List of State Resources - California

Autism SpeaksAutism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout life, to the needs of people with autism and their families.
New HorizonsNew Horizons is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with special needs reach their potential and fulfill their dreams. provides job training and placement, education, counseling, residential services, and social programs.
Neurodiversity PathwaysWe are a social impact organization of professionals from a diverse set of educational backgrounds and experience in coaching, communications, higher education, and high technology. Online courses and classroom activities take place in an interactive and dynamic, synchronous and asynchronous learning environment. Its services are designed to support the diverse pathways and needs of organizations as they gain insight, build momentum, and achieve a prosperous and inclusive neurodiverse workplace.
Jay Nolan Community. Services (JNCS)The mission of JNCS is to enable people with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities to live full lives as members of the community by providing support services tailored to their individual needs. Their services include supported living services, family support services, and employment services.
Rainbow Connection Family. Resource Center Rainbow Connection is a family resource center in Ventura County that serves people with developmental disabilities and other special needs and their families. Resources they offer include Rights and Responsibilities, Information and Resources on Disabilities, Special Education, Bullying, Recreation Guide, Community Resource Directories, Scholarships, Grants and Fundraising, and others.
Autism Center of ExcellenceThe Autism Center of Excellence (ACE) and the Healthy Child Development Laboratory are dedicated to uncovering the causes of autism and paving the way for more effective autism treatment. They focus on research to help identify what autism looks like in babies as young as 12 months.
Autism society.
Ventura County
Members of the Ventura County Autism Society have compiled the resources listed on this website to include information and services that have been helpful to local families.
Family Autism NetworkIt is a program established to increase access to resources for families affected by autism. It is sponsored by the Grandparent Autism Network in collaboration with the Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Help Me Grow, Orange County. The FAN website publishes volunteer positions for people 13 and older. Recruit volunteers for projects that benefit the autism community, such as Care Notebook Workshops, and for educational and social events.
Ability Path Ability Path provides a lifetime of support services to individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities in the Bay Area. Its mission is to empower people with special needs to reach their full potential through innovative and inclusive programs and community partnerships. With educational, therapeutic, vocational and family support services, we distinguish ourselves in supporting a person throughout their life.
Autism Society San Diego
The San Diego County Autism Society is a non-profit organization that originated in 1966 as the National Society for Autistic Children. It served to unite and inform parents about new revelations about intervention therapy. Today, it serves as the voice and resource for the local autism community. Members of the Society include autistic individuals and their parents, relatives, friends, advocates, medical professionals, and educators throughout San Diego County and beyond.
Autism Research InstituteARI is a leading advocate for autism research and a unique resource for people with ASD, their families, healthcare professionals, and last but not least researchers working to find key symptoms and signs for the early diagnosis and proper treatment.
Autism Society of CaliforniaThe mission of the Autism Society of California (ASC) is to improve the lives of all those affected by an autism spectrum disorder by increasing public awareness of the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals throughout your life
and providing the latest information on treatment, education, research, support and advocacy.
California Autism FoundationThe Autism Foundation of California provides people with autism and other developmental disabilities with the best possible opportunities for lifelong support, training and assistance to help them reach their full potential for independence, productivity, and fulfillment.
Regional Center of Orange
County (RCOC)
RCOC is a private, non-profit organization that, as mandated by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, collaborates with individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and the community to ensure individualized services and supports that improve the quality of people of life.
TASKTASK specializes in special education support for people with disabilities from birth to age 26 and their families. They support all disabilities, including mental illness, chronic health and medical conditions, and emotional challenges due to abuse or environmental trauma. In the area of assistive technology (AT), they serve all ages, including adults, and we help families explore ways to use assistive technology to promote learning, communication, and independence.
Valley Achievement Center of BakersfieldValley Achievement Center in Bakersfield, CA was started in 1998 to provide children with autism and other developmental disabilities an educational environment in which they would thrive. They provide a wide variety of educational, behavior modification and social day programs for children and adults of all ages affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.
Jazz Hands for AutismJazz Hands for Autism is a talent advocacy group and provider of individualized music-based training, career development, and job placement for over 150 musicians with autism.
Spectrum LaboratorySpectrum Laboratory empowers and educates autistic and neurodivergent artists in acting, film, music, and animation. They created Spec Lab Films, Spec Lab Records, Boys don't wear dresses, Spec Fest and Merch Store and their classes include Film and Acting, Voice Acting, Music, Animation, Digital Storytelling Workshop, Mindfulness, Enrollment and Financial Aid.
The Ed Asner Family CenterThe Ed Asner Family Center is a one-stop shop for neurodivergent individuals and their families seeking fulfillment in all attitudes in life. They offer arts and professional development programs at our Center after school and on weekends, as well as counseling and mindfulness classes. These classes and sessions help promote self-confidence and balance.
SEARCH Family Autism Resource CenterIt is a Family Autism Resource Center at the University of California that focuses exclusively on family needs, in particular access to education. The main mission is to provide support, education, advocacy, resources, community and hope to families who have children with ASD.
AASCENDIt is a non-profit organization that brings together adults of all ages on the autism spectrum, their families and friends, academics and professionals in the field of autism. AASCEND offers support, information resources, and emotional support throughout the process.
Americans with Disabilities Hotline800-514-0301 (VOICE) or 800-514-0383 (TTY).
