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Autism SpeaksAutism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout life, to the needs of people with autism and their families.
Marcus Autism CenterMarcus Autism Center is maximizing the potential of children with autism as one of the largest autism centers in the US and one of the five autism centers of excellence of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Marcus. Autism Center offers families access to the latest research, comprehensive tests, and science-based treatments.
Pathways Autism CenterThe entity is committed to maximizing outcomes and improving the lives of people with autism and developmental disorders through the provision of excellent evidence-based educational and behavioral services. Through continuous professional learning and continuous improvement, we will provide the highest quality services and turn research into practice.
The Rockdale County Autism Support Group
Autism Resources in Georgia
The Rockdale County Autism Support Group is a family-centered organization that aims to improve and empower the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families through a variety of community activities, awareness and education.
Autism Plan for GeorgiaThe Georgia State University Center for Disability Leadership was awarded the Georgia Autism Planning Grant in Fall 2011. Since then, this plan has been organized to address ten areas of activity that emerged from discussions with families, providers and policy makers; review of historical documents and related planning efforts in Georgia; the research literature; and review of autism plans from other states.
Parent to ParentParent to Parent of Georgia offers a variety of services to Georgia families affected by disabilities or special health care needs. They are a source of choice for the development of support, information, education and leadership for Georgians with disabilities or special health care needs, birth to 26 years, and their families.
The Matthew Reardon Center for Autism. For the love of childrenA unique organization in Savannah, Georgia, the Matthew Reardon Center for Autism offers preschool for all young children, including children with autism, and an accredited day school for children, adolescents, and young adults based on ABA throughout the year. Academies are innovative, evidence-based educational settings where every child is valued and loved. Additionally, the advocacy team serves special needs families and selfadvocates throughout Southeast Georgia.
The Emory Autism Center
The Emory Autism Center (EAC) is part of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University School of Medicine and the Emory Center for Brain Health. The program was launched in 1991 as a public, private and university collaboration. The goal is to produce and use knowledge, strategies and tools to improve the quality of life of each person served, while increasing the capacity for support within local
communities in Georgia
Autism Center for ChildrenThe Children's Autism Center offers the most important and impactful services for your child, family or clients: accurate identification and treatment of autism, at the first possible signs of detection, for the most immediate, profound and lasting improvement in their quality of life.
Chance light. Autism ServicesChance Light Autism Services offers the highest quality of intensive research-based behavioral treatment for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder. They provide comprehensive ABA services, using individualized treatment models designed to effectively fit your child's unique needs.
Autism Hope CenterIt is a non-profit organization serving the Chattahoochee Valley area that seeks to provide information and programs to improve the lives of children and families affected by autism. The Autism Hope Center uses its proceeds to provide family support grants for local families to receive consultations, specialized training, and community seminars on critical topics such as home respite care, life stage transitions, coordinating service agencies and effective parenting of children with special needs.
The Autism Learning CenterThe organization provides ABA center-based services and in-home ABA programs, standardized and criteria-based assessments, school-based consultations and trainings, research-based functional behavior assessments, social skills groups, and research-based play skills.
Spectrum Autism Support, Education & ResourcesSpectrum Autism Support Group was established in 1998 to provide support, education, and resources to individuals and families affected by autism. Support groups, summer day camps, night camps, social skills groups, respite, community training, and family events are offered for all ages and abilities.
Coastal Autism Therapy CenterCoastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. contracts with most insurance companies to provide ABA services to people with autism. They are dedicated to helping you determine if your insurance company provides coverage for ABA services.
Georgia Autism InitiativeIt is based on the coordination and delivery of services at the state level that improve the capacity of early intervention, family counseling and support, transition planning and provider training for infants and youth with ASD from birth to age 21 and their families collaboratively with doctors and district coordinators
Center for Disease Control and PreventionThe network aims to obtain as complete a count as possible of those identified with ASD and to track changes in prevalence, in order to provide information on the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder
Georgia Autism CenterThe center assists individuals and families of children and loved ones with an autism spectrum and other related neurodevelopmental disorders to receive proper diagnoses.
Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources in GeorgiaThe center provides a resource section for autism spectrum disorder in Georgia, where you can find frequently asked questions from parents, financial information, information on social-emotional development, among others.
Autism Center
This is a non-profit organization run by and for autistic people. Its activities include the promotion of public policies, the development of autistic cultural activities and leadership training for autistic self-advocates. They provide information on autism, the rights of persons with disabilities and changes in systems to the public through a number of different projects related to education, culture and advocacy.
National autism associationThe association's mission is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autistic community, providing a wide variety of services that include information on autism, a digital library, a toolkit among others.
Medicaid De GeorgiaThe Medicaid division will provide coverage for ASD services for people under the age of 21. ASD coverage is provided for assessment and treatment services based on severity and based on medical necessity.
Early autism servicesThey provide ABA therapy services to diverse communities around the world, their services include home and center-based ABA therapy, occupational, speech and language therapy, telehealth services, social skills groups, teens, and free apprenticeships. They have a highly qualified and certified staff.
Georgia - Applied ABCApplied ABC provides ABA and autism therapy services for individuals with autism. Applied Behavioral Counseling provides behavioral therapy in the home. The organization offers evaluations, treatment plan, behavior analyst, parenting trainings and much more.
Breakthrough BehaviorBreakthrough Behavior provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, speech therapy, and psychological testing services for children with autism and related disabilities. The team of behavior analysts, clinical psychologists, and speech pathologists work collaboratively at school, home, and clinic to provide the best possible treatment outcomes.
Key Autism ServicesProvides applied behavior analysis therapy services to bring about meaningful and positive change for individuals diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. They give people with autism the opportunity to learn, socialize, grow and have fun. They offer their services at home, at the center and at school not only in Colorado but also in Illinois, North Carolina, Georgia and Massachusetts.
Autism Learning PartnersProvides services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities including center-based, home-based ABA therapy, early intervention, diagnostic services, social skills program, parent involvement and training, speech, occupational and physical therapy , telehealth services, comprehensive ABA therapy, and focused ABA therapy.
Blue SprigThey are leading ABA therapy providers nationwide. The team includes highly-skilled board-certified behavior analysts and registered behavior technicians dedicated to offering personalized care. Services include home and center services, family counseling assistance, and ABA therapy. Accept most major insurance policies
We Rock the SpectrumRobert and Danielle, parents of a child with ASD, know that there is a deep need for a place where children of ALL abilities can play, learn and grow together in an inclusive environment. The gym includes Suspended equipment with swings, Protective mats and pillows, Zip line: to release stress and relax the joints and body, Trampoline, Indoor play structure, Sensory toys, Fine motor area and arts and crafts
Milestone AchievementsMilestone Achievements implements personalized plans structured just for your child's needs. In milestone you can choose the most comfortable and convenient place to receive your child's therapy, either at home or at school to improve the experience.
Dr. Rabia Subhani, Licensed PsychologistThe only psychological services currently offered are telehealth screenings for autism, for adults 18 and older, and psychological consultations. If you would like to make a telehealth appointment to assess the possibility and see if further evaluation is warranted, an initial intake can be scheduled. This interview lasts up to 1.5 hours. Please note: Clients must reside in or be present in Georgia, Florida, or any of the PSYPACT states for all sessions. If you choose to proceed with the assessment, then the Adult Autism Assessment Packet consists of a complete social/developmental history with assessment measures for the client (and others), as well as a feedback session with report/recommendations.
Proud MomentsProvides care for children diagnosed with autism at home, at school or on the premises. Therapists work directly on what matters most to your child's progress, including cognition, expression, self-help, self-control and social skills with a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan.
NACSNACS provides research-reliable diagnostic evaluations to individuals, their families, their teachers and support networks, and other clinicians and scientists seeking to better understand the autism spectrum and related neurodevelopmental disorders. NACS develops, teaches, practices, and advocates for state-of-the-art diagnostic assessments for people with autism spectrum and related neurodevelopmental disorders.
