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Autism SpeaksAutism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout life, to the needs of people with autism and their families.
Autism Delaware Autism Delaware's mission is to help individuals and families affected by autism. Autism Delaware family support services are tailored to best meet the needs of the family. It offers the following programs: Family Support program provides families with comprehensive support and Autism Care Team (ACT) Program that offers family navigation services to families who have a specific question or challenge navigating the system.
Delaware Family VoicesTheir mission is to better serve Delaware families and their children with special health care needs. They provide programs, trainings, and workshops, as well as parenting support through the Parent to Parent and Federation of Families programs.
CAP 4 KidsCAP4Kids offers a list of resources regarding entities that work with and support autism. Each of the resources has a brief description, and other contact details, as well as direct links to their websites.
BrightBloom CentersThe Brandywine Center for Autism offers educational and behavioral health services to children on the autism spectrum at two locations in Delaware. They provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services to children ages two through adolescence.
Magellan Healthcare Magellan offers a variety of programs based on best practices and emerging practices for children with autism. The site includes a list of providers and services. The list is based on suggestions from parents and caregivers. Magellan Healthcare, Inc. shares social media as an informational resource for its members.
Organization for Autism
They are the Organization for Autism Research, better known as OAR. OAR is an organization founded and led by parents and grandparents of children with autism, who serve as the Board of Directors providing leadership, life experience and heart.
Delaware Autism Program (DAP) The Delaware Autism Program (DAP) is the statewide public-school program for students with autism spectrum disorder. The program provides educational, vocational, respite, and residential services to students with autism between the ages of 2 and 21. They emphasize direct teaching in community and natural settings, guided by applied behavior analysis techniques.
National autism Resources
The picture Exchange Communication System
National Autism Resources has a section where it explains the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) that was developed in 1984 by Lori Frost, MS, CCC / SLP, and Dr. Andrew Bondy. It was first used in the Delaware Autism Program. The goal of PECS is to teach children with autism a functional, rapid, and autonomous communication system. The site provides explanations of the 6 phases of this system to those who are interested
Interlock. Come together for AutismThe organization provides the latest information on interventions, services and research to our membership and the community, Facilitates access to the supports, education and services that people with ASD need to reach their full potential, Creates opportunities for families network, share information and offer support; Advocates for the interests of our members; children and adults with ASD, their family members; and the adults who work with them, Supports the efforts of local and national research, educational and therapeutic communities. Finally, request and receive funds to achieve the above purposes
Parent Information Center of Delaware, Inc. (PIC)PIC is the only organization in the state commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs to provide information and support to parents of children with disabilities from birth to 26 to help them access proper education and related services for their children.
Autism DelawareAutism Delaware is Delaware's premier advocacy and advocacy organization. Their mission is to create better lives for individuals andfamilies affected by autism through: adult vocational services through POW & R, parenting tutoring and coffee hours, game nights for teens to practice social skills, social events and family recreation, summer camp programs, public awareness and newsletter, and other programs.
Autism and Asperger ResourcesThe site provides a resource section on autism in Delaware
Family Shade
Autism Delaware
Provides support to individuals and families affected by autism. They offer a number of services including information and referrals, parenting tutoring, quarterly newsletter, speaker meetings and conferences, stipends, advocacy with state and federal officials, school districts, and the medical community.
Early autism servicesThey provide ABA therapy services to diverse communities around the world, their services include home and center-based ABA therapy, occupational, speech and language therapy, telehealth services, social skills groups, teens, and free apprenticeships. They have a highly qualified and certified staff.
Delaware - Applied ABCApplied ABC provides ABA and autism therapy services for individuals with autism. Applied Behavioral Counseling provides behavioral therapy in the home. The organization offers evaluations, treatment plan, behavior analyst, parenting trainings and much more.
Achieve BeyondProvides pediatric therapy and educational services to children, students, and families throughout the United States. Achieve Beyond's team of highly-skilled healthcare professionals includes: Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Educators, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Behavior Therapists, and more.
Pyramid Educational Consultants, LLCWith the goal of helping people with developmental disabilities, autism, and/or communication problems learn to shape their own lives and participate in the world around them, they use a combination of applied behavior analysis and practices and provide a wide variety of consultation and services including classroom support, home support, remote support, classroom certification, Pecs certifications and Pecs user community.