The US Department of Justice's toll-free line provides information about the Americans with Disabilities Act. Specialists are available Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm.
Bay area legal AID. Working together for justiceBayLegal provides access to the civil justice system through quality legal assistance and serves low and very low-income individuals, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.
Carlos Viera foundationThe Carlos Vieira Foundation is a charity that focuses on the following three campaigns: Race for Autism, which seeks to help people who are affected by ASD through fundraising, donations, awareness creation, events with support volunteer and others. Race 2B Drug-Free, is a campaign to raise awareness and educate the community about the harmful effects of drug use. And finally, Race to End the Stigma, a campaign created to change the way people perceive those living with mental illness and the way affected people perceive themselves.
Claudia Cares Consulting.Claudia is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst serving individuals with special needs and their families in the State of California. She is qualified to provide positive parenting services through ABA and secondary transition consulting services, among other services.
The Dignity GroupIs a nonprofit organization that helps families with special needs understand and navigate the disability system.
Disability Rights CaliforniaIt is a federally designated agency that works to promote the rights of Californians with disabilities in the areas of education, employment, independence, health and safety, making it the largest disability rights organization in the country.
SSDISocial Security Disability Insurance is a program that helps people whose physical or mental disabilities are so severe that they cannot work. Some requirements must be met to apply, and these types of benefits replace half or less of pre-disability earnings for most disabled workers.
Gilfix & La Poll Associates LLPThis group of lawyers offer a wide variety of services, within them. Special Needs Trust where they can help families take proactive steps to ensure their loved one has the resources and financial support they need to live a full and comfortable life
Makings School WorkThe purpose of this blog site is to provide information and knowledge about special education law. They describe a private law firm dedicated to defending special needs students of all ages. Alisson Hertog offers her services as an attorney and having a master's degree in special education she has represented hundreds of parents.
Inclusive Education ProjectIt is a non-profit organization that connects families in California with pro bono legal assistance. They seek to spread awareness of parental rights and resources through workshops, seminars, fundraising events, and the Inclusive Education Project Podcast.
Law Offices of Arlene BellArlene Bell is an attorney in private practice whose work is dedicated to Special Education Law. In the offices of Arlene Bell we work to provide parents with legal defense of the educational rights of children.
Law Offices of Georgianna Junco-KelmanGeorgianna has been licensed to practice law since 1998 and has been representing students with disabilities and their families since 2009. Located in Los Angeles, California, she represents students with special needs in all California districts. The Georgianna Law Firm focuses her practice solely on the representation of students with disabilities. The practice serves children with a full spectrum of minor and major needs and challenges, including autism, specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral deficits, etc.
Law Offices of Sarit AriamAt Sarit Ariam Law Offices, advocates and attorneys guide parents through the maze of special education from start to finish. They are knowledgeable about all disabilities, special education law, as well as services and programs available in the Southern California area, representing families with children ages 2-22.
SASSNASacramento Autism Spectrum and Special Needs Alliance It is Northern California's leading nonprofit organization providing comprehensive social services to nurture and protect autistic and other mentally diverse youth and their families.
Special Family TransitionsBeing a mother of 2 boys with autism and going through a divorce, Mary Ann understands the process and provides her services to guide people who are going through a divorce involving children with special needs, so that you can obtain the best result for them. your family with the least possible stress, time and expense.
Spectrum Solutions TherapyBeing a physician owned company providing different services in English, Spanish and Tagalog. The mission is to improve the quality of life for clients affected by autism. The team prides itself on creating and implementing effective evidence-based behavioral interventions and strategies.
Law Offices of Angela L. GilmartinThe Law Offices of Angela L. Gilmartin was created for the specific purpose of providing education, advocacy, and legal representation to individuals with physical, emotional, and/or developmental disabilities. At the Law Offices of Angela L. Gilmartin, we serve individuals and families throughout California in a wide variety of areas.
Educational services from Wanda MaloneWanda Malone is a special needs parent and bilingual IEP counselor/advocate who understands your needs and her services include Free Phone Consultation, Rapid IEP Review, IEP Packets, and Online Training
4 Behavior ChangeThey are dedicated to implementing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in a variety of settings. Services are available for children and young adults struggling with challenging behaviors, as well as developing verbal behavior, social skills, and adaptive life skills.
A2Z Educational AdvocatesThey are a group of special education attorneys and advocates who work to represent parents of children with special needs at all levels of the process. They help parents navigate the maze of school districts, including Individualized Education Programs: IEPs, compliance complaints, due process hearings, and more.
ADAMS ESQ. A Professional CorporationIs a special education law firm that represents children with special educational needs throughout California and Nevada. Staff, paralegals, advocates, and attorneys represent the interests of children and their parents in obtaining a free appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. ADAMS ESQ has represented students ages 3-22 who qualify or should qualify for special education and related services provided by their local school districts.
Advocacy Office of Theresa Sester (AOTS) GroupAOTS Group provides education advocacy, resources, and support to families throughout California. Services provided include Advocacy for your child's educational needs, Review/Development of your child's IEP/504 Plan, identification of local providers to evaluate your child among many others
Andrea Katz, Ed. D / Certificated Special Education AdvocateWith more than 30 years of experience providing special education services in districts of residence throughout San Diego County, Andrea assists parents and guardians as they work to monitor their children's access to a free and appropriate education.
