List of National Resources - Canada

Inclusion AlbertaIs a non-profit family federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. works together with many government and community partners, including schools and school divisions, universities and colleges, businesses and business leaders, Rotary and Rotary clubs, municipalities, and community leaders to create welcoming and inclusive communities.
Bridge to careA non-profit organization that promotes dignity, individuality, independence, personal growth, and community inclusion for people with mental, cognitive, psychological, and psychiatric disorders. Bridge to Care supports people with autism and Asperger syndrome from their own homes, in residential care settings and in the community.
Autism Nova ScotiaThey are a community organization that fosters understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of people on the autism spectrum and their families through leadership, advocacy, and training. Autistics Aloud is a grassroots digital and print magazine published quarterly. We are open to people of all ages and diagnostic stages, including self-aware / self-diagnosed, on the autism spectrum and located in Canada.
Respite ServicesIt is a platform that works to facilitate respite options that empower people with different abilities and their families to lead an active and rewarding life. The respite program database aims to recruit a large base of workers interested in supporting people with disabilities to provide meaningful respite opportunities through community-based options.
Ministry of Children and Youth ServicesThe official website of the Ontario ministry provides precise information on the parameters required by special education specifying the support that each student requires according to their condition.
Ministry of Children and Youth ServicesThere are many local programs and services to help children with special needs and their families. You can also contact the nearest regional office for more information on services available locally. If you have a child who is six years old or younger, more information is available about early childhood development, including services and supports in your community.
Ministry of Health and Long-Term CareHelp people stay healthy, provide high-quality care when they need it, and protect the health system for future generations. Educate patients to make the right decisions about their health through and improve relationships with healthcare partners
Autism OntarioIs a charity representing thousands of people on the autism spectrum and their families in Ontario. Made up of knowledgeable parents, professionals, and autistic self-advocates who can talk about the key issues affecting people with autism and their families. It is the main source of information and references on autism in the province, and one of the most important collective voices.
Autism CanadaAutism Canada is the only Canadian autism advocacy organization with a national perspective on the issues currently facing people with ASD, their families, and other stakeholders. It has a wide range of resources available on its official website
Autism Speaks Canada Dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout life, to the needs of people with autism and their families by supporting and working with community partners; improve resources and services; increase understanding, acceptance and inclusion of people with ASD; and advance research into the causes and best interventions for the disorder and related conditions.
Geneva Centre for AutismThe Geneva Center for Autism is an international leader in the development and delivery of clinical intervention services and training. They offer a wide range of clinical services adapted to all people with ASD. They provide online training globally, through a comprehensive curriculum in English and French. Professionals can learn anytime, anywhere and apply the strategies immediately at work, school, and the community.
Kerry’s Place Autism ServicesThey are Canada's largest service provider for families with children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder. Since 1974, Kerry's Place has been creating and providing evidence-based supports and services throughout the province of Ontario that improve the quality of life for people with ASD.
Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociauxThe Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services offers a wide range of results with more than 3,000 search results related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Children´s Mental Health OntarioChildren's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) represents Ontario's publicly funded Centers for Child and Youth Mental Health. We advocate for investments, policies, and programs for children, youth, and families seeking mental health services in Ontario. The goal is to promote a high-quality, coordinated system of care that puts children, youth, and families first.
Services for Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersThe New Brunswick Preschool Autism Program provides evidence-based intervention services for preschool-age children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Intervention Services (AIS) offers intervention for the Preschool Autism Program through a contract with the Early Childhood Education and Development Department (EECD).
Hotel Port Aux BasquesThe employees of the Hotel Port aux Basques are very excited to support the Autistic Community. The hotel has rooms that have been adapted with additional safety and security features. The dining room has picture menus to facilitate dining, along with quiet spaces to eat if needed. They have a sensory room. This room has been a lifesaver for families who travel or just need a space to relax.
Autism SocietyThe entity offers services such as House Discovery, Social Circus, Music Therapy, Art Classes, Digital Game Creation, Adaptive needs, Cygnus Gymnastics and other. The official page contains the contact information for each office, the description of the programs and services, and the location of their respective offices.
SickKidsSickKids' approach to providing healthcare is focused on the needs of patients and their families, covering a wide range of clinical departments. To support the patient and family experience, our family spaces provide opportunities for recreation and family programming, while interpreter services and spiritual and religious care make our environment accessible to the unique needs of your family.
Our Kids Alberta Special needs SchoolsListed in this guide are the special needs schools in Alberta, where 100% of students have special needs. They provide full-time special needs support for all students in the school, through accommodations, modifications, and remediations.
Alberta Council of Disabilty ServicesThe training program was specifically designed for direct service workers in the field of community services for the disabled. Its objective is to provide a comprehensive orientation to essential knowledge, skills and attitudes for personnel in the field.
Children’s linkChildren’s Link maintains an up-to-date database of available resources, providing a single site where families and professionals can explore options and connect with the services and supports that best meet their needs. Additionally, they have a team of experienced and dedicated staff available to assist you with your search.
