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The Children’s Autism FoundationThe Children's Autism Foundation was incorporated as a charitable foundation. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and has highly qualified and experienced professionals for specific programs, as well as a team of active volunteers. Its family-centered programs are unique among service providers and complement services provided by other agencies.
ArohanuiArohanui is a school dedicated to meeting the unique learning needs of students ages 5-21 in the West Auckland area. They have 28 classes located at 13 sites. These include satellite classes for elementary and middle school students, high school options, and a transition center for students 18 and older. In addition, they have an outreach service that supports ORS-funded students in mainstream schools.
Mt Richmond Special SchoolMt Richmond Special School reflects the rich diversity found in many New Zealand schools. Mt Richmond students also have a wide range of intellectual, social, emotional, physical, sensory, mental health, and behavioral needs. A young person of any cultural background who lacks a sense of self-worth is vulnerable to a number of social, psychological and learning problems.
Parkside SchoolParkside School is located in Pukekohe, 45 minutes south of Auckland Central City and has a roster of approximately 130 students. Parkside School is nationally recognized for working with students who fall into the general categories of profound, severe, and moderate disabilities. Its curriculum is designed to respond to the needs of an individual student in a holistic way.
Rosehill SchoolRosehill is a vibrant, improvement-focused specialty school for students ages 5-21 with specific learning needs. As students move up through school, they work to ensure they learn the skills and attitudes they need to be successful at home, in school and in the community, to progress within the New Zealand curriculum, and to be successful. when they leave school.
Sir Keith Parsk. Special SchoolAt school the students are young people with intellectual disabilities, communication and hearing problems; visual impairments, physical impairments; and / or multiple and complex disabilities. Most of the students are verified under the Continuing Resources scheme (ORS). The Ongoing Resource Plan allows for the use of specialists to work with the teaching staff to provide counseling, tailored programs, therapies, and resources designed to meet the unique learning needs of students.

Sommerville SchoolSommerville is a school for students with special educational needs. They support students with their learning between the ages of 5 and 21 at 15 sites in the eastern suburbs of Auckland. The base school in Panmure is "Mothership", with 17 satellite classes in local elementary, middle and high schools from Glendowie to Owairoa in Howick.
Wairau Valley Special SchoolWairau Valley Special School is a state school that serves the learning and caring needs of students with intellectual and physical disabilities between the ages of 5-21, from diverse and dynamic multicultural backgrounds. The school takes a holistic approach to learning, supported by professionals including teachers, therapists, specialists, support staff, and outside agencies.
Wilson SchoolWilson School serves students between the ages of 5 and 21 from all over Auckland's North Shore. All students are funded by the Ministry of Education through the Continuing Resource Plan (ORS) for Special Education. The main base school is in Takapuna, with satellite classes at the host schools: Bayswater Primary, Manuka Primary, Windy Ridge Primary, Albany Junior High School, and Glenfield College. They also have an outreach service for students enrolled in ordinary school who require the support of a specialist teacher.
Patricia Avenue SchoolPatricia Avenue School is a specialized school for children and youth with intellectual disabilities for students between the ages of 5 and 21. The base school is on Patricia Avenue in Hamilton East, although more than half of our students are in satellite classes. They have elementary students learning at Melville Primary, Silverdale Normal, and Woodstock Primary schools, intermediate students at Marian School, Fairfield Intermediate, and Cambridge Middle School; high school students at Melville High School and Te Awamutu College and a tertiary group of students learning in a community setting on Clifton Road in the CBD.
Goldfields SchoolWe are an innovative and inclusive school for students with special needs ages 5-21. They have a supportive whanau and a very dedicated and knowledgeable team of teachers, teacher assistants, and therapists, who build strong relationships with students and the wider community. Students receive differentiated learning programs in a caring and future-focused environment.
