism now receive from school and to reach out to some who may have missed vital early intervention.
STEPS Autism TreehouseBuild community and connect families, children, and youth living with autism. Provide support to the community with access to resources, life skills programs, education, and social events.
Autism QueenslandAutism Queensland offers a wide range of education, therapy and support services to help people of all ages on the autism spectrum, their families and the professionals who work with them.
AEIOU Foundation for children with autismAEIOU operates nine centers in Queensland and one in Adelaide. Each center is specially designed or adapted, which guarantees that its spaces are safe, attractive and adapted to the needs of the child and their family. AEIOU is an NDIS approved service provider for autism-specific early intervention.
ANSS – Adelaide North Special SchoolAdelaide North Special School has a diverse range of students, with varying degrees of disabilities, up to very complex ones such as autism, brain paralysis, epilepsy, severe and multiple physical disabilities. Its purpose is to provide students living with disabilities the best opportunities to grow and succeed in a learning environment that is respectful and values individual potential and a stronger future.
Autism Spectrum AustraliaThey offer a wide and flexible range of services that focus on the child with ASD and the family to develop practical skills, increase knowledge and encourage participation within their community. Their team of highly trained early childhood staff works in a number of areas, including diagnosis, positive behavioral support, developmental and social learning, therapy, and family-based interventions.
Autism Association of South AustraliaThe organization helps young people between the ages of 15 and 25. They support and empower people living with autism, along with their families and others.
The Autism Association of Western AustraliaIt is Australia's largest specialist lifespan organization serving people with autism. The programs they develop are based on best practices and are based on leading international peer-reviewed research in the field of autism.
Malibu schoolIt is an educational support school serving students with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory disabilities (vision and hearing) and / or autism spectrum disorders.
Mount Hawthorn. Education Support
The purpose of the school is to promote each student's abilities and develop their educational, physical and social skills, knowledge, and independence in preparation for high school and for life's opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences. the main program in the school for children from PP to Year 6, usually with an intellectual disability, for whom regular classes are not the best option.
Autism AllianceAutism Alliance was established to represent and provide services for families and children living with autism. They believe in "Life Through Learning" and help the child develop a love of learning with positive encouragement, a sense of accomplishment, and personalized rewards. Their individualized and group programs focus on the common traits of autism, communication, social interaction and restricted and repetitive behaviors.
Sir David Brand SchoolIt is a dynamic independent public school that works in partnership with families and service providers to inspire a full and rich life. The special needs of its students range from those with severe disabilities to students who can participate in functional life skills programs.
DDWA - Developmental Disability WA
They support people with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Offers services such as peer support to family members and individual advocacy.
St.GilesTheir team of specialists offer diagnosis, therapy, and other supports to meet the needs of children on the autistic spectrum and adults. St Giles offers a number of autism-specific programs including.
The Association for Children with Disability (Tas) Inc.ACD Tas is a peer-run, non-profit organization that provides information, advocacy, consultation and training, case management, and peer support. His vision is that people with disabilities, their families and caregivers have the same opportunities to reach their potential and lead a fulfilling life. Its mission is to provide quality community leadership and support options that improve participation and life outcomes.
Tasmanian Government–Department of
The Department of Education (DoE) is responsible for providing educational services to students from birth. They provide educational services through our 12 centers for children and families, launch-to-learning programs (infants through 4-year-olds and their families), elementary, blended, middle and high schools across the state, including education delivered from flexibly or through blended learning.
Gigant Steps Tasmania.Giant Steps offers a variety of specialized services for people with autism. These services are designed to complement the standard curriculum. Each child has their own individual program tailored to her needs. Programs can include specialized services ranging from speech and occupational therapy to dance and music
Autism Tasmania.It is a non-profit, community-based organization and a registered charity. They are committed to improving the lives of adults and children on the autism spectrum, their families and caregivers; and improve community awareness, acceptance and understanding of autism.
AutismNTThey provide support to children, parents, caregivers, teachers, school personnel, and professionals who work or live with people on the autism spectrum. Autism NT is a non-profit organization that receives government grants and donations from both the public and private sectors. It is administered by a committee of parents, caregivers, and professionals interested in autism.