AbogacySDThe organization is a private educational consulting and advocacy practice serving families of students with special needs and mental health issues. With over 20 years of experience in the education field as a teacher and administrator, Nicole is an active member of the special education community and is involved in legislative advocacy to support parity in mental health.
Del Mar and San Diego Special Education Consulting AttorneyAdvocate Educational Consultant of San Diego offers specialized educational assistance. As a California Department of Education-Certified School Psychologist, Monica Rodriguez, MA, has 15 years of experience in special education evaluation and assessment of individual student needs, plans, programs, services, and interventions, and 13 years as an advocate for special education.
Amster Law FirmAt Amter Law Firm They represent families in special education with children ages 3-21 and can provide services to prepare you for your child's Individual Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan or attend the meeting with you. They can present you through mediation and due process.
Amy H. Larsen, MSAreas of specialization and interest include advocacy, inclusion, autism, ADHD, behavior, academic and assistive technology, and accommodations. These include: Attend IEP meetings, Obtain special education services, Maintain special education services, Represent you in Mediation, Act as a liaison, Provide education on legislation, Provide strategic development and planning, Provide training and advice to families, Write educational and behavioral reports.
Autism and Beyond Consulting. Advocacy for special education, regional center and IHSS services.Address:
3808 Crownpoint ct
Carlsbad, CA 92010
United States
Phone: (310) 251-5655
Autism Society Inland EmpireIt is a nonprofit organization that connects people to the resources they need through education, advocacy, support, information and referral, and community programming.
Autism Society San Francisco Bay AreaIt is a non-profit organization that functions as a center for information, resources, networks and advocacy. Their activities include information provided on a popular website, newsletters, blogs, publications and social networks. Networking and education where annual adult autism conference and various events are offered and finally advocacy.
Circle of FriendsCOF is a non-profit organization that promotes friendships between students with developmental disabilities and high school volunteers. Resources include information related to autism, regional center, special needs trusts and more.
Galt AdvocacyGalt Advocacy offers full service assistance for people with disabilities and their families. Galt Advocacy specializes in Adoption Assistance Advocacy (AAP), In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Advocacy, Educational Advocacy (IEP), and Regional Center Services, as well as a variety support assistance for disabled people.
IHSS advocatesIHSSadvocates provides comprehensive tools and services to families with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities to obtain and maintain protective supervision.
Spectrum Coordinated CareOffers innovative brain training and family support programs. Their services include mental exercise, training and therapy, workshops, tutorials, therapeutic classes and more.
Autism Impact CircleThe purpose of Autism Impact Circle is to provide your child and family with the best ABA therapy with guaranteed results, balanced solutions for behavior analytics programs through honest, ethical and high quality clinical and educational programming recommendations and consultations. They create a variety of complete services with a human touch.
The Collaborative Educational AdvocatesAt CEA they offer training and advice to families so that they can make informed decisions regarding the education of their children in the IEP process to meet the needs of their child, seeking a quality education in an inclusive and equitable learning environment.
Tri-Counties Regional CenterTCRC, It is one of 21 nonprofit regional centers in California that provide lifelong services and supports for people with developmental disabilities. They have a wide variety of services covering in and out of the home, social skills, behavioral intervention services and much more.
The UCLA Ceneter for Autism Research and TreatmentThe center is made up of a large team of professionals from different areas of medicine who integrate research, clinical and treatment programs to provide a multidisciplinary approach to study and care for people with ASD. In addition to this they provide training, education and advocacy services in the autism community.
The Law offices of Stuart D. ZimringThey are a broad-based company that helps seniors, people with disabilities, their caregivers, and their families. The main areas of concentration of the offices are: Elder Law, Special Needs Trust, Estate & Life Planning, probate, conservatorships and trust administration.
Law Offices of Jeffrey C. NickersonThe office is committed to providing quality services for all by offering guardianship and estate planning services to ensure that personal financial matters and health care wishes are legally established and managed for those with special needs.
Law Offices of Christopher A. PoulosThey have represented families by focusing their practice on the rights of people with disabilities. Their services include limited conservatorship, special needs trust, probate petitions, court-ordered special needs trust and more.
Law Offices of Alice A.In the offices, quality representation is provided, focused on service in the rights of the elderly and estate planning, offering each client experience, dedication, outstanding recognition, specialized services, personal and constant communication, among others.
Law Offices of Elizabeth McCoyElizabeth McCoy is an attorney who specializes in estate planning and her practice focuses on trusts and guardianships for special needs such as autism, down syndrome, rett syndrome, cerebral palsy or any other disability.
Law Offices of Robert J. GallianoThe Law Offices of Robert J. Galliano serves the estate planning, elder law, special needs trusts and estate management, and asset protection needs of individuals and families. The Law Office of Robert J. Galliano represents the Bonsall, Fallbrook, Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Sun City, Menifee, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Canyon Heights, De Luz, Pala, Rainbow Valley, Winchester and Hemet areas.
McGonigle & Hunsaker, LLPProvides high-quality, ethical, and client-responsive legal services to the elderly, disabled, and their families. Areas of expertise are Advising & Drafting Special Needs Trusts, Administering Special Needs Trusts, Contested Estates & Trusts, Decedent's Estate & Trust Administration, Disputed Medical Care Decision Making, Elder Abuse/Fraud Recovery Matters, Estate Tax & Gift Tax Planning, Fiduciary Litigation , Guardianship/Conservatorship (uncontested), Guardianship/Conservatorship (contested), Long Term Care Planning for Individuals over Age 65, Medi-Cal, Planning for Disability for Individuals under Age 65.