Sinneave Family FoundationThe Sinneave Family Foundation (Sinneave) is a charitable operating foundation focused on improving education, employment and housing outcomes for autistic youth and adults.They operate a collaborative space in Calgary called The Ability Hub, where they develop programs and offer services and supports that help people achieve their goals.
Children’s Autism Services of Edmontonis an organization of excellence in the area of support services for children with autism and other developmental disorders. They have dedicated, dynamic, and skilled professionals who provide family-centered programming. Through specialized services, children and families in our organization experience high levels of success and continue to meet and exceed their goals.
Autism Society AlbertaIt is a grassroots organization within the autism community that connects with its provincial members through regional partners and networking with agencies and associations throughout the province and across the country. ASA is dedicated to increasing public awareness of autism and the everyday issues faced by people with autism, their families, and the professionals with whom they interact.
Autism EdmontonAutism Edmonton has a wide variety of groups, programs, and services, designed to serve people of all ages and abilities across the autism spectrum. For more detailed descriptions of the programs see Edmonton Autism Programs in the Programs and Resources section of the website.
Centre for Autism Services AlbertaThe Alberta Autism Services Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children, adolescents, and young adults with ASD. Its mission is to provide comprehensive and innovative supports and services to people affected by ASD. Some of those supports include: early childhood services; sports, leisure, social and skills programs; and pre-employment programs.
Elves possibility to abilityElves Special Needs Society is a private, non-profit organization that offers day, respite, and school programs for people of all ages with special needs such as autism, fetal alcohol syndrome (FASD), Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy.
Autism CalgaryIt is an association of individuals and families living with ASD who strive to help each other and the wider community so that people with ASD live meaningful and purposeful lives in a community that values them. The organization serves as the community of families, caregivers, and support professionals who collectively strive for a community of support, acceptance, and understanding for individuals and families living with ASD.
Janus AcademyJanus Academy Society was established in Calgary in 1997 as an accredited, independent, not-for-profit school created to meet the unique educational needs of school-age children with autism. Janus Academy's focus is to maximize each student's potential by enabling academic success and facilitating lifelong community integration. They offer educational programming for children ages 6 to 18 with ASD
New Heights. School & learning servicesIt is a community dedicated to pioneering a bright future for people on the autism spectrum to live independent, safe and purposeful lives. Their mission is to prepare our children for the community and the community for our children.
AAFSAAFS provides respite care in a social and recreational setting for children, youth, and adults on the autism spectrum; This includes, but is not limited to, Autism, Asperger's, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Nonverbal Learning Disorder.
PacekidsPace Kids Programs is a charity that strives to empower children with special needs and their families through excellence in therapy and education.
Autism PartnershipThe Autism Partnership was formed in 1994 to meet the tremendous need for effective services for families with autistic children. Believe in comprehensive supports and services designed to meet the individual needs of the child within the context of their family and community. is dedicated to helping families improve their children's functional capacity and help them achieve the highest degree of independence and the best possible quality of life.
Edmonton Academyis a center of excellence in Alberta and wherever there is a need for students with learning disabilities, their families and other stakeholders, providing innovative and comprehensive educational programs designed to meet their needs.
PALS Autism SocietyPALS Autism Society offers a school program for children ages 5 to 18 and an adult program for adults ages 19 and older. Our vision is to be a model learning environment that supports the needs of people with autism. Our mission is to provide scientifically validated educational programs throughout the year designed to foster individual growth and personal achievement.
The CODE InitiativeOur non-profit organization, The C.O.D.E. The initiative was founded to create opportunities and define education. Its mission is to provide quality educational opportunities for all youth, especially youth with learning differences, neuro diversities, and other exceptionalities.
Fawkes AcademyThe mission of Fawkes Academy is to provide individualized educational programs for children and adolescents with ASD, other complex developmental disabilities, or different learning needs.
AutismBCAutismBC is a small, non-profit, registered charity that encourages inclusion and acceptance of the entire autism community. They are a united and agile organization that values the lived experience of our team and members.
ABA Learning CentreABA Learning Center's mission is to provide a wide range of exemplary services to families of children and youth with ASD and other complex developmental disabilities. The professionals at ABA Learning Center are dedicated to providing quality services based on procedures validated in the scientific literature.
POPARDPOPARD provides consultation, training and support services to all public and independent schools in the province of British Columbia (BC). We provide support and training to both students and adults, including teachers, educational assistants, community partners, and parents of students with ASD.
Canucks Autism NetworkAt Canucks Autism Network, we value a sense of belonging where all families are welcomed and appreciated and support each other through shared experience. They believe in the ability of each individual and we welcome children, youth and adults across the autism spectrum.
Pacific Autism Family NetworkThe program provides families who are part of the Pacific Autism Family Network the opportunity to request tickets and sit in a carefully selected reserved area, as well as receive tool kits for each individual attending with autism or a related disorder. Toolkits contain items to make the game easier to use and include noise-canceling headphones, earplugs, sensory toys, and a game day visual program.
Autism OkanaganImprove the quality of life for individuals and families living with autism by providing programs and activities in an autism-friendly environment throughout the Okanagan.
