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Autism SpeaksAutism Speaks is dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout life, to the needs of people with autism and their families.
Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training (ASERT)ASERT is a partnership of medical centers, centers of autism research and services, universities, and other providers involved in the treatment and care of individuals of all ages with autism and their families. ASERT was developed to bring together resources locally, regionally, and statewide.
Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability (PAR)PAR proudly represents provider organizations whose mission is to serve and support Pennsylvania children and adults with autism or intellectual disabilities. The association promotes the highest standards of service through advocacy, information, training and education, and resources provided by our members.
Autism connectionAutism Connection of Pennsylvania is a lifeline for families and individuals affected by autism providing education, advocacy, and support. is a non-profit organization serving thousands of people seeking help for autism problems. Professional staff, all parents who understand, provide phone support, weekly autism news, autism-friendly activities, and coordinate more than 76 support groups throughout Pennsylvania.
TrainlandOn the page you will find a series of links on resources for the diagnosis, care and support for families and people living with autism spectrum disorder.
Autism Society of PittsburghThey provide information and referrals to parents and professionals about diagnosis, care, treatment, educational, medical, and habilitation services. They also provide names of facilities and individuals locally who can provide such services to people with ASD and their families. They offer counseling and guidance to parents and families seeking the appropriate services necessary for the family member. They are requesting funds to help support these programs to the fullest extent possible. They advise establishments and / or professionals who are not familiar with autism and put them in contact with other professionals capable of complementing their efforts.
Philadelphia autism societyThe Greater Philadelphia Autism Society was established in 1977 by a dedicated group of parents with a strong desire to come together and be a united voice to represent people with autism spectrum disorders and spread awareness. This has been continued over the years. Currently, they are a non-profit organization whose Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers, parent representatives, family members, and professionals who support individuals with ASD, serving the five-county region of SE Pennsylvania.
KeystoneTheir work focuses on the inclusion of all people and building communities where everyone has the opportunity to prosper and fully participate in all that society has to offer. Their partner with people with disabilities, families, governments and other organizations and leaders to design and develop innovative and sustainable community services, end institutionalization, advance the rights of people with disabilities, and connect people with the resources they need to achieve your goals at home. school, work and the community.
Center for autismThe Center for Autism is a non-profit organization that continually strives to be the premier resource for specialty autism services in Philadelphia and surrounding counties by providing programs that meet the specific needs of each individual affected by autism.
Pocono autism societyThe informational guide offers a comprehensive list of resources for people with autism spectrum disorder in Pennsylvania.
Harrisburg autism societyThe goal is to promote opportunities for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to participate in the same valued life experiences as other citizens.
Toto resource centerThey empower all people living with autism by providing a community where they can access resources and connect through social programs and educational events. Toto offers two key areas of assistance: support and resources through support group meetings, resource materials, referrals, guidance, and helpful products; and skills and social participation through educational classes, skills development programs, young adult clubs, and creative activity groups.
Autism caresThe Autism Cares Foundation differs from other organizations that raise funds for autism in that its support revolves around improving the life experiences of children, adolescents, and adults with special needs. To this end, short-term efforts are focused on providing a variety of activities that children, adolescents, and adults with special needs can participate in. One of the many challenges that children or young adults with autism face is providing them with the most typical of a life possible.
Pennsylvania - Applied ABCApplied ABC provides ABA and autism therapy services for individuals with autism. Applied Behavioral Counseling provides behavioral therapy in the home. The organization offers evaluations, treatment plan, behavior analyst, parenting trainings and much more.
Autism Learning PartnersProvides services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities including center-based, home-based ABA therapy, early intervention, diagnostic services, social skills program, parent involvement and training, speech, occupational and physical therapy , telehealth services, comprehensive ABA therapy, and focused ABA therapy.
MerakeyMerakey is a nonprofit organization that provides ongoing care for people with autism throughout their lives by offering education and therapy services to help children, adolescents, and young adults. Applied behavior analysis is integrated into all autism programs to teach basic skills and maximize communication.
ASD ROADMAPASD ROADMAP is a platform that provides relevant information on Autism that addresses research topics, relationships between autism services, stages of intervention, and much more.
INVOInvo is a leading provider of behavioral, mental health and therapy services for children with autism and other developmental delays providing individualized services. Services offered are ABA Therapy, iSHINE program for under 5s that supports transition to school environment, social skills groups, life skills, potty training and feeding programs.

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Disclaimer: The resources posted on Ability Life Solutions are meant solely as suggestions and should not be construed as child-specific advice. The Center For Autism and Related Disorders recommends working with a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) who has experience with autism before starting any intensive behavioral intervention. Any choices you make in determining your child’s treatment are completely at your own discretion.

“For a number of years, as a Rehabilitation Counselor with the Department of Rehabilitation, Tresha Allen was my liaison at New Horizon’s Supported Employment program. Ms. Allen and I worked together to assist individuals who wanted to find meaningful work through Supported Employment. Ms. Allen’s professionalism was consistent, reliable, and of the highest ethical standards. I can say without hesitation that it was a pleasure to work with such a competent and genuinely good person.”

Louis Monzo

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