The Dale Law Firm, PCThe Dale Law Firm, PC offers a full estate planning service, with a focus on developing estate plans involving people with disabilities. Regularly offers free, no-obligation workshops for families with special needs
The Elder & Disability Law FirmThey offer their services to a diverse population providing first class legal advice, their practice areas include estate planning, elder law, medi-cal benefit, va aid & attendance, ssi benefit discontinuance, among others.
Early autism servicesThey provide ABA therapy services to diverse communities around the world, their services include home and center-based ABA therapy, occupational, speech and language therapy, telehealth services, social skills groups, teens, and free apprenticeships. They have a highly qualified and certified staff.
Special Needs Map LLCSpecial Needs Map LLC was created to make special needs planning accessible to all professionals who want to be able to give sound advice in special needs planning situations. It is a unique and powerful tool for financial advisors, estate planning attorneys, life insurance agents, and other professionals.
Open AdvisorsJon provides comprehensive and objective advice on financial planning by coordinating the following areas: retirement, investment strategy, risk management, special needs and estate planning.
3000 Executive Parkway
Suite 400
San Ramon, CA 94583
United States 925-321-2670 Contact: Jon
Lori Waldinger, M.A. and associatesExperienced advocates/consultants who work with families to ensure their child receives an appropriate education to meet their unique needs. Ms. Waldinger and her associates attend IEP and 504 meetings, conduct classroom observations, participate in case conferences, and work with families in navigating due process and compliance procedures.
Special Education Advocates/Educational Consultants
Tel: (818) 957-0332
Fax: (818) 957-8115
Alicia Stone, LMFT, Special Needs AdvocateAlicia Stone, LMFT, is a psychotherapist and special education advocate who works with parents to ensure that their children are placed in appropriate educational settings with services that meet their intellectual, behavioral, emotional, and social needs.
California Special Needs Law GroupCalifornia Special Needs Law Group is a boutique law firm focused on defending and protecting the education and developmental rights of people with exceptional needs. CSNLG's primary focus is Special Education Law and Education Advocacy.
Central Coast Autism Spectrum CenterIt is a volunteer organization that focuses on providing support and services to people with autism spectrum disorder throughout their lives, from early diagnosis and intervention, through pre-vocational and vocational training, to transition services and more.
Law Office of Miho MuraiProvides legal representation to children and their families in accessing their rights to a quality education. Some of the exhibit areas include: Special Education, School Discipline, Discrimination, Intimidation/Retaliation, among others.
Law Offices of Alexis CasillasAlexis Casillas has represented students with disabilities and their families in educational rights litigation at all levels, from administrative hearings to federal trial and appellate court proceedings.
Law Offices of Hirji & Chau, LLPThe team at the Law Offices of Hirji & Chau, LLP offers its specialized services in three main areas of practice, which include Special Education Law and advocacy to protect the rights of students and parents under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act ( IDEA), Civil and disability under laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public life, Education Act, which covers all issues related to schools, from kindergarten through higher education, including discipline and personal injury matters.
Paul Eisenberg Educational AdvocateServices provided include in-home or Zoom consultations, early start services case review, attend individual family service plan meetings, Individual Education Plan Development, Attend Individual Education Plan meeting, Assistance with Mediations; Resolution Hearings, Assistance with Special Education, Compliance Complaints, 504 Plan Review and Development of Accommodations and more
Planning Across The SpectrumAt Planning Across the Spectrum they specialize in helping any individual, family or employer of people with autism and other disabilities to seek financial independence, these services include planning for families (family services), support for individuals (individual services) and consulting for employees (employee services).
Law Office of Alexis LynchAlexis provides representation for family members of people with developmental disabilities in guardianship proceedings. Ella's services are available to those who have a family member who has a developmental disability, and want to ensure that he or she is protected and cared for throughout his or her life.
Law Firm of L. Frank ZankichThe Law Office of L. Frank Zankich will help you file a lawsuit against the school district at no cost to you if your child does not receive the appropriate services as the payment is included in the lawsuit we filed with the school district i.e. they receive their fees from the district. All of this in order for your child to receive the proper placement and services he needs, such as speech therapy, behavior modification, social skills, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and assistive technology.
Special Education Legal ConsultationsWith the goal of pointing parents in the right direction with effective strategies and persuasive documentation to improve their child's special education program, Special Ed Legal Consults partners primarily with businesses to provide initial legal consultations to Area employees. San Francisco Bay Area who are parents of children with special needs
Special Needs Law Offices of Jeffrey A. GottliebJeffrey A. Gottlieb, MS, Esq. has extensive experience in special needs law, family law, regional center "initial" eligibility appeals, and more. He represents families with children and adults with a wide spectrum of disabilities, including autism, speech and language impairments, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, auditory processing impairments, visual processing impairments, emotional disorders, genetic disorders, diabetes and traumatic brain injury.
The Law office of Carolyn McTier MakensThis special education law firm is dedicated to defending the rights of children with disabilities in Northern California. Provides legal representation for Regional Center appeals of eligibility denials. His practice area is Northern California including East Bay, South Bay, Oakland, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Napa, Sonoma, Eureka, Benecia, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, Hayward, Fremont, Modesto, Stockton , Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Rafael, Concord, Antioch, Cloverdale, Sebastopal, Novato, Mill Valley, Sacramento, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Joaquin, Monterey, Santa Clara, Napa County, Sonoma County, County San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Corte Madera, Tiburón, San Anselmo and Solano.