Australian Advisory Board on AutismIt is a body that represents people with autism, their families, caregivers and helpers. Through its members, the Advisory Board represents more than 12,000 individuals on the autism spectrum who are members of, or obtain services from, the Advisory Board's member organizations.
Olga Tennison Autism Research CentreThey aim to expand knowledge to enrich the lives of autistic people and their families, through high-quality scientific research, innovation and translation.
AutismCRCIts mission is to motivate, facilitate and translate collaborative research on autism, across the life and spectrum, supported by inclusive practices. claim to empower autistic people to use their diverse strengths and interests.
I CAN NetworkIt is Australia's very largest provider of autistic-led group mentoring, training and consulting programs. Its purpose is to show what autistics can do.
Options Communication Therapy and Training CentreProvides medical legal consultations and reports on the needs of people who have communication difficulties. Also provides training workshops that address specific aspects of these problems.
39 Fernando Street, Burpengary, Queensland, 4505, Australia
P: 0410 448523
ConnectAbility AustraliaThe organization adheres to the disability services, elder care support, family counseling standards. Its disability services encompass life skills development, NDIS support coordination, participation in community, social and civic activities, travel and transportation independence training, among others.
Developmental Educators Australia IncDevelopmental Educators Australia Inc (DEAI) is the professional association representing the unique, diverse and dynamic profession of Developmental Education. Developmental Educators are multi-disciplinary disability specialists with expertise in fostering the skills, independence and quality of life for people with developmental and/or acquired disabilities.
Occupational Therapy AustraliaOccupational therapists in Australia work with those seeking to achieve greater success and stability in their daily occupations. Areas of expertise include aged care, autism, driving, soft tissue injuries and NDIS. Occupational Therapy Australia works with occupational therapists and other professionals to develop best practice guidelines to help OTs provide the best quality of service to their clients.
Reframing AutismIt is a charitable organization that provides autistic-led education through a variety of workshops, lectures, professional development opportunities, among others. They also offer resources produced and designed by autistic people and are actively involved in the field of autism research in Australia. They also provide a platform and community where autistic voices are heard and valued.
The Australian Federation of Disability OrganisationsAFDO is a representative organization for all disabilities that provides policy advice and representation to government and organizations on issues affecting the lives of people with disabilities. AFDO works to inform and educate the community at large.
Carers Australia LimitedCarers Australia is the leading national body representing Australia's unpaid carers and advocates on their behalf to influence policy and services nationally. Carers Australia works in partnership with carers, carers associations, government and mainstream agencies to develop policies, advocacy, programs and events to improve the lives of Australia's 2.65 million carers.
MY TIMEMyTime is for all parents and caregivers of children under the age of 18 who need a higher level of care than other children. This could be due to a disability, chronic medical condition or other additional needs, including developmental delay. MyTime members come from different backgrounds and their children have different abilities and needs. It helps parents of young children with a disability or chronic medical condition by bringing them together with other parents to socialize and share ideas. The groups act as a support network for parents, where they can discuss experiences, thoughts and ideas. Parents will be kept up to date with new information and resources at the meetings and can communicate online with other MyTime members across Australia.
National Disability ServicesNDS is Australia's peak body for non-government disability service organizations. Collectively, NDS members operate several thousand services for Australians with all types of disability. NDS is the only organization representing the full spectrum of disability service providers in Australia.
Women With Disabilities AustraliaWomen With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) represents and advocates for women, girls, people who identify as female and non-binary people living with disabilities across Australia. WWDA includes a wide range of activities and projects that aim to promote human rights and end all forms of discrimination and violence on the basis of disability and gender. Some of these projects include: National Women's Alliance, Lead-Engage-Activate-Drive (LEAD), Website, National Disability Strategy, among others.
Autism Community Network -AustraliaACN is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting people affected by autism. ACN conducts programs designed to connect the community with each other and with the rest of the world. They also have a network to share knowledge and awareness about autism as well as exchange resources and promote activities that help the community. Finally, ACN advocates for the difficulties that people with autism have in accessing basic systems and services, such as the education system, NDIS funding, health care supports, among others.
The SpectrumThe Spectrum has online modules designed for families and caregivers of children ages 0-6 who have or are in the process of being evaluated for a diagnosis. It also has a section with everything related to obtaining a diagnosis as well as strategies and interventions and different support services.
