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Autism CongoAutism Congo seeks to change perspectives on autism in the Democratic Republic of Congo starting with the city of Kinshasa and beyond through school instruction for children with autism, early intervention and therapy, community workshops and resource materials designed to break down stigma and improve outcomes for children with autism. Build a school in the Democratic Republic of Congo specifically for children with autism. The school will provide a safe and nurturing educational environment. In addition, it seeks to provide parents, teachers and medical professionals with specialized training and education to support early intervention measures and diagnoses. This training and knowledge can be provided through workshops, reading material, support groups and classes.
Autism AssociationsKinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
By-pass 9 bis camp riche lemba Kinshasa/ Lemba 1 Kinshasa Democratic Congo Africa
phone: 243999907142
Oeuvres de Bienfaisance pour Autistes18.367 KINSHASA 13 Kinshasa/Bandalungwa, Democratic Republic of Congo Fax: 00 243 12 21 351
Fondation des Oeuvres pour la Solidarite et le Bien Etre Social (FOSBES ONG)25 By-Pass Q/Masamga-Mbila C/Mont-Ngafula Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo Phone: 243-81-504-7004 Fax: 1-305-422-3135 Email:

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