Orbital LearningProfessional employment support services for people on the autism spectrum and their employers. On its official site you will find the specific descriptions of its various neuro services.
VISTA AcademyVista Academy offers a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to the education of children, emphasizing the strengths of each child to create individualized programming based on the educational priorities of the family.
Autism Support NetworkAutism Support Network is an organization of families and professionals who educate and support families on applied behavior analysis and its application as a treatment for autism. We seek to strengthen our community in British Columbia by building local networks so that families can connect with other families in their own neighborhoods.
Special Needs Schools British ColumbiaIn this guide are the schools dedicated to special needs in BC, where 100% of the students have special needs. They provide full-time special needs support for all students in the school, through accommodations, modifications, and remediations.
ACTThe mission of ACT - Autism Community Training is to provide excellent information and training, in accordance with international best practices. The goal is to enable parents, professionals, and paraprofessionals to support children and adults with autism spectrum disorder to live productive and fulfilling lives within their families and communities.
Canadian National Autism Foundation (CNAF)The foundation that was formed in June 2000 by parents and caregivers of people with autism. They are dedicated to promoting autism awareness, helping families with the information they need, and raising funds to support Canadian research on autism, funding special needs camps, autism programs, and more.
Stars for Life FoundationThe Stars for Life Foundation was established in 2002 as a result of the lack of appropriate services or the lack of program planning by the government for the future of children with autism spectrum disorder when they leave the school system. The founding families developed a work plan to create autism services under the leadership of a volunteer board of committed community members.
Autism-Asperger-QuebecThe Autisme-Asperger-Québec (AAQc) platform is intended to be an informative, educational and inclusive platform on autism, ASDs (including Asperger syndrome), social conduct disorder (SDD), attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity. (ADHD), Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (SGT), high potential and all forms of neurodiversity.
Asperger Manitoba Inc.AMI grew out of a support group for parents of adults with Asperger syndrome who recognized the need for increased awareness, understanding and ongoing support, specific to the needs of living and working adults with Asperger syndrome. successfully within the community. AMI is committed to ensuring that this support is available to all people living with Asperger syndrome.
Autistics United CanadaAutistics United Canada raises the voice of autistic people to build a society in which we can lead free and fulfilling lives. They empower autistic people to take on leadership roles in our communities and in disability justice movements. They work against capacitism and interconnected systems of oppression.
Inclusion Winnipeg. For people with intellectual DisabilitiesInclusion Winnipeg is a registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults living with intellectual disabilities. They do this by connecting people, helping their families navigate systems, and leading the way in promoting their human rights.
Continuity CareContinuity Care is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Manitoba families plan a better quality of life for their family member with an intellectual disability. We help families achieve peace of mind by planning for the future and creating connections that will last a lifetime.
Manitoba PossibleRecreation and recreation activities target clients with disabilities who experience barriers to conventional recreation and leisure activities. Manitoba Possible offers year-round recreational and leisure activities including bowling, bocce, dancing, dinner club, arts and crafts, theme parties, etc., as well as group social outings to Winnipeg attractions.
Association for Developmental Autism Programs and TherapiesADAPT Manitoba is a group of parents and professionals who support developmental therapies for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. They believe that parents deserve sufficient support and training so that they can make informed decisions about the best approach to foster their children's growth and development.
Autism SocietyThe Prince Edward Island Autism Society is made up of a voluntary board of directors that includes individuals who serve as president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and general directors. It focuses on providing information and support to families, professionals, and individuals affected by autism. Encourage, support, promote, and advocate for quality education, treatment, services, and equipment for individuals and their families affected by autism.
Raise public awareness about ASDs. They promote and support research on the cause and treatment of autism. And finally to raise funds to finance the objectives of the Society.
The Autism HelperAt The Autism Helper, Inc. they are dedicated to empowering supporters of people with autism by providing resources, tools, and methods to measure success. The goal is to support teachers, parents, doctors, and administrators. They share easy-to-understand strategies through our blog, podcast, and training videos. We provide in-depth training of CE courses, live events, and professional development membership.
The Autism AdvocateIn this psychology blog called The Autism Advocate you will find practical tips and reflections on parenting children and teens with autism.
Affect AutismAffect Autism was created to help caregivers access a respectful approach that can make their lives with their autistic children more joyful and meaningful to both themselves and themselves. By supporting their children on their own at home, caregivers can monitor their children's developmental progress.
OllibeanOllibean is a dynamic community of disabled parents, families and community advocates working together for a more socially just, accessible and inclusive world. There you can find very interesting resources about autism.

Ido in AutismlandIt is a blog named after a book written by an autistic boy who describes his personal experience through his writing trying to help other autistic people.
Canadian Centre on Disability StudiesCCDS is a national, non-profit, consumer-led, university-affiliated organization dedicated to disability issues. They are dedicated to redesigning, through collaborative research, education and development, the meaningful and equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of society: local, provincial / territorial, national and international.
