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Autism NI Northem Ireland´s Autism charityAutism NI is a parent led partnership organization formed to promote positive collaboration between parents, professionals and autistic individuals and address the need for appropriate services. The Charity's mission to support parents and autistic individuals is core to its work and is based on individualized assessed need. The Charity is committed to promoting best practice, accessible to all irrespective of family circumstances.
Peat – Parents´Education as Autism TherapistsPEAT is a parent-led charity that provides practical behavior support to all families across Northern Ireland who wish to avail of behavior analytic intervention in their home environment. PEAT also provides training to organizations/agencies working directly with individuals with autism spectrum disorder.
NICVAIts goal is to establish and manage study groups across the country for children with ASD and related conditions who are unable to maintain regular school attendance due to anxiety.
Cedar Opportunity Choice InclusionSu objetivo es trabajar hacia una sociedad inclusiva para todos apoyando a las personas y familias que viven con discapacidades, autismo y lesiones cerebrales para que vivan la vida que elijan.
Western Health and Social Care TrustThe autism team provides support to children with autism and their families. They are a multidisciplinary team, which means that members have a variety of professional qualifications and experience in many areas, including Clinical Psychology, Community Pediatrics, Social Work, Speech and Language Therapy, Autism Practitioner, Occupational Therapy, and Health specialist visitors.
MencapEverything they do is about valuing and supporting people with learning disabilities, their families and caregivers. His vision is a world in which people with learning disabilities are equally valued, heard and included.
Disability ActionDisability Action is Northern Ireland's largest disability organization working with disabled people with various disabilities such as physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory disabilities, hidden disabilities and mental health disabilities. They work to promote, protect and defend the human rights of people with disabilities.
The Cedar FoundationThe Cedar Foundation supports children, youth, and adults living with disabilities, including physical, sensory, learning, autism, and brain injury to live the life of their choice.
Adam's Camp NISince the charity was founded in 2015, they have performed their specialized therapy programs 70 times, making a real and transformative impact in the autism community. Adam's Camp's mission is to realize the potential and develop the strengths of children and young adults by bringing individuals and families together with professionals and volunteers to collaboratively provide personalized intensive therapy, family support, and recreation in a camp environment.
Stepping StonesStepping Stones aims to support people with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, a learning disability or a learning disability to obtain meaningful employment and training and to foster the potential of people with disabilities to thrive in a socially inclusive society.
Abbots Cross Primary SchoolThe happy, family-oriented nature of your school community is supported by an excellent pastoral program. Staff members are trained to support children of all abilities: children with special gifts and talents, those on the autism spectrum, and those with specific learning needs, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia. Their students also have the support of a fully qualified school counselor and participation in the Hopeful Minds and Helping Hands programs.
Thornfield House SchoolAt Thornfield House School we work to create a happy, caring, safe and supportive school environment, offering a high quality educational offer that places our students at the heart of school life. They seek to promote the intellectual, moral, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students while developing their communication skills and maximizing their full potential. They are a regional school that accepts students from all over and we specialize in addressing specific language problems.
Hill Croft SchoolThey provide exciting learning opportunities for children and youth facing severe learning challenges ages 3-19. Offers educational opportunities in the Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Post 16 phases. Students with the most complex needs use 'Quest' to awaken, develop and refine their senses, promote motor skills and early communication and interaction with others.
MindsumIt is a technology-driven social enterprise. Its mission is to provide quality and accessible mental health services to children and youth. Supported Mental Health Conditions are Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, Conduct Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Autism and Mental Health, Anxiety, Anorexia Nervosa and ADHD, and Mental Health.
Inspire. Wellbering, ability, recoveryAt Inspire we work alongside people living with mental illness, intellectual disability, autism, and addictions to ensure that they live with dignity and fulfill their full potential. To achieve this, they want to develop a culture of comparison, creating a stigma-free society that focuses on people and their abilities.
SENACSENAC advises on the SEN Northern Ireland legal system. Provides information and advice on how to get help and support at school for children with learning difficulties and special educational needs (SEN).
CAANI Child and Adolescent Assessments Northern IrelandProvides rapid diagnostic evaluations according to best practice standards for children and youth (up to age 18) when there are concerns about possible attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). including Asperger's syndrome). They also offer medico-legal evaluations on child and adolescent psychiatry.
Music Therapy Connections NIThe organization offers professional music therapy services for people of all ages and abilities throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland. Its intention is to offer the highest quality of service, to continue improving the quality of life of those who need it. Music therapy and autism is a particular area in which they have specific expertise. Music therapy is known to help with basic social skills, establish relationships and interactions with peers, encourage interactive play, develop self-awareness, foster a sense of belonging, and enhance self-esteem.
Therapy Foundations for EducationTherapy Foundations is a service that provides occupational therapy and educational support to enable children to become more confident and successful with the skills they need to help them play better, perform better at home and at school, and to communicate and develop social skills. The main objective is to identify, when possible, the causes of the child's difficulty. By laying the groundwork for a child's difficulties, helping parents and other professionals understand the child's needs, and intervening with an appropriate program that will directly relate to the area in which the child is struggling.
Roddensvale SchoolAt Roddensvale School they are currently using an approach called attention autism. It starts at a level where kids can't go wrong. They are provided with an irresistible invention to learn. Children move slowly through the levels of attention and learn as part of a group. Their goal is to develop attention skills gradually over several weeks, starting with a scenario in which the child only has to focus on one activity: watching the adult show them a fantastic and interesting activity. The activities are structured to attract attention first and then maintain attention, before moving on to interactive and turn-based activities.
SólásSólás is a special needs charity which supports children and young people with a broad range of additional needs including autism and ASD. They have various programs for social development, educational support, and parenting support. As part of their social development program, they facilitate a variety of after-school, weekend, and summer activity plan initiatives for children and youth with ASD.
SpectrumSpectrum is a source for news and expert opinion on autism research. They provide comprehensive news and analysis of advances in autism research.
Specialisterne NISpecialisterne NI is a specialized consultancy that recruits and supports talented autistic individuals with a diagnosis of Autism, Asperger's, or who have a communication gap in the workplace. Specialisterne's expertise helps employers recruit and retain people with communication differences in the workplace and develop diverse and effective teams.
Circle of SupportCOS is the largest parent-led group in the Northwest and they have close ties to the WHSCT, the ASD team, and many other voluntary organizations and schools throughout the region. They have no age or capacity limit on the children who attend their events. What started as a group for children with ASD has opened up to include children with additional needs and related conditions.

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