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Greek Society for the Protection of Autistic People
The society's purpose is to work for the rights of persons with autism syndrome and related conditions in which autistic elements predominate and determine the needs for daily living, education, treatment and lifelong protection.
Athens 2 St.
105 51 Athens
Phone: 30-210-321-6550
Fax: 30-210-321-6549
Transforming educational practice in autismTransforming educational practice in autism improves the skills, knowledge and understanding of teachers in the UK, Italy and Greece. It is a research and development project that promotes equity and inclusion in autism education by teachers and other school staff working with children aged 5-10 years.
Donia Fahim Donia Fahim is an autism specialist and speech and language therapist who assists children with special needs and their families by providing essential knowledge about autism and how it is diagnosed, helping the family understand the variety of social communication behaviors they may observe, treatments and interventions that address their child's specific communication and related needs, among other services.
GRACE FoundationThe GRACE Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to supporting, educating and improving the quality of life for children/adults and their families affected by autism spectrum disorder. Services include recreational respite, site-based respite, social skills, community habilitation, day habilitation and in-home respite.
Autism - Asperger HellasIt is an informative website about autism that deals with topics such as the general definition of autism, pervasive developmental disorders of autism, causes, general and specific characteristics, diagnosis, family guide, among others.
Childhood and Adolescence CenterThe Chios Child and Adolescent Center provides services to all ages and disorders in the fields of mental health and special education. These services are divided into 3 categories: to address the difficulties of adolescent children, adults and families, for specialized services to adults with mental difficulties and for mental health care services in the community for residents of the prefectures of Chios, Psara and Oinoussa. The services provided by the Center for Children and Adolescents in Athens support the needs of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders which are divided into specialized services for adolescents and young adults (15 to 22 years old) with ASD, medium and low functioning, and on the other hand, specialized services for people with Autism older than 5 years old.
M.A.M.A Caring for People with AutismCaring for People with Autism is an association of parents, guardians and friends of people on the autism spectrum whose purpose is to work to ensure their equal rights in life and at the same time support their family environment. The club currently has 31 beneficiaries, including students from special education schools, special high schools and lyceums, special professional workshops and students from formal education schools with parallel support.
Race For Autism GrRace for Autism Gr was created to inform and raise public awareness about autism spectrum disorders, as well as about the needs of autistic people and their families. The aim is to promote and support employment and reception structures for people with autism, as well as the organization of sporting events and competitions, the holding of conferences and information, training and awareness days on autism.
Association of Parents and Friends of the Autistic Child "Espoir"P.O. Box 48 57013 Oreokastvo Thessaloniki Greece Phone: 30-31-697-614 Fax: 30-31-696-460
Autism - Asperger HellasAlatsaton 29 – Vyronas 16232 Athens, Greece E-mail: By phone: (0030) 210-6728181 (0030) 210-6728182 (0030) 210-7627420
By fax: (0030) 210-6728182, (0030) 210-7626742
Society for the Protection of People with Autism & P.D.D. of the Prefecture of KastoriaKoritsas 9 St. 52 100 Kastoria Greece
P: 0030 24670 24636

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