Autism Spectrum IntervationsASI provides all of your autism service needs. ASI also provides traditional psychotherapy to support siblings, parents, spouses, and others affected. At ASI, all staff receive comprehensive training on autism and additional diagnoses, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other related topics to ensure the quality of each program.
ABA EffectsABAe is a company founded by women with a mission to provide exceptional behavioral health treatment to underrepresented families. The teaching approach is based on the principles of ABA. Using these scientific methods, they can change socially significant behavior in people with autism, developmental disabilities, or typically developing people. Their services are individualized, data-driven, and proven to help diverse families.
ABAcadabraABAcadabra Therapy Services provides comprehensive and intensive ABA services to families of individuals with developmental delays and special needs. Services include: ABA in-home treatments, ABA assessments, coping skills training, early intervention, individual and group parenting training, and social skills training.
Achieve BeyongFounded to meet the needs of developmentally delayed and disabled children and their families, particularly children with bilingual needs, the clinic provides pediatric therapy and educational services to children, students and families throughout the United States. Services include autism services, speech language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education and telehealth.
AGES Learning SolutionsProvides results-oriented ABA services to children with developmental disabilities and ASD, its services include ABA treatment services, treatment approach, telehealth, In-home ABA treatment, School-based ABA treatment, parent training & consultation and In-home Speech Therapy.
All Abilities GymAll Abilities Fit Club specializes in fitness training, after school activities, respite events, and other services for families with special needs and their friends. It is open to people of all abilities. Small groups led by certified fitness staff trained in ABA. Classes held throughout Contra Costa County. Exercise has been shown to reduce problem behaviors and increase task behavior. The evidence-based practice of positive reinforcement is used to encourage all.
Alternatives for AutismCoordinated by Dr. Del Valle, Alternatives for Autism offers a wide range of services that include parents, grandparents, teachers and professionals, as well as courses and workshops for people with autism. Additionally, they have an autism assessment service, herbal medicine, telepsychology and online psychotherapy, as well as a virtual office to contact Dr. Del Valle.
AnswersNowAnswersNow was founded to make ABA therapy for autism more accessible to families. They have an easy-to-use telehealth platform that allows you to access personalized therapy in person from home. Their page has a resource section that includes a blog, parent university, and autism screening tools.
Ascend Diagnostic and Support ServicesThey provide high-quality, effective, person-centered mental health and ABA services for children and adults with autism and/or developmental disabilities. It has IEP services, ABA Therapy, services for schools and agencies, mental health services and social skills groups.
Autism Advocate Parenting MagazineAAPM is a monthly digital magazine focused on providing parents with the latest information and research in the field of autism.
Autism Career PathwaysAutism Career Pathways seeks to increase the employment of people with all types of disabilities with the goal of educating and training small businesses to hire adults with disabilities as interns or employees. The program has different components such as a selection tool, curriculum, parent training protocol, training program for adults with disabilities, and ongoing support.
Autism Lifespan Care HomesAutism Life Span Homes are residential homes licensed by the California Department of Health Services to provide intermediate care habilitation services to adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with autism or related developmental disabilities. They provide lifelong care with medical management and follow-up of all the stages and ages that the youth with autism or related developmental disability will experience.
Bay ABABay ABA provides services to children with a diagnosis of autism and/or related diagnoses between the ages of 1 and 18. Sessions are provided in homes, schools, daycare centers or camps, and in the community, such as playgrounds, parks or sports practices.
Behavior FrontiersBehavior Frontiers provides accurate and up-to-date ABA services to help children with autism and other special needs reach their potential and so that all who interact with them have the most powerful tools available to help these children. Behavior Frontiers has a highly trained clinical staff to offer unique and individualized ABA treatment.
Breakthrough BehaviorBreakthrough Behavior provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, speech therapy, and psychological testing services for children with autism and related disabilities. The team of behavior analysts, clinical psychologists, and speech pathologists work collaboratively at school, home, and clinic to provide the best possible treatment outcomes.
California Autism NetworkThe autism network was created to offer training in communication and transition from adolescent to adult by giving access to information and providing support for the necessary development at this stage. They seek to ensure that people with autism receive the support they need to succeed not only as professionals but also as individuals seeking full and fulfilling lives.
360 Behavioral HealthThey provide exceptional care to people with autism and other developmental disabilities. 360 is made up of different departments such as Behavior Respite in Action, California Psychcare and Willowbrooks behavioral provider.
Chasing 7 DreamsIt is a non-profit organization that designs and implements programs, builds support networks and advocates for children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities. Chasing 7 Dreams is dedicated to providing gateways to resources for children with disabilities such as autism. His areas of focus are socio-educational events for children and job preparation programs for adults.
Cheerful Helpers Child & Family Study CenterThe Cheerful Helpers Center for Child and Family Studies provides early intervention services and therapeutic preschool and kindergarten services to families with young children, ages 2-6, who are struggling with language development, motor planning, self-regulation and socialization, in a family-oriented environment.
Child Mind InstituteThe Child Mind Institute is an independent national nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. Its services include evidence-based referral care, providing educational resources, training educators in underserved communities, and developing innovative treatments.
