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Israeli Association for Mental HealthIt is a leading Israeli organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of people facing mental disabilities with services that include assistance in the areas of housing, employment, society, leisure and counseling for families.
Israel GivesIsraelGives is Israel's most trusted website providing online fundraising tools and technology via checks, bank transfers, shares or donations to more than 2400 non-profit organizations worldwide.
National Association for Children and Adults with AutismThe National Association for Children and Adults with Autism promotes rights, fosters knowledge and research in the field of autism, offering various services of operation, education and rehabilitation for the person with autism and their family.
MAKE-A-WISH Israel.It is a part of an international organization founded in the US that aims to fulfill the wishes of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who are battling a life-threatening disease.
Volunteering in IsraelIt is a portal that functions as an essential tool for volunteers from all over the world. This portal is continuously updated, and the information displayed there includes information on different volunteer organizations in Israel and abroad, the need or opportunities for volunteers, the different types of volunteering, codes of ethics, forums, news, events, honors and recognitions.
Soroka medical center. Feeling secure.It is a research center for Autism is composed of scientists from Ben Gurion University and doctors from Soroka Medical Center and other developmental disorders in the southern district of Israel. It contains an information base of data that includes a wide variety of clinical, behavioral, genetic, neuroimaging, and other measures.
David & Laura. Merage FoundationOne of the main objectives of the foundation is to contribute to a society where the mental health and criminal justice systems are unraveled and laws are enacted to guarantee equitable treatment for people suffering from mental illness, this addresses complex social problems and accelerates solutions. durable.
Organizations that provide services for the disabledIt is a list of organizations in Israel that provide services and support for children and adults with specific disabilities, including but not limited to Hearing, Vision, Developmental Disability, Learning Disability, Physical Disability, and Mental Health.
AlehAleh is the largest network in Israel offering a range of services in the fields of housing, education and rehabilitation for people with developmental mental disabilities, medical complexities, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, ty-zacks, autism, complications caused by a brain tumor or accident, visual and movement. limitations, breathing difficulties and more.
International Rehabilitation CenterInternational Rehabilitation Center offers rehabilitation treatments to children from all over the world at the center in Ra'anana, Israel. Children who can benefit from the programs are infants and toddlers with a variety of moderate to severe disabilities, including cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, and other developmental disabilities.
ChimesChimes runs six early intervention centers across Israel, which focus on cognitive, motor, and emotional empowerment and communication therapy for infants and toddlers ages six months to three years who have developmental delays, autism, illnesses, and syndromes. genetic.
Friendship CircleFriendship Circle aims to provide children and adolescents with autism and other special needs and their families with many of the social and recreational opportunities that are available to the wider community. They offer programs called friends at home, friendship area, friend baseball, Bat Mitzvah circle, summer camp, Chabat and Chagim dinners, seasonal events and volunteer training and events.
Jerusalem Variety Center JVC aims to allow children with special needs and their families equal opportunities in the future, through educational and social activities, and financial support. It offers treatment and support under one roof to children ages 1 to 21 living in and around Jerusalem.
KishoritKishorit is a lifetime home for adults with special needs in the Western Galilee. The Kishorit framework provides members with employment opportunities, leisure activities, private housing, supervision and medical care, nursing care when needed, and opportunities for integration into the wider community.
LOTEMLOTEM is the leading organization in Israel that offers accessible walks and activities of an educational nature throughout the country for children and adults with special needs. These include people with visual and hearing impairments, physical, intellectual and emotional challenges, and children on the autism spectrum. They also include youth at risk and mothers and children residing in shelters for victims of domestic violence.
ShalvaShalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of People with Disabilities, is dedicated to providing care and offering a wide range of services for thousands of people with disabilities from infancy to adulthood and their families. Among the programs offered are early intervention, inclusive education, rehabilitation recreation, sports and wellness, oral health for all, family support, adult programs, professional training, among others.
ShekelIt is a leading association that is dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities in the community in service that encompasses the areas of community housing, rehabilitation employment, culture and leisure, care, counseling and accessibility. They serve people with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, and people with nursing needs.