Autism Learning CentreIs a small, private company that first opened its doors in November 2014 as the first and only center of its kind in Manitoba. They are autism specialists dedicated to helping clients achieve their unique individual goals, doing this by using tried and true research-based methods that are administered by staff.
I can pretendTeaches children with autism how to play with their peers and form relationships, something that children with autism spectrum disorder often struggle with. Created by an experienced drama educator and parent of a child on the autism spectrum, this program uses teaching best practices for children with autism, including role models, picture activity schedules, family routines, repetition, and reward.
Level IT UpIs a social enterprise dedicated to increasing the employment of Manitoba people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They are part of a global alliance, Neurowrx, working together to advance this mission.
MATCMATC offers a variety of mental health services to children and adolescents experiencing psychiatric and / or emotional disorders. A full range of programs and services, both community and hospital, is available for children, adolescents and their families. Services range from brief interventions to intensive long-term treatments.
Oheys Autism ProgramsOHEYS promotes the principles of healthy children and families and the full and active participation of children with autism in our community. Its mandate is to provide direct, accessible and affordable activity programs to children and families with autism.
Recreational RespiteRecreational Respite promotes inclusion, encourages community participation, and fosters social health and connectedness for children, youth and adults across Canada.
Steps2workHelps people with disabilities, primarily those living with a psychiatric disability, as well as those with other disabilities who have a mental health problem, to secure and maintain employment by providing a variety of employment-related services.
Wirth Behavioural Health ServicesServices can be tailored for individuals with and without developmental disabilities and autism or other psychiatric disorders (eg, ASD, TEAF, ADHD).
Bridgeway AcademyBridgeway Academy is a registered charity that offers a day school program and outreach programs for students with LD or ADHD. Bridgeway has four locations in Nova Scotia; Yarmouth, Dartmouth, Truro and Stellarton.
Club InclusionClub Inclusion is a registered charity based in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Club Inclusion offers social, cultural and recreational programs accessible to all people with disabilities. We enrich lives by building friendships, community, and success.
Autistics Aloud MagazineAutistics Aloud is a print and digital grassroots publication based in Nova Scotia, Canada. They have been endorsed by Autism Nova Scotia since it began in 2005 as a quarterly newsletter and was started by first-person voice Danny Melvin, who saw the need for autism-led speech.
Premier’s Council on DisabilitiesThe Council of the Prime Minister on Disabilities is a body of consultation, study and exchange of information created to advise the provincial government on issues related to the situation of people with disabilities. The Council reports directly to the Prime Minister of the Province.
The New Brunswick Association for Community Living (NBACL)NBACL is a provincial non-profit organization that works on behalf of children and adults with an intellectual or developmental disability and their families. They work to ensure that people with an intellectual or developmental disability, with the support of their families, have the option to choose the supports they need to live meaningful lives and participate in their communities as valued and contributing members.
The New Brunswick Learning Disabilities AssociationThe New Brunswick Learning Disabilities Association does not endorse, endorse, or recommend any method, treatment, product, recovery center, program, or person for children or adults with learning disabilities. However, it endeavors to inform you in the belief that you have a right to know. Promote understanding and acceptance of the ability of people with learning disabilities to lead meaningful and successful lives.
Easter Seals New BrunswickEaster Seals New Brunswick is a non-profit bilingual organization that works in partnership with people with disabilities, enabling them to achieve the independence and equal opportunities available in their communities. Its mission is to help people with disabilities reach their full potential.
Droganfly Centre for AutismDragonfly Center for Autism Inc is a registered Canadian charity serving the needs of children and families living in Charlotte County who are affected by autism. Its mission is to support people with autism towards self-realization and emotional confidence by offering them kind guidance and opportunities through expressive therapies and the surrounding environment.
Autism Connections FrederictonACF is a locally based non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with ASD, their family, friends and professionals who work with them in the Fredericton area. They provide free access to referrals, resources, support, education, and outreach services to their members and the public. Resources include a small on-site loan library that contains ASD-related books and videos on topics such as diagnosis, early intervention, Asperger's syndrome, sensory processing issues, communication, social skills training, and employment issues.
Autism Resources Miramichi Inc.Autism Resources Miramichi Inc. (ARM) provides free and helpful resources for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, their families, community support workers, and professionals throughout Northumberland County, New Brunswick.
Nunavummi Disabilitues Makinnasuaqtiit SocietyAlso known as NDMS, is the only cross-disability organization in Nunavut. They support people throughout life, from infants to the elderly. They promote awareness, opportunity, choice and participation in all aspects of life in Nunavut
GrantWatchIs the number one resource for disability grants for programming for adults and children (and their families) who have been diagnosed with autism, developmental problems (disabled or retarded), attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder; Visually impaired with blindness or low vision; Brain damage; People who are hard of hearing, deaf or hard of hearing; Learning difficulties; Medical disabilities; Physical disabilities; Psychiatric disabilities; and speech and language disabilities.