Marcus Autism CenterIt serves as a trusted resource for evidence-based information on autism diagnosis, research, and treatment. Specialized programs and services offer opportunities to improve family wellness and reduce stress. The center has a dedicated educational resource library and offers various tools for parents and families, including educational workshops, bilingual support groups for caregivers, parent resource tips, and access to sensory activities both within our center and in the community.
FOCUSFocus offers specialized childcare so parents can take a break. They also offer activities for parents to get to know each other. They host regular activities throughout the year for kids, teens, and families. They also provide a variety of summer camp programs for kids, teens, and young adults.
Easterseals North GeorgiaEasterseals North Georgia offers comprehensive early care and education programs, early intervention therapy and mental health services, family support initiatives, autism services, our foster grandparent program, and direct financial assistance through the Champions for Children program.
North Georgia Autism FoundationThe foundation provides autism spectrum disorder services in Fannin, Gilmer, Union Counties, and throughout North Georgia. Seeks to remove barriers and increase access to early clinical diagnosis, treatment services, professional development, and support throughout life for individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorder, other developmental disorders, and People with disabilities. Their programs encompass family support services including Care Navigation, Care Coordination, IEP-504 Assistance, Transition Services, Advocacy, Respite, Parenting Groups, Social Skills Groups, Autism Resource Guide, Camp Epworth - Summer Camp. On the other hand, it also offers professional career services.
Atlanta Autism CenterThe center provides comprehensive family-centered diagnostic and therapeutic services for children with autism spectrum disorder- These ASD services encompass initial diagnosis, ongoing management, assistance with communication and activities of daily living, medication management, ABA, physical, occupational, speech, feeding therapies and referral to specialty care as needed.
Georgia Race for AutismThe Georgia Race for Autism is a USATF-certified 5K and qualifier for the Peachtree Road Race. Race for Autism supports the SPECTRUM Autism Support Group to provide camps and clubs for those affected by autism in our community. Registration is currently open and the race will be on October 1, 2022.
ABLE KidsABLE Kids provides treatment services for children with autism throughout Georgia. They primarily serve children between the ages of 2 and 6 years diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, who require more than 30 hours per week of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. They also offer occupational therapy and speech therapy for children enrolled in our ABA services.
Children's Autism Assessment CenterThe center offers standard neurodevelopmental diagnostic evaluations for autism spectrum disorder and provides personalized recommendations and resources to meet one's needs. Evaluations include 3 appointments: an intake appointment (1 hour), a test appointment (ranging from 1 hour to 4 hours), and a feedback appointment. CAAC also provides consultation services to manage your child's challenging behaviors, eating problems, sleep difficulties or toileting delays.
North georgia autism center They provide a wide range of services and solutions to facilitate change. Their services encompass one-on-one therapy, early intervention, parent training. It also includes specialized services such as Verbal Behavior and Communication Toilet Trining, Sensory Integration, Social Skills Groups.
By Your Side. Autism Therapy ServicesAutism therapy services are dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals / families on the autism spectrum. They offer a multidisciplinary program that includes ABA, occupational and speech and language therapies, along with family services with a comprehensive approach in a variety of settings: in the center, in the home and in the community.
Hidden Talents ABAProvides treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder to improve communication, social, and coping skills. Hidden Talents ABA specializes in services for children from birth to 12 years of age developing individualized flans.
CABSCABS treatment ABA programs use a variety of assessment tools and consider family goals and individual factors. Its services encompass applied behavior analysis, early childhood services, the elementary school years, and services for adolescents and young adults.
Georgia Council on Developmental DisabilitiesThe Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities offers you many opportunities to stay informed. GCDD works with legislators and advocacy groups to influence and support public policies that foster positive change in the way education, housing, workplace/career and community life opportunities are available to people with developmental disabilities.
West Georgia Autism FoundationThe foundation serves families in the community who have autistic children or adults in the home and are struggling financially to provide vital services such as autism treatment, counseling, equine therapy and many others.
