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New hope foundationThis foundation provides a safe and caring environment for orphaned babies and children with special physical and medical needs in China.They started the New Hope Foundation to assist the Child Welfare Institutes in China in their work of caring for and seeking medical treatment for sick children. They believe these children are very special and continue to be supportive. YinHan Tower, Level 6, Unit 02 DongMen North Road, Luohu District 518003 Shenzhen City. Guangdong Province China Phone: +86755 25406214 Fax: +86755 25400014.
Autism association in walesThis foundation offers services such as, Serve and represent the Chinese community, including disabled people, children, youth, and the elderly. Including planning and provision of services to ensure your complete well-being. We promote public education and increase understanding of autism within the Chinese community. The cultural stigma surrounding autism is not easy to change, but with a better understanding of the condition of autism, the misconception can be corrected. Ultimately reducing some of the burden experienced by families with autistic children. Of course, this provides better prospects for help, the right school, additional educational needs, and counseling for children.
Barriers to education for people with disabilities in chinaAt the international level, it is increasingly recognized that "inclusion", that is, making general education accessible to children with disabilities, is a key element in realizing the right to education. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the most recent international human rights treaty, mandates that States parties "guarantee an inclusive educational system at all levels. This school allows education to children and people with disabilities.
Autism chiders foundationAutism Children Foundation (ACF) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 by a group of determined and passionate parents and professionals helping autistic children in Hong Kong. The Seeks to empower parents and families with the knowledge and training to address and manage a complex and debilitating childhood developmental disorder.
Stars and Rain Education Insitute for AutismStars and Rain serves children who have been diagnosed with Childhood Autism, Autistic Tendency, Total Developmental Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, and their parents (including other family members) to provide counseling, family training, and guidance. and provide training in behavior training skills for care and education personnel (including parents) of children with autism. The services cover age ranges from 3 to 6 years old, from 3 to 12 years old and from 13 to 18 years old.
Shenzhen Autism AssociationThe Research Association and several national autism services agencies jointly established the "Heming Autism Services Industry Learning Network" as an autonomous platform and industry learning exchange. It provides support services for members of the network, organize members to exchange and learn, carry out capacity building, jointly initiate social defense, and promote industry self-discipline.The network members are mainly located in Guangdong, including 48 in Shenzhen. : Melody Xu, Communications Manager
Autism Partnership Ltd.It is one of the most established providers of applied behavior analysis services for autism spectrum disorders in the world. She specializes in providing individual therapy, group interventions, and consultations abroad for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families. They also provide personalized training in school and social groups to meet the different needs of schools in the region.
Society for the Welfare of the Autistic PersonThe association is a charitable organization that seeks to increase public awareness and attention to autism, strengthen and promote government education for children with autism, and rehabilitation of people with autism. Its services do not have an age limit and these services include therapies and training courses, social and group activities, recreational and sports activities, support activities for parents and stress reduction, among others. Fax: (86 755) 26936988
Beijing Association for the Rehabilitation of Children with AutismThe association is a non-profit organization that aims to care for and help autistic children and their families taking into account their special needs and related disabilities. The association conducts scientific research services, clinical medical psychology and rehabilitation oriented services providing early detection, diagnosis and intervention services, provides quantitative assessment of psychological developmental levels and developmental abnormalities, professional training and counseling in behavioral management and early education. Offers services based on social activities, print and visual media, special communication services and more.
The Beijing Xingxingyu Educational Research Institute / Stars and RainThe institute focuses on providing professional technical support to help autism spectrum disorder (autism) groups and their families to integrate into the society equally and promote the healthy development of social services. "Stars and Rain" is the first professional organization in China to provide ABA services. It has a team of professional ABA teachers from China and has the continuous support of 20 international experts from the United States, Japan and Taiwan. It provides teacher training, children's training, parent training and support for the elderly.
The Federation for Children with Special NeedsProvides information, support and assistance to parents of children with disabilities, their professional partners and their communities. The Federation works with families with children from birth to adulthood, providing individual assistance, training and leadership development and support. Its primary focuses are education, early intervention, health care, transitions, foster and group homes, and developing a strong family commitment to support all children, especially children with disabilities, those at risk, and those with economic, cultural or linguistic barriers.
Chinese Autism Awareness CenterChinese Autism Awareness Center (CAAC) is a non-profit organization that provides support services for Chinese communities, including assistance in treatment, rehabilitation and integration into society, promotion of physical and mental health, and improvement of family quality of life.
SENSEA special education system has been developed by the Hong Kong government. The main policy objective of special education is to enable children with special educational needs to fully develop their individual potential.
LIH O livia’sLIH O livia's Place provides premier multidisciplinary pediatric therapy services to children of all abilities and ages. World-class care for all children is offered through three main service areas: Pediatric therapy consulting services : occupational, physical and speech therapies, psychology services, ABA and learning support. Multinational staff provides consulting services in English and Chinese, as well as several other languages.
Special Education Consultants of Asia, LimitedThey have 16 years of experience working with children with additional needs. They offer Individual assessment, developmental plan and end of program progress report. An intensive, therapeutically based and highly individualized program with an international team of multidisciplinary specialists.
SPECTRUMSpectrum is the go-to destination for the latest news and analysis on autism research and a springboard for scientists and clinicians to forge collaborations that deepen our understanding of autism. Browse the steady stream of autism papers and highlight the most noteworthy. Deeply informed news articles explain the context and impact of each finding.
CBCCBC provides comprehensive, individualized services in a variety of settings such as the home, community or facility. It also offers consulting services to funding sources and private pay clients. It has 4 services which are: DIR/Floortime Program, Social Skills Training Program (SSTP), ABA and Child Development Program.
Beijing Association of Rehabilitation for Autistic ChildrenE-mail:
STEP Training Center for Children with Autism1A&D Nathan Commercial Building 430-436 Nathan Road Yaumatei, Kowloon Hong Kong Phone: 851-2899-2993 Fax: 851-2899-2262 Email:
Heep Hong University for Disabled ChildrenG1-G7, Tung Yu House Tai Hang Estate Kowloon Hong Kong Teléfono: 852-7763111 Fax: 852-7761837
New Hope Biomedical CentreYinHan Tower, Lvl 6, #2 N. DongMen Luohu District 518003 Shenzhen Guangdong China
P: 86 755 25406214
F: 86 755 25400014
Stars and Rain Education Institute for AutismDongxu Xincun 4Qu No. 57 Chaoyang District 10024 Beijing China
P: 0086 10 85373236
F: 0086 10 85373486