Autism in MindAutism In Mind Children’s Charity (AIM) was founded in 2011 by Suki Choi, who wanted to give children with autism equal opportunities in life. AIM programs allow children with autism to develop their communication, social, and learning skills without interruption during their critical years. They prepare children for elementary school with the tools and skills they need to integrate, and they continue to work with them into the elementary years.
Autism Unplugged Learning CenterAutism Unplugged Learning Center has experts in child development who can help identify your child's specific skills and needs. Its experts are cutting-edge professionals with experience working with children and adolescents with a variety of challenges including: autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, behavior problems, and a wide range of developmental delays.
Side by side therapy. Dynamic Services in TorontoParents of children with autism or other special needs often have a hard time helping their children overcome their challenges. Side by Side works as a transdisciplinary team to create individualized, functional, and evidence-based interventions that teach these missing skills. As a resul t, the family achieves a better quality of life.
The Autism Center of Toronto, Inc.Is a non-profit organization serving children with ASD in Toronto. Its mission is to improve the lives of children with ASD and their families by providing access to evidence-based treatment in a positive and supportive learning environment. Based on the scientific principles of the ABA, the programs are individualized, effective and lead to significant results.
At New Haven Learning CenterChanges the lives of her students living with ASD by maximizing the potential of each individual and supporting their family every step of the way. We provide a collaborative care service plan with evidence-based ABA therapy at the center. Scheduling is tailored to the needs of each individual, is based on ongoing assessments and personalized data collection, and is provided by a team of highly trained professionals.
Sky Is The Limit Autism ServicesIs an autism treatment provider that provides a variety of services to children who have been diagnosed with ASD. They are located in Mississauga and we currently provide autism therapy services in the GTA, Hamilton and Niagara regions, such as ABA therapy at home.
Autism Services Incorporated.They serve the needs of people in our Windsor and Essex county community with ASD and those close to them. Their mission is to provide individuals with ASD with a specialized program that enables them to reach their potential while providing family support and sharing information and resources with the Windsor Essex community.
Autism Schools in OntarioFor parents looking for a school that supports children with autism or any other disorder commonly called autism spectrum disorders, Ontario private schools offer a variety of advantages with smaller class sizes and the ability to flexibly budget for educational assistance and other support. In some cases, schools may specialize in treating and even treating autism and related disorders.
Ontario Autism CoalitionOAC's mission is to ensure that publicly funded services for individuals with autism and their families are accessible, ethical, evidence-based, and comprehensive.
Montreal familiesParents of children with special needs are constantly looking for local resources and information to help them in their daily lives. Displays a list of hundreds of companies and organizations that offer specialized courses and programs, camps, sports, and education for children with special needs. There is also a full list of support and respite services for families, as well as a specific section for families with children on the autism spectrum.
Giant Steps Autism CentreThey offer high-quality, innovative educational and therapeutic services to our students.
In other words, its mission is to provide innovative, high-quality educational and therapeutic services to our students and to support the Quebec autism community.
Services for people with physical or intellectual disabilities or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)The Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux offers numerous services to help people with a physical or intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These services help these people with their social independence.
Light a DreamAt Light a Dream, they believe that young adults living with intellectual disabilities and / or autism have the right to appropriate professional training and career opportunities. Through Light a Dream, students are provided with a safe and secure work environment in which they can gain confidence and learn at their own pace.
The Gold CenterIs a private non-profit organization supported by the Miriam Foundation with the mission of developing services, research and knowledge transfer, as well as providing programs to support people with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities.
Clinique SpectrumClinique Spectrum provides evidence-based and interdisciplinary care for families and children, adolescents, and adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, other neurodevelopmental disorders, and co-occurring mental health problems. Your team provides care in a natural setting, including home, school, work, and daycare.
Special Education Mediation ServicesSEMS formerly known as the Michigan Special Education Mediation Program, provides mediation, facilitation and training services to resolve disagreements so that children with disabilities quickly receive the services they need to develop and develop. be successful in school. These services often help avoid disputes or help resolve them early.
Autism Yukon’sAutism Yukon's mandate is to increase the quality of life for people affected by autism in Yukon by supporting families, individuals, educators, healthcare professionals, support workers, and anyone else affected by autism through counseling, information, references and any other medium that is supported by the best practice guidelines.
TACA The Autism Community in ActionTACA provides education, support and hope to families living with autism. TACA has been providing services since 2000 and all programs and services are provided at little or no cost to families.
Autism Connect. We Believe in ActionIts goal is to help the millions of parents whose children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder to build a better life for their children. They seek to empower them by providing them easy access to a community of parents, professionals, resources, and treatment options.
The Autism Science FoundationIs a non-profit corporation organized for charitable and educational purposes. The mission of the Autism Science Foundation is to support autism research by providing funding and other assistance to scientists and organizations that conduct, facilitate, publicize, and disseminate autism research. The organization also provides information about autism to the general public and serves to raise awareness about ASDs and the needs of individuals and families affected by autism.
The Autism Society of AmericaThe Autism Society of America has been improving the lives of all those affected by autism for over 50 years and envisions a world where individuals and families living with autism can maximize their quality of life, are treated to the highest standard. of dignity and live. They provide advocacy, education, information and referrals, support and community at the national, state and local levels through our strong national network of affiliates.