ShutafShutaf's inclusion programs in Jerusalem offer year-round activities for children, adolescents and young adults, with and without disabilities. Shutaf is committed to quality services for all participants of all abilities, regardless of labels, financial limitations, cultural and religious differences, offering annual camps, employment programs, and other programs.
SulamIt is a non-profit organization that provides educational and therapeutic services to Israeli children ages 6 months to 17 years with a variety of challenges including intellectual and learning disabilities, motor dysfunction, developmental and emotional delays, autism spectrum disorder (ASD ) and Down syndrome.
Israel’s First National Autism Database LaunchesThe center aims to promote better diagnosis and treatment of autism in Israel by creating a research infrastructure that serves researchers in universities, medical centers and industry. The database includes a variety of measures including behavioral assessments, audio and video recordings, interviews and questionnaires, medical and birth records, MRIs, genetic evaluations, and biological samples that allow researchers to connect findings from multiple disciplines.
International Journal of Mental HealthThe International Journal of Mental Health features in-depth articles on research, clinical practice, and the organization and delivery of mental health services around the world. Spanning both developed and developing countries, it provides vital information on important new ideas and trends in community mental health, social psychiatry, psychiatric epidemiology, psychosocial prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.
Keren ShalemThe foundation assists with grants, advice and thought to promote the quality of life in the community of a person with a developmental mental disability in the community throughout his or her life. The foundation is dedicated to the physical development of community frameworks related to all areas of life, as well as encouraging and supporting innovative initiatives, developing training programs for professionals, assisting in artistic productions by people with intellectual disabilities, fostering informational activities among diverse target audiences and developing knowledge through research grants and professional conferences.
The Mifne CenterThe Mifne Center serves infants diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders from all over Isreal and the world using a unique approach. It offers intensive short-term treatment for autism in infants up to two years of age in the family context. The treatment program focuses on physical, sensory, motor, emotional and cognitive components.
Autism SwimIs an international social enterprise of experts specializing in the prevention of wandering and drowning for people with ASD and other abilities. The company combines the expertise of autism specialists, behavior specialists, occupational therapists, and swim instructors to achieve the best possible results for the people they support.
ALUTIt is the leading organization in Israel for diagnosis, treatment, representation and research in the field of autism. It is the only organization in Israel that provides a range of services for people with autism of all ages throughout the country. Programs include summer and vacation camps, autism centers, family centers, occupational centers, lifelong homes and day centers.
Yad L'OlimThis guide will provide you with clear information on how to obtain a proper diagnosis, and help you understand and access your rights and benefits.
BeineinuA support group for mothers of children on the autism spectrum, with ADD ADHD, OCD, ODD, etc. A place to share information and personal accounts about doctors, clinics, treatments, organizations, funding resources and more.
NasenThe National Association for Special Educational Needs (nasen) is a membership charity that exists to support and advocate for those working with and for children and young people with SEND and learning differences. The project aims to promote research into mindfulness in autism, provide a free resource to develop mindfulness skills in autistic children and young people, as well as providing a free online training course on mindfulness in autism.
Get Help IsraelGet Help Israel is the Association of Mental Health Professionals in Israel, has a dual purpose. For clients seeking English-speaking mental health service providers, they are a trusted resource that helps clients access the best services for their mental health needs. For English-speaking mental health professionals (including immigrant and veteran therapists) they provide a formal and friendly framework that seeks to promote professional development opportunities in English and provides support and guidance for maintaining ethical, legal, and competent mental health services.
Innovative technologyInnovative technology, currently under development by the SensPD corporation, that enables early objective identification of autism and Sensio Robotics' creative solution to prevent the spread of disease by mosquitoes. These two revolutionary developments, which have improved the lives of millions, began with the support of the Israel Innovation Authority.
Special SchoolsSpecial Schools
Jerusalem, Israel
1 Shalva Road POB 34449 Jerusalem, Israel 9134302
Phone: 972-2-651-9555
The Center for Autism Treatment and ResearchThe Autism Research and Treatment Center is Israel's oldest and leading agency in the treatment of children and adolescents with continuous autism from preschool to age 18. The center safeguards their rights, works for excellence and provides them with tailored and accessible professional care.
The Donald Berman Sulam Special Education Centers P.O.B. 18206 Jerusalem 9118102 Israel
P: 972 2 633 8431
F: 077 318 1792
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