Fairhaven SchoolThe team of dedicated and professional support staff, teachers, and specialists work together to design quality educational programs for students with special learning needs. They teach the New Zealand curriculum with a focus on key competencies, to provide a holistic program that focuses on the individual needs of each student.
Kōwhai Special SchoolKōwhai Special School in Hastings is an innovative and inclusive school for special needs students ages 5-21. Students receive differentiated learning programs in a caring and future-focused environment. The school curriculum is based on the New Zealand curriculum with a particular focus on developing key competencies. All students have individual goals to ensure that teaching and therapy programs meet their specific needs.
ArahungaSpecialized counselors and therapists provide a variety of specialized services to ORS verified students enrolled at Arahunga or its funding schools. These services include: Special Education Counselors, Early Intervention Services, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Music Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Psychology.
Kimi Ora SchoolKimi Ora School is a special needs school that enrolls students from the Wellington region. It is a school that serves a wide range of students from 5 to 21 years old with high and very complex special needs. On-site speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and music therapy, on-site, add an additional dimension to your child's education.
Allenvale SchoolAllenvale School provides specialized education for students ages 5-21 funded by ORS in Northwest Christchurch and consists of a base school in Bryndwr, satellite schools at Ashgrove School in Rangiora, Wairakei School in Bryndwr and a transition center located in Papanui . Specialized services at Allenvale School include: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and psychology
Waitaha SchoolWaitaha School is a state funded specialized school. They offer educational programs for school students with special needs ages 5-21. They are an accredited grant holder for students from ORS verified special needs schools; serve students who have a variety of disabilities and learning needs.
Salisbury SchoolSalisbury School is proud to be the only specialized school in New Zealand offering boarding and apprenticeships for girls with complex learning and social needs. His students are between 8 and 15 years old, being between 3 and 10 years old.
Halswell Residential CollegeHalswell Residential College is an intervention for students with intellectual disabilities and complex behaviors. Facilities, specialized curricula, and highly trained professionals support students within a therapeutic environment, designed to help them develop their full potential.

Autism Nez ZealandAutism New Zealand has continuously worked with the community to offer thousands of educational programs that increase public understanding of autism. They help autistic people and those in their support network learn about autism and find the supports and services they would like to access.
Altogether AutismIt is a service provided through Parent to Parent and is for people with ASD, their families, whanau and the New Zealand community in general. They have a team of volunteer counselors and support parents who provide information and advice. They also provide evidence-based information and clinical advice through a clinical psychologist and team of experts and maintain a database of service providers to help you link to services and information.
Children’s Autism FoundationThe Children's Autism Foundation (CAF) offers information, support services and education including: Family Outreach (direct support to families by an experienced family consultant), Workshops on topics such as Understanding Autism, Anxiety Management, Problems sensory, Social and friendship skills, Communication, Change and transitions and Behavioral strategies. Recreational and Social Skills Programs CAF also provides professional development through the A.S.K (Autism Spectrum Knowledge) program to all professionals who interact with children with autism, from support workers to teachers, ECEs and health workers.
CCS DisabilityCCS Disability Action is the largest advocacy and support organization for people with disabilities in New Zealand. We have a long and proud history of working in partnership with people with disabilities, families, and whānau to provide dedicated and flexible support services.
Cloud 9 Children’s FoundationWe are a support organization working nationally and regionally in New Zealand to help children and adolescents who have Asperger syndrome. The goal is to help those who help children with Asperger syndrome, such as the child's family and caregivers, teachers, and professionals. They carry out programs and activities aimed at raising the profile of Asperger syndrome in the community, as well as helping children in their daily social interaction with others.
SPELDSPELD NZ is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping people with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities. For more than 50 years, they have helped thousands of New Zealand children and adults across the country.
The Families Autism and Behavior Support TrustThe Families Autism and Behavior Support Trust, we call it the FAST Trust, was established in July 2010 to support families in the greater Waikato region who have a child with an autism spectrum disorder or related disorder. . The Trust's initial focus was to help families with the costs associated with having clinics run by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) and paying salaries to therapists who work with children in the home.
