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Friends of autismThis foundation created by the lack of adequate support for the autistic community in Iran, seeks to increase knowledge and generate public awareness about this disorder. The foundation provides general and also specialized educational services related to autism, in addition to cooperating with different organizations to establish and modify rules associated with autism, among others.
Ordibehesht autism treatment and rehabilitation centerThe center has access to the latest autism treatment and rehabilitation findings from around the world. It has information therapy units, occupational therapy room, speech therapy and playground with the use of all medical and educational facilities. It is a recognized center not only throughout the country but also internationally by different countries.
Challenges of access and use of rehabilitation services in people with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic reviewOne of the essential needs of patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families are rehabilitation services to improve the performance of patients in social interactions and communication. However, accessing and using these services poses many challenges for ASD patients and service providers. This study systematically reviews the challenges of accessing and using rehabilitation services for patients with ASD.
The Rosha Rehabilitation CenterThe Rosha Rehabilitation Center aims to improve the level of empowerment of people with the use of knowledge, experience and collective wisdom and to have rehabilitation and education teams to provide services in both occupational therapy and speech therapy to children and adults.
Isfahan Parnian Autism Rehabilitation and Education CenterIsfahan Parnian Autism Rehabilitation and Education Center was established in October 2000. The activities of Isfahan Parnian Autism Center are as follows: Department of Occupational Therapy, Music Section, Speech Therapy, Massage Therapy, Gymnastics, Education information technology, Therapeutic theater, Vocational training, Group intervention and Conducting family education sessions.
Iran Autism VideosIt is a platform that has a wide variety of videos related to autism in Iran.
TreattaThe first specialized health system in Iran, it seeks to produce valuable content in the fields of science and technology, biology, medicine and lifestyle. With the mission is to improve the health of the community, they offer a section where they offer complete information about autism, treatments and symptoms.
Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening Program in East Azerbaijan ProvinceHere different questions are raised that seek to determine the feasibility and validity of a screening program
What is autism and what are its causes and symptoms?This is a blog that talks about what autism is, as well as signs, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatments related to the disorder.
To better understand autism and its causes and symptomsThis is a blog that talks about what autism is, as well as signs, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatments related to the disorder.
Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling Services CenterCenter for Rehabilitation and Psychology Counseling Services offers an article on the growing statistics of autism disorder in Iran. The Director General of Welfare of Kerman Province expresses his concern over the growth of autism disorder statistics in Iran, saying that Conducting such programs and addressing issues related to autism disorder may increase the demands and the awareness of families in this field.
Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Clinic Mr. Mehdi SaberThe center's service area includes treatment of children with autism, cerebral palsy, hyperactivity and ADHD, learning disabilities, genetic syndromes, motor delay, speech delay, pediatric orthopedic disorders and more.
Arne CenterWithin the objectives of Arne Center is the applied development of neuroscience and behavior in various social, economic and industrial sectors, the planning to carry out applied research in the field of mental health and neuroscience, as well as the organization of research activities to identify the causes of mental and behavioral disorders, among others.
Ardibehesht Autism Treatment and Rehabilitation Center The center provides services to all families and individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The treatment method of this center is based on international standards in the field of autism treatment and rehabilitation in a completely individualized manner carried out by professionals.
Center for Autism Rehabilitation and Education The Parnian Autism Rehabilitation and Education Center in Isfahan offers various activities including occupational therapy, speech therapy, massage, gymnastics, computer education, group intervention, education and family services, among other services.
Iran Autism Charitable AssociationIt is a non-governmental, non-profit, educational, support and rehabilitation organization for autism spectrum disorders in Iran, which was established in 2013 with the aim of improving the quality of life of people with autism and their families. by a group of enthusiasts, professionals, benefactors and families.
Rosha Rehabilitation ClinicRosha Rehabilitation Center aims to provide its services in the two fields of occupational therapy and speech therapy to children and adults by taking advantage of the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom and having rehabilitation and educational equipment. They offer services in occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and counseling, technological treatments, sensory room, treatment of common disorders in children, play therapy-group therapy and adult rehabilitation.

Documents of Interest - Iran

Omid Early intervention program for children with AutismThis program is called "Omid Early intervention program for children with Autism". It is based on the social model of service provision, consists of four phases and tries to establish a good parent-professional relationship by visiting children in their natural environment, context and involving parents in the intervention process.
Transformative role of families with children with autism spectrum disorder versus families with healthy childrenThe purpose of this study was to determine the developmental abilities of families of children with autism and to compare their strengths and weaknesses with the developmental abilities of families of healthy children. Among the results, it was found that in all dimensions of development, the mean scores of the transformational function of the family of children with autism were lower than the mean scores of the family of children considered normal.
Autism indicators in Iranian childrenThis is an article published on March 6, 2013, which summarizes some of the findings of two studies carried out in Iran that identified the elements that best discriminate children who had a diagnosis of autism.
Research on autism in Iran: a scientometric studyThis study published on October 2, 2016, reveals that some topics such as prevalence, causes, services, lifespan and infrastructures (all around autism) have not been studied enough in Iran. This is why the study reveals the scarcity of research sources in this field, among other things.
Iranian Journal of Child NeurologyThis magazine has articles on different fields of neurology, including neurodevelopmental delay. In this case, the article of this survey was published on April 1, 2019, where it is explained that the survey was applied to the staff of 4 hospitals in Iran and it was revealed that, to date, there are misconceptions about ASD with regarding its characteristics of different kinds and it is exposed on the need that both pediatricians and hospitals should be educated through the national program
Journal of Autism and Developmental DisordersThis journal on autism and developmental disorders is active from 1997 to date, has more than 20 editions and has more than 6000 related articles. The website has a subscription section and has open access articles.
Iranian Journal of psychiatryWith the aim of acting as an international forum for the dissemination of science, the journal publishes articles in English of high scientific quality in areas such as psychopathology, biological psychiatry, intercultural psychiatry, psychopharmacology, social and community psychiatry, epidemiology, children and adolescents, psychiatry, psychotherapy, neuropsychiatry, psychology, spiritual therapy, as well as animal studies in psychiatry and psychology.
Tools to identify autism spectrum disorders: a systematic study.The results of this study showed that among the tools designed for autism spectrum disorders, 6 screening tools, 8 diagnostic tools, 2 tools native to Iran, and 34 tools related to normalization results in other countries, of which 10 articles were related to the standardization of tools in Iran.
What is autism? The most complete information on the cause, symptoms, and treatment of autismIn this blog he has tried to write a complete article to investigate the cause of this disease and its symptoms. Also, at the end of the article, she will become familiar with the types of treatment strategies and the types of medications that are suitable for treating the disease.
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