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Associazione Italiana Per La Ricerca Sulla Psicosi E L'AutismoIt is the first association born in Italy to deal with the problem of autism. ARPA proposes to create services to promote cultural, social and political information on psychosis and autism. ARPA has developed its activities in the field of Research through a series of Seminars and Studies.
Via des Mascherino 90 I-00193 Roma Italy Phone: 39-6-628-0728
AIABA AIABA (Italian Association for the Assistance to Autistic Children) operates a non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of autism among the general public. The center diagnoses and treats children and adults on the autism spectrum and provides comprehensive treatment and care services, specialized care specific to each individual patient, collaboration with families, group tours, self-help support groups, collaboration with schools and social services.
The Trellis SchoolLocated in Sparks, Maryland, Trellis School is a non-public preschool, elementary, middle and high school for male and female students ages 2-21 in multi-grade classrooms. Educational disabilities served include intellectual disability, speech and language disability, other health impairment, and autism.
Autism ServiceAutismService offers personalized services including consultation; assessment; training and workshops; supervision; and evidence-based interventions aimed at improving and maintaining the quality of life for children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder; PDD; ADHD or syndromes such as Asperger's; Tourette's; Angel Man; or Rett. They provide their personalized services in different settings including the family home, the workplace, the school, the leisure club, the care center, among others.
Special Kids of RomeSKOR (Special Kids of Rome) is a self-help group that aims to support families of children with special educational needs and learning differences. Their website has different informative sections covering autism, attention deficit disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, gifted and talented students, learning disabilities and special education needs.
Communigate AutismSara Jamieson is a therapist who provides 4 types of services. The first of these is autism therapy providing individualized therapy that is adaptable to your needs as a family. The second service is an evaluation that provides individualized recommendations and strategies. The third service is the autism consultation service. These consultations can be a one-time session or recurring as part of a support package. This service is suitable for both parents and schools. And finally, autism training which provides tailored autism training packages for parents, schools and other professionals.
European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive EducationIt has a country information section for Italy on support systems and specialist provision and the development of inclusive education, learners with disabilities, learners with specific learning disabilities, other special educational needs and quality indicators for special education.
Autismo ItaliaIt is an informative blog about autism covering important and relevant topics. It has a Diagnostic Chat section, cases and studies, information and more.
Via Spartaco, 30 20135 Milano Italy
P: 39 0 2 5410 7499
F: 39 0 2 5410 4154
Associazione Nationale Geitori Soggetti AutisticiVia Rota 75 1-80068 Sorreno (NA) Italy Phone: 39-51-63-43-367
Associazione Per La Ricerrca Italiana Sulla Sindrome di Down, L'Autismo E Il Danno Cerebralec/o ANFFASVia Rasi, 14 I Bologna Italy Phone: 39-51-24-95-72
Autismo E PsicosiVia C. Bazzi, 68 1-20142 Milano Italy Phone: 39-2-846-3406
Fondazione Oltre Il Labirinto OnlusVia Botteniga, 8 – 31100 Treviso - Italia Tel: +39-345-5288675 Email:
Centro Supermentale per lo studi dell'autismoItaly Phone: 39-06-65-00-00-63 Email: Countries -J (back to top)
Associatione Parenti E Amici Psicottici E Autisticc/o Scuola "Amerigo Vespucci" Via Bolognese 238 I-50139 Firenze Italy Phone: 39-2-89-500-928

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