Ontario Autism ProgramThe OAP offers support to families of children and youth on the autism spectrum. Children and youth who have been diagnosed with ASD by a qualified professional are eligible for the program. Children receive services and supports until the age of 18.
AUTISM CANADA AUTISMEAutism Canada is born from the merger between two of Canada's largest leading autism organizations, Autism Society Canada and Autism Canada Foundations. They are a Canadian autism advocacy organization with a national perspective on the issues currently facing people with ASD, their families, and other stakeholders.
Developmental Services OntarioHere is a list of some provincial organizations that can help you connect with more local resources. These are nonprofit or government-funded organizations that serve or provide community resources to adults with developmental disabilities throughout Ontario.
Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support NetworkOAARSN provides resources and links to share information about ASD, its various symptoms and types, current research, and useful treatments and therapies as they may be relevant to adults. also offers information and communication tools to connect adults with autism, family members, caregivers, friends, support workers, teachers, administrators, and policymakers.
Miriam FoundationIt is a charitable organization dedicated to seeking funding for the creation and support of innovative clinical, residential, and educational intervention programs that address the full needs of children and adults with intellectual disabilities, a neurodevelopmental disorder, and/or a spectrum disorder. autistic.
Autism MontrealAutism Montreal is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the living conditions of people with ASD and all their families. Among the services offered by Autisme Montreal is a Documentation Center that provides the loan service of books and videos and the purchase of documents at the price of photocopies, an escort / babysitting service, a weekend rest service in the duplex, group outings for adults with ASD without intellectual disabilities, summer camps for children, youth and adults, residential camps for school holidays, specialized swimming classes and a Christmas party.
The Fédération québécoise de l'autismeThe Fédération québécoise de l'autisme is a provincial grouping of organizations and individuals that includes: regional autism associations, spread across sixteen regions of Québec, associate members including, but not limited to, associations, early childhood centers, rehabilitation centers, boards schools, schools, hospitals, private clinics, etc. that the interests of the autistic person, those of his family and those close to him have in common.
Geneva for autismThey offer a wide range of clinical services tailored to all people with an ASD. Clinical services are supported by a multidisciplinary team of trained, experienced and empathetic professionals who deliver online training globally, through a comprehensive curriculum in English and French. Professionals can learn anytime, anywhere and apply strategies immediately at work, school, and in the community.
The National Institute of Mental Health about Autism Spectrum DisorderThe National Institute of Mental Health provides a section on autism spectrum disorder, where topics such as signs and symptoms, communication and restrictive behaviors, causes and risk factors, diagnosis at different stages of life and their respective consequences are discussed. stages, possible changes in diagnosis, treatments and therapies, medications and other resources for autism.
Autism Resource CentreARC Is a non-profit organization that aims to meet the changing needs of young people with autism. Our goal is to help empower people on the autism spectrum so they can fulfill their potential, achieve independence, and fully participate with their community.
Autism Spectrum Disorders ManitobaThis site has been produced to help Manitoba families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD find the information they need and want as they begin and travel through their life's journey with ASD.
Community Respite Service IncCommunity Respite Service Inc. provides quality respite in parts of southern Manitoba, especially the Winnipeg and Westman regions, for caregivers of individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities.
Open Access Resource CentreThe Open Access Resource Center provides assistive technology, training, and resources to people with communication difficulties and those who support them. He is committed to improving the lives of Manitobans with speech disabilities through the use of communication devices. OARC helps people to receive long-term systems and provides the necessary supports for the successful implementation of a device as a communication tool.
SSCY NetworkSSCY is an alliance of families, community agencies, regional health authorities and government that provides specialized community services for Manitoba's children and youth with disabilities and special needs. SSCY's services are delivered in a coordinated, integrated, and family-centered manner by bringing stakeholders together to provide service delivery expertise, research, education, and technology serving the province of Manitoba and surrounding areas. A list of resources you may find useful, including autism and Asperger syndrome, is included on their official site.
Autism society of Price Edward IslandIt is a non-profit charity organization that strives to improve the lives of people with ASD and the lives of their families. It provides information and support to families, professionals and people affected by Autism, promotes and supports research on the cause and treatment of autism, as well as raising funds to finance the objectives of the Society, among other services.
Autism Society Newfoundland & LabradorThe Autism Society of Newfoundland & Labrador offers a wide variety of services including various community recreation programs as well as Pre-Employment and upcoming programs. Each program has its respective description, age group to which it is directed, costs (if any), duration of the program and more.
Autism YukonAutism Yukon is a non-profit, charitable organization that offers 6 types of programs, these are: Caregiver Skills Training Program, Family Navigation, Launch into life, Program for the Education and enrichment of Relationship Skills, Project Lifesaver and Sensory Room ( Snoezelen Room)
Special needs e moving onThe Special Needs and Moving On projects are sponsored by the Canadian Postal Workers Union and the Postal Communications Employees Union. These innovative projects provide support and resources to union members whose adult sons or daughters have disabilities.
eMentalHealt. Autism Spectrum Disorder QuebecOn this platform you can perform a personalized search on autism. There you will find a list of resources classified by organizations, information sheets, detection tools and external links.