Child Development CentreChild Development Center is a child-centered and family-focused service for children who have, or are suspected of having, developmental problems such as: developmental delay or intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, neurological conditions, p. ex. cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorders, dyspraxia, syndromes and / or behavior problems associated with developmental delay, neurodegenerative disorders, delayed motor ability.
Recreate NZRecreate NZ offers programs in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Christchurch for youth with disabilities. From biking the Otago Railroad to a night out for dinner and a movie. It is a youth organization that believes in youth who support youth.
Safe for ChildrenThey provide a full range of services, plus the most up-to-date training on behavioral counseling, child protection, child health and safety, and more. From schools and early learning centers to extracurricular providers, vacation programs, sports clubs, community centers, health, NGOs, parents and more, they offer an independent service to people who are serious about the safety and well-being of children. on the page you will find a directory of a series of partner foundations that work with ADHD and autism, among others.
Autism Bay of PlentyThey provide information, education, advocacy, and support on all aspects of autism / Asperger syndrome and related disorders. This service is provided at home, in schools, in workplaces, and anywhere else it is needed.
TaikuratrustThey are a non-profit organization and have been around since 2002. They work with more than 11,000 disabled people and their families throughout Auckland. His clients are under the age of 65 and work with a physical, intellectual, sensory disability or an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Special Education Online (SEOnline)The site is for early childhood educators and school children or youth with special educational needs. Supports early childhood and school educators who work with children and youth with special educational needs.
Parent to ParentThey connect new families with specially trained volunteer support parents who have a family member with the same or similar disability as their child. They run programs to help siblings thrive in their own unique family environment. The dedicated research team provides free information to families and those involved in caring for a family, on nearly 4,000 conditions, from the rarest to the most common.
Cure KidsCure Kids funds children's health research to help improve, extend, and save the lives of Kiwi children. We focus on fundraising to enable New Zealand-based high-impact medical research to help save, extend and improve the lives of children diagnosed with serious health conditions that control and limit life. Funding from Cure Kids supports New Zealand researchers work focusing on childhood cancers, inherited heart disease, epilepsy, infectious diseases, including cystic fibrosis, sudden unexpected death in infants (SUDI), stillbirths, burns and the mental health of children and adolescents, and many, many other areas of research.
Hohepa SchoolHohepa school is for children and young people from 7 to 21 years old who have very special requirements for their care and education. All of their students are on the Continuous and Reviewable Resource Scheme (ORRS), which funds additional support through therapy programs and teacher assistants to assist the teacher in the classroom. A special feature of the school is a 'Sensory Room', where students explore sensory experiences using technology-based programs designed specifically for an individual.
HohepaHohepa is a disability service provider, serving children with special needs and adults with intellectual disabilities, where respect, personal development and caring go hand in hand.
HealthCare New ZealandThe page provides reliable health, disability and wellness support in New Zealand. Health care services are comprehensive, including: home and community health, rehabilitation, nursing, mental health, and disability support, including a service for autism.
Taranaki Gifted Community TrustThey support students with advanced but complex learning needs, providing them with the intellectual and creative challenges they crave, while allowing them to learn with like-minded peers in a supportive environment. It is a charity advocating for the diverse and complex learning needs of children with high learning potential. We oversee the operation of various gifted programs in Taranaki and offer support and resources to families and schools. The Foundation offers a support function for families with gifted children, as well as professional development for teachers.
Autism ConnexAutism Connex is a non-profit organization that was started in 2014 by New Plymouth residents Pat and Theresa Tongi. the entity raises funds to establish a specially needed and specially designed Autism Center in New Plymouth. The multipurpose complex will allow Autism Connex to continue its current program for families and expand it to include additional services desperately needed in New Plymouth. Services such as sibling support, respite care, vocational services, vacation programs for children with special needs, sensory gyms, and sensory rooms.