Children's Learning ConnectionChildren's learning connection is a leading provider of autism services. Their services include ABA services in the home, school, and community, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social skills, and an interdisciplinary model.
Connect EducationIn connect education they work with children from 4 to 17 years old with Dyslexia and other reading problems Dysgraphia (writing difficulties), Dyspraxia (the "clumsy child" syndrome) Asperger / autism, Anxiety / Depression, ADD / ADHD, Processing problems sensory and delayed speech. They have a wide variety of services that include in-person consultations, remote consultations, follow-up appointments, and telephone and email support.
All My ChildrenAll my children cares for children from birth to 3 years. Their services include home-based early intervention, parent/child development playgroup, in-school/classroom support services, after-school social-emotional club, summer/winter social-emotional camp, and parent training.
Early Start Family Resource NetworkEarly Start Family Resource Network (ESFRN) provides parent-to-parent support, information, and resources to families of children with special needs in Riverside and San Bernardino counties in Southern California as well as helping families navigate the various services and agencies. All services provided by ESFRN are free to Early Start families.
Foothill Autism AllianceFAA is a non-profit organization that offers speaker resource meetings and social events for people on the autism spectrum, parents, professionals and caregivers providing the opportunity to strengthen family and professional network. Each of these meetings feature expert speakers on cutting-edge topics affecting teens and adults on the autism spectrum. In the link you can learn about each of these programs and sessions
Fred Finch CARESFred Finch CARES provides coordinated and comprehensive treatment and support services for people living with autism, neurodevelopmental disorders, and co-occurring mental health conditions. CARES serves participants from 0 to 26 years of age with individualized programs that seek to meet the needs of each one. Their services include ABA, early intervention, social skills groups, outpatient psychiatric and mental health services, school district services, and much more.
Gemiini SystemsGemiini is a clinically proven program that provides 100% web-based, on-demand therapy through research-based video models. This information is broken down into understandable chunks to teach speech, language, reading, social skills, and life skills. Geminii is for all ages and provides unlimited access to therapy anytime, anywhere.
Happy LaddersHappy Ladders is an online program for parents or caregivers of young children with diagnosed or suspected autism. Parents are given skills assessments to complete to find exactly where their toddler should start. Personalized lessons are then provided that parents can implement in natural and play-based settings, at their own pace.
Dr. Hilary Adams - Clinical PsychologistDr. Adams offers cognitive behavioral therapy for children and young adults on the spectrum who have co-occurring anxiety. Other services, based primarily on ABA therapy techniques, include: parent training to manage challenging behaviors, individual therapy to improve emotional regulation and social skills, and training to improve communication and engagement among children ages 18-28 months and their caregivers.
Holding Hands Pediatric Therapy & DiagnosticsHolding Hands Inc. is a community outpatient clinic, serving infants, children and adolescents with neurological, emotional and developmental diagnoses. They have pediatric services, adult counseling services for individual, family and couples therapy, as well as complementary support groups. Multicultural staff provide services to clients in the following languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Korean, Farsi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian, and Tagalog. And therapists provide services in the centers, schools, community and can travel to your home.
Holdsambeck Behavioral HealthThe organization provides Comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis ABA services focusing its intensive services for children with a diagnosis of autism on their core behavioral deficits and excesses. Additionally, behavior analysts provide individual assessments and design interventions to address the specific needs of adolescents and adults as well as offer group training for parents.
Home and Community Positive Behavior Support Network (HCPBS)HCPBS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding and improving the application of PBS principles in home and community settings and lifespans for people with behavioral problems including intellectual and developmental disabilities, diagnoses mental health and the elderly who require attention for memory and other related problems.
InPsych EvaluationsProducing comprehensive psychological and developmental evaluations to help each unique child reach their potential Address:
3855 Via Nona Marie
Carmel, CA 93923 United States
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Autism Center of Northern California (ACNC)Autism Center of Northern California is a nonprofit organization that features JumpStart; which is an intensive 1-on-1 training program for parents and children, NDAC; a multidisciplinary neurodevelopmental assessment clinic that focuses on children with autism. SBBC, is a school and behavioral consultation clinic. &LaunchPad; provides families and adults with in-depth testing and consultation to support more successful navigation of key transitions in life and education.
Juvo. Autism + Behavioral Health ServicesJuvo is a leading provider of autism therapy and behavioral health services for people with autism and other special needs, their families, and the surrounding community. It provides services at home, at school and in different centers. Their services focus on decreasing challenging behaviors and teaching new skills in a variety of developmental domains: cognitive, social, emotional, communication, motor learning, and adaptive skill development.
KadiantKadiant provides the highest quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy with comprehensive and individualized programs and related critical services to individuals diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Kadiant provides home therapy services, therapy center, school services, and autism diagnostics.
Keymaker Youth Support ServicesProvides individualized learning and support to youth and their families. Services/trainings include: academic and developmental support, executive functioning skills, emotional intelligence and self-regulation, self-advocacy and self-awareness, independent living skills, college career and workplace readiness, repetitive behavior education focused on the body, tutor training and program management.
Kyo Kyo is a Child-Centered ABA therapy provider with a mission to provide convenient, effective, and high-quality ABA therapy services to families of children with autism. Also provides ABA services at home, ABA services at school and ABA center-based services.