Independent Resources IncIt is a non-profit Center for Independent Living that provides quality opportunities to people with disabilities by offering services such as advocacy, peer support, independent living skills, transition assistance, information and referral sections and the latest news section and what's happening.
Easterseals Delaware and Maryland's Eastern ShoreIt is a nonprofit organization that provides exceptional services, education, outreach and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in communities, ranging from child development centers to physical rehabilitation and job training for people with disabilities.
The Delaware Network for Excellence in Autism (DNEA)This organization is made up of the Center for Disability Studies (CDS) and Autism Delaware. The DNEA helps the community stay informed by developing and distributing information and resources on issues that impact people with ASD and their families and professionals in the field. They work together to educate, support and inform professionals and people directly affected by ASD.
Center for Disability Studies (CDS)The center works to improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families through education, advocacy, service, and research. Creates opportunities on and off campus for teens and young adults to develop skills, connections, and experiences that can help them learn, work, and live more independently and safely in the settings of their choice. Their services include Assistive Technology, K-12 Education, College Education, Transitions to Adulthood, Autism Initiatives, Health and Wellness, and Advocacy.
Keystone Human ServicesThey are part of a global movement to support people with disabilities. Their services include mental health services, nursing, assistance dogs. among others.
Home of Autism Delaware and Delaware Autism Programs in Kent CountyIn order to increase a student's level of independence, self-esteem, and self-confidence, Kent County Community School and the Capital Delaware Autism Program offer services that include Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Project SEARCH, and the Wesley's STAR program.
Delaware County Department of Human ServicesHelps people with intellectual disabilities and their families find quality supports and services to lead safe, healthy, and meaningful lives. Eligible funded supports include day programs, employment services, in-home supports, respite programs, shared living and other residential options, adult educational opportunities, supports managed directly by the individual/family, transportation and services companion.
DCIUDCIU is a regional educational service agency. Direct instruction is provided to more than 15,000 students enrolled in DCIU's Special Programs, Career and Technical Education, and specialized programs. Provides services in seven areas: curriculum development and instructional improvement; educational planning services; teaching materials services (technology); continuing professional development; student personnel services; management services; and liaison services from state and federal agencies
Chimes DelawareChimes Delaware is one of Delaware's largest providers of community-based services for adults with intellectual, autistic, and co-occurring disabilities that tailor services to each person's unique and changing needs and preferences. Chimes' range of services include community living options, habilitation and employment day services, supplemental supports that address physical, mental and behavioral health needs. It also offers business solutions for a wide variety of industries with locations in New Castle and Sussex counties.
Medicaid Assistance in DelawareIt has several programs that can help a person with a disability. Provides services that include hospitalization, outpatient hospitalization, medical care, laboratory and x-rays. There is also a unique employment program in the state of Delaware, Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities, which strives to provide workers ages 16-64 with financial benefits in the form of unearned income. In addition, Medicaid can provide "wraparound services" to the child in need, covering playdates, community outings, and use of recreational facilities.
Delaware Valley UniversityThe Office of Accessibility Services is a support system to ensure students with disabilities reasonable accommodations and equal access to the University's educational and housing programs, as well as extracurricular activities.
The Arc of DelawareThe Arc of Delaware County is one of the country's most progressive and unique organizations serving children and adults with developmental disabilities.
VarietyIt is a charitable organization for children, adults and youth with intellectual disabilities that provides social, educational and vocational services and programs. Its two main programs are the summer program and the school year program.
MerakeyMerakey is a nonprofit organization that provides ongoing care for people with autism throughout their lives by offering education and therapy services to help children, adolescents, and young adults. Applied behavior analysis is integrated into all autism programs to teach basic skills and maximize communication.

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Disclaimer: The resources posted on Ability Life Solutions are meant solely as suggestions and should not be construed as child-specific advice. The Center For Autism and Related Disorders recommends working with a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) who has experience with autism before starting any intensive behavioral intervention. Any choices you make in determining your child’s treatment are completely at your own discretion.

“For a number of years, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the Department of Rehabilitation, Tresha Allen was my liaison at New Horizon’s Supported Employment program. Ms. Allen and I worked together to assist individuals who wanted to find meaningful work through Supported Employment. Ms. Allen’s professionalism was consistent, reliable, and of the highest ethical standards. I can say without hesitation that it was a pleasure to work with such a competent and genuinely good person.”

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