Canadian Pediatric SocietyThe Canadian Pediatric Society is the national association of pediatricians, committed to working together to improve the health of children and young people by promoting excellence in health care, advocacy, education, research and support of its members. The website provides the necessary information to make informed decisions about the well-being of children and young people, however, it is not a substitute for the attention of a pediatrician.
Support for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Nova ScotiaAt this link you can find a wide range of programs and services provided by the government of Nova Scotia, available to children, adolescents and adults with ASD. Their services are classified by age groups.
Autism Awareness Centre Inc.The Autism Awareness Center seeks to ensure that books, articles and support resources are available to all communities, to keep parents and professionals at the forefront of new information. There is also a list of organizations related to autism spectrum disorder in Nova Scotia.
eMentalHealt. Autism Spectrum Disorder Nova ScotiaOn this platform you can perform a personalized search on autism. There you will find a list of resources classified by organizations, information sheets, detection tools and external links.
Hinchinbrook Farm SocietyHinchinbrook Farm Society is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to provide a therapeutic horseback riding program to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people with disabilities. Their main clients are families with autism.
Autism Connections FrederictionAutism Connections Fredericton is a local non-profit organization that provides social support, public education, advocacy, material resources, programs, activities, and evidence-based information for people with an autism spectrum disorder, their families, and their communities in the Fredericton area. Frederickton. Resources include a small on-site lending library, individual tutoring programs, recreation programs, educational evenings and more.
Autism Intervetion ServicesThey provide intensive behavioral intervention to preschool children with autism spectrum disorders throughout the province of New-Brunswick. Their services include: Diagnosis, intervention, school transitions, resources and much more.
Réseau de santé. Horizon Health NetworkFocused on providing safe, quality care to our patients, clients and their families, Horizon operates 12 hospitals and more than 100 medical facilities, clinics and offices throughout New Brunswick. The primary care system is made up of a number of facilities and services, including community health centers, clinics, public health services, community hospitals, as well as mental health and addiction services.
eMentalHealt. Autism Spectrum Disorder New BrunswickOn this platform you can perform a personalized search on autism. There you will find a list of resources classified by organizations, information sheets, detection tools and external links.
Autism Resource Center for Parents/Guardians of Children with ASDThe Autism Resource Hub is the brainchild of the Autism Learning Partnership (ALP), a branch of the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. ALP is a leader in the development and dissemination of high-quality, evidence-based learning and professional resources for professionals and families supporting individuals with ASD.
Autism speaks. Resources CanadaThe platform has a list of international resources, including Canada. Provide information such as address, contact telephone number, email, and site (if any)
ADAPT MANITOBAAssociation for Developmental Autism Programs and Therapies is a group of parents and professionals supporting developmental therapies for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder that seeks to provide parents with information about relationship-based developmental programs and therapies led by trained consultants. and certificates for children with autism.
The children’s hospital foundationThe Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is a charitable organization dedicated to funding excellence in children's health care and children's health research. Together with the support of individual donors and corporate partners, it ensures that there is a reliable, consistent and significant flow of funds available to increase government funding for Children's Hospital.
Government of British Columbia. Autism Spectrum Disorder.The government offers a section where you can contact an autism support specialist, available to discuss your needs and provide guidance at any stage. Assistance has interpreters in more than 50 languages. Additionally, the platform has important information about autism spectrum disorder that may be of interest to you.
Prince Edward Island. Autism Services for Children and YouthIn this link you can find different services offered to children and young people of preschool and school age diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Early Years specialists provide, supervise, and monitor each child's programme.
AIDE CanadaThe Autism and/or Intellectual Disability Knowledge Exchange Network (AIDE Canada) is a tool that provides credible, reliable and evidence-based resources in an unbiased and accessible way to connect members of the community with information and the resources they need. On their website you can find the description of Financing and autism programs for people over 18 years of age in Prince Edward Island
eMentalHealt. Autism Spectrum Disorder Prince Edward IslandOn this platform you can perform a personalized search on autism. There you will find a list of resources classified by organizations, information sheets, detection tools and external links.
Prince Edward Island. Autism FoundingNoting that there are two different types of funding available for children on the autism spectrum, link to descriptions of funding for preschool autism and school-age autism, as well as descriptions of who is eligible for funding. , how to apply for funding, how much funding you can expect to receive, and contact details for more information.
Registry of Autism Service providersThe platform provides registration of service providers eligible to work with children under the ASD Individualized Financing program. In addition to providing relevant information about autism spectrum disorder.
Family & community Resource CenterOffers a wide variety of links to services and programs including interactive media, children's health information, family support, education, donations, therapies and more.
The Society for the Treatment of AutismThe Society for the Treatment of Autism is a registered charity based in Alberta that provides comprehensive treatment, educational and consultative services for people with ASD and their families.