Laurel Heights Hospitaloffers treatment programs for children with general psychiatric difficulties and specialized mental health programs for children with co-occurring neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders. Psychiatric programs are available for boys and girls ages 6 and up.
Able Autism Therapy ServicesIt is a trusted provider of ABA therapy for children diagnosed with autism ages 18 and under providing therapy services in the Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Cumming, Suwanee, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, and Buford areas. Their services encompass ABA therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and more.
ElemyAt Elemy, they use ABA therapy to improve social, communication, and learning skills through positive reinforcement. They manage a personalized approach: they observe children at home, personalize each plan of care and provide families with the tools necessary for success.
The Arc Autism Now This website provides contact information for disability organizations, state health agencies, and parent training programs in the state of Georgia. It also provides an extensive list of web resources related to autism.
Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD)USF's Center for Autism and Related Disabilities is a community project that provides information and consultation to people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. CARD-USF offers instruction and coaching to families and professionals through a training and assistance model.
Georgia Behavior AssociatesGBA provides newer and more effective developmental therapies to children with autism and related disabilities. It is used as a complementary program at home. ABA therapy is based on the work of renowned scientists such as BF Skinner, Greenspan, Lovaas, Sundberg, and many others. In addition to ABA therapy, she also provides family training services.
Children's Healthcare of AtlantaIt is one of the leading institutions in the US for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) research and clinical care, treating more than 5,000 children each year.
Trusty BehavioralProvides people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Georgia with the treatment they need. Provides services in a variety of settings for children ages 2-21 with a focus on reducing challenging behaviors and teaching new skills. They also offer services for adults.
Village Autism CenterThe center has a team of highly-skilled therapists who work with your child to improve language, coping skills, and social skills in the clinic, home, or school. They offer 1:1 therapy and consultation with parents in their home. All services at Village Autism Center are based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) placed within a developmental framework.
Mosaic Autism ServicesThe agency is dedicated to providing individualized behavior analysis services to your child in order to help your child become the best version of themselves.
Apollo BehaviorApollo Behavior is a behavioral health center of excellence helping children with autism reach their full potential. Services include personalized ABA therapy, Insurance-covered care, Life skills development, and Creative and stimulating activities.
Goal Point BehaviorProvides ABA therapy for children with ASDs and related developmental delays. Their services also include telehealth, valuable resources for parents, and important trainings for caregivers.
Georgia AquariumThe Georgia Aquarium has become the first aquarium designated as a Certified Autism Center. Services such as expedited tickets, sensory bags, designated quiet areas and social history are available at the aquarium to make your visit to the aquarium more enjoyable.
Georgia Neurobehavioral AssociatesGeorgia Neurobehavioral Associates uses comprehensive assessment, support, and treatment methods that address the biopsychosocial needs of children, adolescents, and adults throughout the developmental lifespan. The multidisciplinary team is comprised of licensed psychologists, board-certified behavior analysts, licensed professional counselors, certified school psychologists, and a board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of AD/HD, autism spectrum disorders, disabilities. Specific to learning, trauma, anxiety, Depression, PTSD and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in children, youth and adults.
Thomasville Autism CenterThe center provides a variety of social skills and support groups designed to create the most effective and comprehensive treatment possible. It has sensory, accessible and inclusive events for families of people affected by disabilities and special needs.
Atlanta Integrative & Internal MedicineAtlanta Integrative and Internal Medicine is a fully integrated medical practice offering holistic and alternative medicine as well as conventional medicine. The use of biomedical interventions in an individual on the autism spectrum disorder has variable responses in different individuals and is only one of many considerations of their care.

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Disclaimer: The resources posted on Ability Life Solutions are meant solely as suggestions and should not be construed as child-specific advice. The Center For Autism and Related Disorders recommends working with a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) who has experience with autism before starting any intensive behavioral intervention. Any choices you make in determining your child’s treatment are completely at your own discretion.

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