List of National Resources - France

ChildIN It is a project that provides specific combined training for caregivers of children with autism to support effective inclusion in France, Portugal and Poland. The partnership brings together training and certification providers, and provides appropriate skills, knowledge, effective strategies and more.
ARAPIIt is a platform that provides important information about autism, covering general and specific concepts. It has a blog where the most recent articles on related topics are published.
15 Rue Vauquelin
75005 Paris
Phone: 06 33 23 28 31
Association Autisme et Psychoses Infantile Ile de France52, Rue de Docteur Blanche F-75016 Paris France Phone: 33-1-45-258252
Association of Parents and Professionals for the Education, Development and Integration of People with Autism2, Rue Albert de Mun., Bat. 3 E-92190 Meudon France Phone: 33-46-230-523
Association EnvolBastilde Collombe F-83119 Brue Auriac France Phone: 33-16-94-80-93-23
Autism Auvergne33 route de Saint Genest F-63200 Riom France Phone: 33-73-38-88-54
Autism Bourbonnais"La Prat" Route d'Hauterive F-03700 Bellrive S/Allier France
Autism Loire4 Rue Andre Malraux F-42000 Saint Etienne France
Autism Poitou-CharentesLe Petit Chadignac F-17100 Saintes France
Federation Francaise Autisme Psychoses Infantile18 Rue Etex F-75018 Paris France Phone: 33-1-42-285809
Federation Sesame-Autisme53, rue ClissonF-75013 Paris France Phone: 33-1-44-24-50-00 Fax: 33-1-53-61-25-63
National Union of Associations of Parents and Friends of Mentally Handicapped PersonsRue Coysevox, 15 F-75008 Paris France Phone: 33-1-42-63-84-33 Fax: 33-1-42-63-08-45
Pro Aid Autisme19, rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris
Phone : 33-1-45-41-52-93
Fax : 33-1-45-41-52-93
Autisme 7578 rue de Dessous des Berges
75013 Paris
Phone: 33-1-45-84-29-59
Association Respir Bourgogne, services aux familles d'autistesRelais - Éducation - Service - Prestation - Individualisée - Réseau
Association loi 1901 agréée service à la personne
Siège : 16/18 rue Nodot - 21000 DIJON
Tél. 06 16 67 53 76
Autisme France1209 Chemin des Campelieres 06250 Mougins France
P: 33 0 493 460 177
F: 33 0 493 460 114

Documents of Interest - France

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