Documents of Interest - China

Parent-Reported Health Care Expenditures Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Heilongjiang Province, ChinaThe objective of this study was to determine the health expenses incurred by families with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the relationship of these expenses with total household income and expenses.
China Opens Autism Telemedicine Platform to Public RegistryBEIJING, April 2 (Xinhua) - A telemedicine platform for people with autism, the first of its kind in China, has been open for public registration as of Tuesday, the People's Daily mobile app reported.
Professor turned journalist reports on autism in ChinaAccording to the China Federation of Disabled People, it is the most prevalent brain development disorder in the nation. And thanks in part to Autism Speaks, attention to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in China has never been brighter.
LONE CHILD OR TREASURE ERROR AMONG THE STARS? Autism in China through a case study from the Xingxingyu Institute of EducationThe topic of autism has recently received increasing attention and the number of publications on the subject is increasing. However, this attention is almost exclusively limited to the West. There is notably less knowledge about autism cases in countries like China. Since there is hardly any scientific literature on autism in China, it was necessary to collect information on the ground.
On top of a Chinese mountain, a community just for people with autismThe group is part of a unique project called Home of the Stars, China's first community for people with autism spectrum disorder, owned and run by their relatives.
New figures on autism prevalence in China point to previous neglectAbout 1 in 100 children in China has autism, a prevalence similar to that of the United Kingdom and somewhat lower than that of the United States, according to a new study. Findings suggest autism is more common in China than previously thought,
"Nothing about us without us": the emerging disability and advocacy movement in ChinaThe movement of persons with disabilities and self-help organizations (DPOs) are emerging in China, some of which managed to promote political and social change with special strategies. Based on an original survey and interview, this article explains the development and survival strategies of China's DPOs, and especially interprets some successful cases of social advocacy and policy advocacy in the emerging disability movement. Scholars are expected to pay more attention to advocacy and public involvement of the disabled community in non-Western settings in the future.
Association of food hypersensitivity in children at risk of autism spectrum disorder: a meta-analysisThis meta-analysis was conducted to clarify the association between food hypersensitivity in children and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in detail. Relevant studies published in 8 databases before March 2020 were retrieved and examined according to the established inclusion criteria.
Altered inter- and intrahemispheric functional connectivity dynamics in autistic childrenEmerging evidence has associated autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with abnormal static functional connectivity between multiple brain regions. However, the temporal dynamics of intra- and interhemispheric functional connectivity patterns remain unknown in ASDs.
Social synchronization during joint attention in children with autism spectrum disorderThis study explored how autistic children synchronized their gaze changes with the gaze cues of others during joint attention. Autistic children were found to be less synchronized with their gaze changes than typical children and needed more time to follow the gaze of others. These findings provide a new avenue for deepening our understanding of social interaction deficits in children with ASD.
Identification of autism based on SVM-RFE and Stacked Sparse Auto EncoderIn order to improve the accuracy of classifying autism patients based on the complete Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange data set, a total of 501 autistic subjects and 553 typical control subjects participated in the study in 17 sites.
Developmental pattern of cortical topology in high-functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorderIn this study, structural images of 492 high-functioning participants were used in the Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange database acquired from 17 international imaging centers.
Vitamin and Mineral Status of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Hainan Province of China: Associations with SymptomsThis study was designed to compare the vitamin and mineral levels of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with those of typically developing children (TDs) of the same age and to investigate their effects on the symptoms of autistic children.
Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of autism spectrum disorder in a stratified sample of preschool teachers in ChinaIn China, children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can potentially benefit from universal education policies and recent initiatives designed to address the needs of children with developmental disorders. However, adequate schooling is often not available for children with ASD, in part because teachers lack the knowledge and skills necessary to work with this population. To better understand the current state of knowledge of ASD in China, they surveyed the knowledge and attitudes regarding the disorder in preschool teachers.

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