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The Finnish Association for Autism / Autismi-ja Aspergerliitto ryAutismliito aims for an autism-friendly society where the diversity of the autism spectrum is known and recognized. Therefore, they provide different services of the Autism Association such as services for colleagues in which you can get support from a volunteer expert of the association. Experienced expert services where you can book an expert to speak at your event or training and counseling services when you need advice and support on autism spectrum issues.
Kaupintie 16B
00440, Helsinki
Phone: 358-7-77-42-770
Fax: 358-77-42-7710
Aivoliitto Finnish Brain AssociationThe Finnish Brain Association focuses on speech and brain, supporting the target groups and helping them to lead a full everyday life. The aim of the Finnish Brain Association is to prevent strokes and encourage early recognition of strokes. Through organizational activities and services, information and support for research and development, we aim to reduce the side effects of stroke and DLD on the lives of individuals and families and on society in general. The basic tasks of the Association include rights monitoring, communication, public outreach, stroke prevention, support of association activities and various services. The Association also offers adaptive training courses, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and speech therapy courses, and conducts training courses for professionals and member associations.
AUTISM FOUNDATION sr MannerheimintieThe foundation offers individual support for everyday life. Its services include counseling and coaching services, housing services, rehabilitation and therapy services, Kela services aimed at young people from 16 to 29 years old and other services that include animal-assisted activities, Green Care, art, music and socio-educational activities with horses.
Autism Associations
Helsinki, Finland
AUTISMISAAIO sr Jamsankatu 2 00520 Helsinki
Autistic Spectrum Finland (ASY)ASY is a national organization led by autistic adults whose purpose is to promote the social inclusion, independent living and overall well-being of people on the autism spectrum. They also seek to develop connections with similar organizations in other countries and to learn about the situations of autistic people in other places by inviting speakers from abroad. In addition they have various activities, active groups, respite groups, online platforms and more.
Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (FAAAS)- KouvolaRegional Office, Kouvola Kauppamiehenkatu 4 FI-45100 Kouvola Finland
P: 359 5 3530 284
Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome (FAAAS) – OuluRegional Office, Oulu Isokatu 47 FIN-90100 OULU Finland
P: 359 8 5575 045

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