L.A. GOALIt is a nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive programs that include individualized support in all aspects of life, such as work, health, relationships, creative expression, and fun. Its main programs are Inside Out Production Studio, Vocational Training and Employment, Health and Wellness, Music Therapy and Counseling, Performing Arts, Life Skills, Adult Education, Social, Leadership, and Gardening.
Learning and Behavioral Center, Inc.The center provides ABA treatment for children with autism and their families. Their services are available at home, at the center, at school, in the community, or online. Additionally, they also treat different behavioral conditions such as ADD/ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, emotional disturbance, OCD and traumatic brain injury.
Learning Dynamics, Inc.They provide services for high-functioning people with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other difficulties. Butterfly Bootcamp and College Connections Behavioral Services offer 1:1, 1:2, small group skills and caregiver training options to help people ages 4-30, in three main areas: education and occupation, health and life skills, and social and interpersonal relationships. They also offer psychoeducational, neuropsychological and diagnostic tests.
Lighthouse ConsultLighthouse Consulting provides rigorous, high-level policy and process improvement training, educational seminars and webinars, and advocacy and support to families to meet the educational needs of businesses, districts, parents, and students. Their services encompass IEP consultation and advocacy
Monterey Therapy Center. Autism Coach and ConsultingThe center has a highly qualified work team. Their services specialize in autism therapy, parenting coaching, life coaching, and hypnosis. The center aims to provide the best possible care, guiding you towards your personal goals faster and easier.
Morgan Occupational & Speech Therapy (MOST)MOST provides occupational therapy and speech therapy services to children, tweens, and teens in Malibu, as well as surrounding areas. Sessions are offered at their Malibu Sensory Clinic and Gym, at home, and also at some local private schools.
Now You're Talking, Speech Language Pathology (NYT-SLP)They provide a comprehensive service that adapts to your needs. Offers diagnostic evaluation and treatment of expressive and receptive language and articulation delays/disorders. Offers independent evaluations of speech pathology at the request of parents and/or school districts. They are an ALTA California Regional Center provider and work cohesively to include the families of our clients.
Nurture & Nature Nurture & Nature offers highly motivating, custom-designed behavioral, adaptive and social skills programs to change behavior and positively impact the lives of families. Their services include parent education groups, critical response treatment, discreet testing training, intensive behavioral intervention, verbal behavior, functional communication training, play skills, adaptive skills program, social play, and PEERS.
Olive Branch Autism ServicesOlive Branch Autism Services (OBAS) provides people with autism of all ages the ability to maximize their potential and enhance their independence through evidence-based treatment based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles. At OBAS they provide high quality behavioral services that focus on the family.
Opya, Inc.Opya specializes in early intervention autism therapy, behavioral, speech, occupational and feeding therapy. Evidence-based behavioral therapy emphasizes play and positive reinforcement. Speech immersion therapy links words with behavior. Occupational and feeding therapies focus on mastering the skills of daily living and beyond.
Parents Helping Parents (PHP)Parents Helping Parents offers services and programs, including one-on-one counseling, webinars, and online learning about special education, public benefits, assistive technology, and more. Additionally, it provides support and information by age: Early Childhood, Youth and Adolescents, and Adults.
PatternsPatterns offers ABA Therapy services in a wide variety of settings serving children and adults diagnosed with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities in home, clinic, school, and community settings. These services include 1 to 1 services, program supervision, parent consultation, social groups, staff training, functional behavioral assessment, parent training, IEP support / educational consulting, consultation to school districts, 1 to 1 support in school and BCBA supervision.
Professional Child Development AssociatesProfessional Child Development Associates is a nonprofit organization that offers a variety of multidisciplinary screening, evaluation, therapy, and specialized services to children, ages birth through 21, and their families when there are concerns or problems in development, behavior, or social relationships at home, school, or community. PCDA also provides education and training for professionals, on-site services, and professional consultation for other agencies, addressing special needs, general child development, and behavior.
Quantum Behavioral Solutions, Inc.Quantum Behavioral Solutions, Inc., provides comprehensive assessment services, intensive behavioral intervention, social skills services, consultation services, and staff training. It also gives families the opportunity to participate in additional services such as workshops, arts and crafts, music, and martial arts. Serves families in most of Southern California.
Samaritan Counseling Center
Behavior Education And Management Services (BEAMS)
Samaritan Counseling Center is a nonprofit counseling service. The Behavior Education and Management Services (BEAMS) program provides in-home behavioral intervention services, parent training, and resource referrals with a comprehensive approach to developmentally challenged children and their families.
San Gabriel/Pomona Parents' Place FRCIt is a family resource and empowerment center serving the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys. provides information and education to improve knowledge so that parents, caregivers and professionals can empower themselves, allowing them to more effectively advocate for their children. They provide assistance in English, Spanish, and Chinese/Mandarin.
Sara Sherman, PsyDChildren and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder are evaluated and treated, including those who also have diagnoses of ADHD, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, OCD, or trauma. The main treatments I use are parent-child interaction therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and trauma-focused CBT.
See Beneath, Inc.See Beneath is a California-based nonprofit organization with a mission to engage and educate children with autism (ASD) by creating and providing innovative tools that foster positive change and help children reach milestones. in the development.
Smile Pediatric Therapy & DiagnosticsSmile Pediatric Therapy & Diagnostics (Smile) provides evaluation and treatment services using a multidisciplinary approach to children and young adults of various ages in the areas of child development, speech and language, occupational therapy, sensory integration, feeding therapy, nutrition services , and ABA services through the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM).