Autism pathsAutism paths offers a series of webinars and trainings aimed at therapists, parents and educators who wish to implement an ABA program.
ASAN AUNZThe Autistic Self-Advocacy Network Australia and New Zealand (ASAN AUNZ) is run by autistic Australians and New Zealanders and is the leading self-advocacy body for autistic people. ASAN AUNZ activities include systemic advocacy, information, self-advocacy resources, Consultation on how to accommodate neurodivergent people in community settings, Evaluation and research dissemination.
The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) is the national regulator of charities. The commission fulfills the role of registering organizations as charities and helping them understand and comply with their obligations as well as helping the public understand the work of the not-for-profit sector through information, guidance, advice and more.
The Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders (AAB-ASD)The Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders (AAB-ASD) is Australia's leading national body providing strategic advice to the Australian government on issues affecting people on the autism spectrum and their families. It is a company limited by guarantee and its member organizations include Amaze, Autism Association of Western Australia, Autism Queensland, Autism South Australia, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) and Autism Tasmania. It also convenes the Asia Pacific Autism Conferences held every two years; promotes awareness and knowledge of autism; promotes research; contributes to policy development; disseminates information for the support and welfare of people on the autism spectrum and their families.
Yellow LadybugsIt is an autistic-led non-governmental organization with strong bridges to the community. They are dedicated to the happiness, success and celebration of autistic girls and women. Yellow Ladybugs organizes regular informal social events that offer peer-to-peer connections for autistic girls and gender diverse young women, usually between the ages of five and sixteen. It actively seeks to address the many challenges facing the autistic community, including barriers to diagnosis, lack of inclusion in school and employment, and access to support services.
Speaking InsightsSpeaking Insights ofrece desarrollo profesional para escuelas y entornos de información para ayudar a los padres a aceptar el diagnóstico de sus hijos y las estrategias relacionadas con el apoyo temprano, la inclusión, la educación, la vida independiente, el empleo y más.
Autism SAAutism SA offers a wide range of therapeutic and support services for individuals with autism, as well as parents, caregivers and families. Support services are provided by professionals with expertise in the field of autism, including educators, developmental educators, speech pathologists, behavioral specialists and occupational therapists. Autism SA supports and services are provided at a variety of locations in the Adelaide metropolitan area, including our Tonsley and Elizabeth sites, as well as in kindergartens, daycares, schools and in the home PO Box 1552
Launceston, Tas 7250
Phone: 61-0-363-443-261
Fax: 61-003-43-2308
Behaviour+Behaviour+ is a leading non-profit organization specializing in all things behavioral. It provides family-centered, evidence-based early intervention programs for children and youth with a disability who require support to develop life skills and reduce challenging behaviors. Behaviour+ programs are developed under the PBS framework and predominantly ABA evidence-based principles, these include behavior, psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy, counseling, plan management, resources and NDIS.
Autism ConnectAutism Connect is a free national autism helpline that provides independent, expert information by phone, email and web chat. It supports autistic individuals, their families and caregivers, health professionals, researchers, teachers, employers and the community at large. Autism Connect counselors offer expert advice in many areas, including: exploring autism and autistic identity, assessment and diagnostic support, school and education, the NDIS, transition to employment, behavioral and communication strategies, referrals to services, peer support connections, finding autism-friendly venues and events, and making environments accessible. PO Box 374, Carlton South
Victoria 3053
Phone: 61-03-9657-1600
Fax: 61-9639-4955
Association for Autistic Children in Western Australia987 Wellington Street, West Perth, Western Australia 6017. AUSTRALIA. tel: 481 1411 fax: 481 4223
Autism Association of ACT, C-1 Charlotte Street, Red Hill, ACT 2608. AUSTRALIA. tel: 295 0207 fax: 299 2444
Autism Association of NSW. P.O. Box 361, Forrestville, NSW 2087, AUSTRALIA. tel: 9452 5088 fax: 9451 3447
Autism Association of South Australia P.O. Box 339, Eastwood, SA 5063. AUSTRALIA. tel: 379 6976 fax: 338 1216
Autistic Children’s Association of Queensland437, Hellawell Road, P.O. Box 363, Sunnybank, Queensland 4109. AUSTRALIA. tel: 3273 2222 fax: 3273 8306
Autistic Children’s Association of South Australia 3 Fisher Street, Myrtle Bank, South Australia 5064. tel: 796976
Irabina Victoria Autistic Childrens Association 193 Bayswater Road, Bayswater 3153, Victoria. AUSTRALIA.