Mental Health FoundationThe New Zealand Mental Health Foundation is a charity working to create a society free from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health and well-being. Improvement of individuals, whanau, organizations and communities, they also work with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Dance & Arts Theraphy NZDance Therapy NZ (DTNZ) is a registered charitable trust that provides mental health and disability services. DTNZ is comprised of experienced therapists trained in Dance Movement Therapy and / or Clinical Arts Therapy internationally and locally, therapists currently completing their training, professional dancers, and dance education experts who specialize in disability and dance. They have a particular focus on people with disabilities and special needs, but also work with at-risk tamariki from low-income backgrounds and people of all ages who are battling trauma.
Althogether Autism TakiwatangaTotally Autism ”He puna korero - He puna atawhai”, is an innovative disability information and counseling service throughout New Zealand that provides quality, evidence-based and timely information, support and professional development to autistic people, their families / whānau and professionals.
Autism ClinicThe Autism Clinic works to develop and evaluate best practice early interventions for young children with autism in New Zealand. Established in partnership with the Autism Intervention Trust, the Autism Clinic aims to bridge the gap between research into early intervention therapies and the practical use of this research.
Waimea CollegeWaimea College's Special Education Department began in 1989 with nine students. Today they have between 20 and 40 students enrolled. Its 5 classroom spaces include one specifically designed to meet the sensory needs of students on the autism spectrum. The Department is an integral part of the College and students have a variety of inclusion opportunities and specialized subjects and also enjoy the peer tutoring program and being a part of school-wide leadership initiatives.
NZRDAAt NZRDA, the goal is to make a positive difference in local New Zealand communities. They offer specialized therapeutic riding through a variety of personalized programs for people living with physical, intellectual, emotional and social challenges. All RDA groups are incorporated companies and are independently funded and managed. The NZRDA is the umbrella organization that offers standards, training, certification, and support.
The Champions CentreThe Champion Center provides multidisciplinary early intervention services to infants and toddlers with significant disabilities and their families in Canterbury. The program is offered in a center-based service model, in partnership with parents, and in accordance with international best practices. Children who attend the center have a wide range of special needs. These include Down syndrome, other genetic disorders, cerebral palsy, extreme prematurity, epilepsy, developmental dyspraxia, autism spectrum disorder, and brain injury.
Autism New Zealand,Canterbury BranchThe entity provides information, education and support to families and professionals who live and work with ASD, support groups, vacation programs for school-age children, activity groups. They also offer a wide range of information and support and we welcome any inquiries related to ASD, including diagnoses, other support agencies, education, and health issues.
IHC FoundationThe IHC Foundation funds a wide range of projects that benefit people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
Right Service Right TimeRight Service Right Time is an innovative, interagency collaboration that seeks to improve the well-being of children, youth, and their families / whānau. The goal is for every child / youth and her / whānau's family, whatever their circumstances, to get the right service at the right time. On the page there are a series of entities that work and care for children with different types of disabilities, among them autism.
Autism NZAutism New Zealand has continuously worked with the community to offer miles of educational programs that realized the public understanding of autism. They help autistic people and those in their support network learn about autism and find the supports and services they would like to access.

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Disclaimer: The resources posted on Ability Life Solutions are meant solely as suggestions and should not be construed as child-specific advice. The Center For Autism and Related Disorders recommends working with a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) who has experience with autism before starting any intensive behavioral intervention. Any choices you make in determining your child’s treatment are completely at your own discretion.

“For a number of years, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the Department of Rehabilitation, Tresha Allen was my liaison at New Horizon’s Supported Employment program. Ms. Allen and I worked together to assist individuals who wanted to find meaningful work through Supported Employment. Ms. Allen’s professionalism was consistent, reliable, and of the highest ethical standards. I can say without hesitation that it was a pleasure to work with such a competent and genuinely good person.”

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