Special Needs Resource Group (SNRG)Special Needs Resource Group (SNRG) SNRG provides school-based and home-based behavioral intervention, social skills groups, and educational support for children and adolescents. Programs include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention, Social Skills Groups, Kindergarten Readiness, Teen Groups, Specialized Autism Support; ADHD Counseling and Training for Parents and Caregivers.
Special Needs Tutor Paula, Behavior AnalystPaula has been a Special Needs Tutor for 25 years, a Therapist/Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and a mother of a son with ASD/ADD/ODD. She works in both mentoring and behavior with individuals ages 2-72 with autism, ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome, schizophrenia, undefined mental disorders, deafness, mute, and other developmental delays.
Stanford Autism CenterThe Stanford Autism Center at Stanford Children's Health is dedicated to providing specialized clinical services and advancing research in Autism Spectrum Disorder and related developmental disorders not only through research but also through professional training, community education, quality or process improvement and promotion.
SunDog TherapySunDog Therapy offers occupational therapy for children, adolescents and adults with special needs. They specialize in animal-assisted therapy, working with clients in natural settings and promoting self-care skills, sensory processing, motor skills, cognition, social skills, and more.
The USC University Center for Excellence in Developmental DisabilitiesThe USC University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities is a nationally recognized leader in the development and implementation of quality services for infants, children, youth, and adults with or at risk for behavioral health needs, developmental, physical and/or special needs and their families. Its three main programs cover developmental disabilities, behavioral health, and special health care needs.
Thoughtful ParentingThoughtful Parenting is a national resource for personalized advice and strategies that work in your real world that specializes in understanding the unique needs of children with learning differences, developmental delays, ADHD, ASD, and other special needs. Has parent training services, behavior change, and community-based services.
Tichenor Clinic for ChildrenProvides rehabilitation services to maximize children's abilities so that they can participate in society. Children who do not have access to services, have a gap in coverage, or do not have insurance (or Medi-Cal) are eligible. The age range is from birth to 18 years. Your programs with occupational therapy, orthopedic program, swimming program, development program, speech therapy program and physical therapy.
WarmLine Family Resource CenterWarmLine Family Resource Center providing special information services for children birth to 22 years old. Staffed by parents of children with disabilities, including autism.
ZMB ConsultingIn order to inform, educate, and empower parents, families, and education professionals with a better understanding of people with special needs and challenging behaviors, at ZMB Consulting, the support areas provided are specifically designed for consultation and support from training. The following services are provided: Consultation Services, Program Consultation, Staff Consultation, IEP Consultation, Classroom Consultation, IEP Preparation and Planning, IEP Meeting Attendance, IEP Document Review.
Autism Spectrum TherapiesAs part of LEARN, AST offers your child and family the convenience and familiarity of local services, with the advantages of a progressive and collaborative national organization at the forefront of autism treatment integrating the latest in ABA research and technology being one of the main providers of Applied Behavior Analysis in the country.
Independent Living ExperienceIndependent Living Experience (ILE) is a personalized support service for adults with disabilities. Focusing on the areas of Employment, Independent Living and Social Skills, ILE's services are 100% community-based and individualized.
Learn for Life por Able ARTS WorkLearn for Life por Able ARTS Work Able ARTS Work provides meaningful daytime programming for adults with developmental disabilities. Offers a number of programs designed to meet the needs of the community, particularly underserved or marginalized communities. From health and wellness services to arts education and mobile arts programs, each Able ARTS Work outreach program encourages creativity, accessibility and community partnership.
Autism Learning PartnersProvides services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities including center-based, home-based ABA therapy, early intervention, diagnostic services, social skills program, parent involvement and training, speech, occupational and physical therapy , telehealth services, comprehensive ABA therapy, and focused ABA therapy.
Achieve BeyondProvides pediatric therapy and educational services to children, students, and families throughout the United States. Achieve Beyond's team of highly-skilled healthcare professionals includes: Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Educators, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Behavior Therapists, and more.
We Rock the SpectrumRobert and Danielle, parents of a child with ASD, know that there is a deep need for a place where children of ALL abilities can play, learn and grow together in an inclusive environment. The gym includes Suspended equipment with swings, Protective mats and pillows, Zip line: to release stress and relax the joints and body, Trampoline, Indoor play structure, Sensory toys, Fine motor area and arts and crafts
MerakeyMerakey is a nonprofit organization that provides ongoing care for people with autism throughout their lives by offering education and therapy services to help children, adolescents, and young adults. Applied behavior analysis is integrated into all autism programs to teach basic skills and maximize communication.

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Disclaimer: The resources posted on Ability Life Solutions are meant solely as suggestions and should not be construed as child-specific advice. The Center For Autism and Related Disorders recommends working with a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) who has experience with autism before starting any intensive behavioral intervention. Any choices you make in determining your child’s treatment are completely at your own discretion.

“For a number of years, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the Department of Rehabilitation, Tresha Allen was my liaison at New Horizon’s Supported Employment program. Ms. Allen and I worked together to assist individuals who wanted to find meaningful work through Supported Employment. Ms. Allen’s professionalism was consistent, reliable, and of the highest ethical standards. I can say without hesitation that it was a pleasure to work with such a competent and genuinely good person.”

Louis Monzo

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