Society For Autistic Children In Tasmania17 Sunshine Road. Austins Ferry, Tasmania 7011. AUSTRALIA
AEIOU Bray Park, Pine Rivers Shire1 Hopetoun St., Bray Park Qld 4500, Australia
P: 07 3889 7751
F: 07 3889 7763
AEIOU Brighton, Adelaide12-16 King George Avenue, Brighton SA 5048, Australia
P: (08) 8306 4900
AEIOU Bundaberg6 University Drive, Branyan, Bundaberg QLD 4670, Australia
P: 07 4155 0399
AEIOU Camira, Ipswich2 Cochrane St., Camira, Qld 4300, Australia
P: 07 3381 8767
F: 07 3381 8625
AEIOU Gold Coast11 Byth St., Arundel, QLD 4214, Australia
P: 07 5618 5888
F: 07 5579 8040
AEIOU LoganBuilding L13, Facilities Lane, Meadowbrook, QLD 4131, Australia
P: 07 3094 8700
AEIOU Nathan, BrisbaneBuilding N77 Recreation Rd., Griffith University, Nathan Qld 4111, Australia
P: 07 3320 7900
F: 07 3277 2422
AEIOU Sunshine Coast90 Sippy Downs Drive, University of Sunshine Coast Campus, Sippy Downs QLD 4556, Australia
P: 07 5452 0300
AEIOU Toowoomba7 Friend St., Harristown Qld 4350, Australia
P: 07 4636 3600
F: 07 4636 3611
AEIOU Townsville22 Ridley Rd, Kirwan Qld 4817, Australia
P: 07 4773 2898
F: 07 4773 1592
Applied Behaviour Analysis Queensland (ABAQ)22 Retreat Court, Bunya QLD 4055, Australia
P: 0417 520 523
Autistic Children’s Association of South Australia (Inc.)3 Fisher Street, Myrtle Bank, South Australia 5064, Australia
Autistic Citizens Society of Victoria Australia47 Nott St. Port Melbourne Victoria Australia
P: 03 96819311
F: 01 96819675
Irabina Victoria Autistic Children’s Association193 Bayswater Road, Bayswater 3153, Victoria, Australia
Autism Solutions IncorporatedPO Box 3662 Success WA 6964 Australia
Asperger's Syndrome Support Network (Qld) Inc.PO Box 159 Virginia Queensland 4014 Australia Phone: 61-07-3865-2911 Fax: 61-07-3865-2838 Email:
Autism Asperger ACT Inc.PO Box 717 Mawson ACT 2607Australia Phone: +61 2 6176 0514 Fax: +61 2 6281 2834 Email:
Autistic Children's Association of South Australia (Inc.)3 Fisher Street Myrtle Bank, South Australia 5064 Australia Phone: 79-6976
Irabina Victoria Autistic Children's Association193 Bayswater Road Bayswater 3153, Victoria Australia
Society for Autistic Children in Tasmania17 Sunshine Road Austins Ferry, Tasmania 7011 Australia
Autistic Citizens Residential & Resources Society of Victoria Inc.P.O. Box 3015 Ripponlea, Victoria Australia Phone: 61-04-1738-4454
Friends of Autism3/77 Wanneroo Road Tuart Hill, WA 6025 Australia Phone: 61-08-9440-6800 Email:
The Margot Prior Wing – Autism Specific Early Learning & Care CentreLa Trobe Community Children’s CentreLa Trobe University | Bundoora Campus | Victoria | Australia Tel: +61 3 9478 9422 Fax: +61 3 9479 3623

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“For a number of years, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the Department of Rehabilitation, Tresha Allen was my liaison at New Horizon’s Supported Employment program. Ms. Allen and I worked together to assist individuals who wanted to find meaningful work through Supported Employment. Ms. Allen’s professionalism was consistent, reliable, and of the highest ethical standards. I can say without hesitation that it was a pleasure to work with such a competent and genuinely good person.”

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