Autism Society of ManitobaThey offer information about autism and lasik surgery to all families and individuals, regardless of their choice of what works best for them. 825 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1M5
Phone: (204) 783-9563
Fax: (204) 783-9563
New HavenLearning Centre for ChildrenIts programs offer research-based behavioral intervention using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) under the direct supervision of highly qualified Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Consulting Services Specialists. It has education programs and services, government connections, family, children, adults, general autism information and more.
301 Lanor Avenue
Toronto, Ont.
M8W 2R1
Phone: 416-259-4445
Fax: 416-259-2023
Children's Development Group (CDG)An organization that provides scientifically validated educational services and therapy to individuals with a wide range of learning abilities, including autism spectrum disorders, Asperger's, learning disabilities, speech and language delays and other developmental exceptionalities. It features after school programs, Rhythm & Wiggle music program, Piano Classes, IBI Therapy Program, ABA Therapy Program, Yoga for Kids, among others.
Shining Through CentreShining Through Center for Children with Autism is a recognized autism charity and community learning and service provider. They offer intensive, comprehensive and individualized therapeutic and educational programs to help children and young adults with autism, as well as increase autism awareness in communities.
TVCCTVCC supports children and their families in achieving the best quality of life possible. Through a variety of services, supports and resources for children and youth with physical disabilities, communication disorders, developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders. These services encompass autism and behavioral services, early years, equipment/mobility, family/community, occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreation/fitness, school-related services, specialty clinics, speech and language therapy and more.
kinark autism serviceWith a mission to help children and youth with complex needs achieve better outcomes, Kinark provides services throughout the Greater Toronto Area, primarily in York Region, Durham Region and Simcoe County, to children and youth aged two to 18 and their families. For families registered with the Ontario Autism Program (OAP), we offer a variety of free Core Family Services, including programs for children and youth with ASD, siblings, parents and caregivers. Kinark also offers a range of individualized services.
Autism Society Canada (ASC) / Societe canadienne de l'autisme (SCA)Box22017, 1670 Heron Rd. Ottawa, ON K1V 0C2 Canada Phone: 613-789-8943 / 866-476-8440 Email:
Autism Society of New BrunswickPO Box 1493, Station A Fredericton, NB E3B 5G2 Canada Phone: (866) 773-1916 Email:
Autism North West Territories4904 Matonabee Street Yellowknife, North West Territories X18 1X8 Canada Phone: (867) 920-4206 Fax: (867) 873-0235 Email:
Autism Society of Nova Scotia1456 Brenton Street PO Box 195 Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3Y3 Canada Phone: (902) 429-5529 Email:
The Autism Society of Prince Edward IslandPO Box 75, York Prince Edward IslandC0A 1PO Canada Phone: 566-4844 Email:
Kerry's Place Autism Services34 Berczy Street, Suite 190 Aurora, ON L4G 1W9 Canada Phone: 905-841-6611 Fax: 905-841-1461 Email:
Provincial Autism Centre1456 Brenton Street Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada Phone: (902) 446-4995 Fax: (902) 446-4997 Email:
Angels with Autism FoundationFondation les anges avec l'autisme 125 Beechwood ave. Ottawa, ON K1M 1L5 Canada Phone: 613-745-8024 Email:
3C Autism and Social Support Services39 Loradeen Crescent Scarborough, M1B 1T7 Ontario Canada
P: 6473475419
International Autism Foundation Canada1501-850 Royal Avenue New Westminster BC V3M1A6 Canada
P: 604 521 7657

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LinkName Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities team discovers overconnected brain cells may cause autism. led by SickKids scientists finds new insight into gene mutations associated with autism research finds majority of children with autism may be 'doing well' of Child and Family Attributes With Outcomes in Children With Autism real value for money of universal screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder testing for siblings of individuals with autism may detect diagnosis before symptoms appear scientists discover novel genetic contributors to autism Emergence of Network Inefficiencies in Infants With Autism Spectrum Disorder Phosphorylation and Control of Dendritic
Morphology Are Impaired by Rare Genetic Variants Use During Pregnancy and the Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children exposure to common environmental factors
affects brain lipids and increases risk of developing
autism spectrum disorders De Novo Variants Associated with Autism Implicate a Large Functional Network of Genes Involved in Formation and Function of Synapses De Novo and Transmitted Copy-Number Variation in Autistic Spectrum Disorders Recurrent De Novo CNVs, Including Duplications of the 7q11.23 Williams Syndrome Region, Are Strongly Associated with Autism unified genetic theory for sporadic and inherited autism E2 alters Wnt-dependent migration and proliferation in neuroectodermal stem cells: implications for autism spectrum disorders Inclusive Schools: A Handbook for Developing and Implementing Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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“For a number of years, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the Department of Rehabilitation, Tresha Allen was my liaison at New Horizon’s Supported Employment program. Ms. Allen and I worked together to assist individuals who wanted to find meaningful work through Supported Employment. Ms. Allen’s professionalism was consistent, reliable, and of the highest ethical standards. I can say without hesitation that it was a pleasure to work with such a competent and genuinely good person.”

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