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Harley PsychiatristAt Harley Psychiatrist you can be connected to a specialist consulting psychiatrist or therapist, covering a full range of mental health conditions and treatment options. A preview of some of the experienced private psychiatrists and therapists in London is shown on the website.
Turning Poimt ScotlandThey provide a variety of services for people facing one or more of the following: Learning Disabilities, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Homelessness, Autism, Early Onset Dementia, or Huntington's Disease.
The Richmond Fellowship ScotlandRichmond Fellowship Scotland supports more than 200 people in Scotland with autism spectrum disorders. They have certain specialized support measures that we can turn to if someone with autism needs additional support. Some examples of this are the range of services offered by the Positive Behavior Support Team, as well as specialized training and mentoring for staff teams, such as individual-specific autism spectrum disorder training. They also offer training, support and counseling to family caregivers of adults (16 years and older) with autism who have emotional and behavioral challenges through our Positive Pathways training.
Scottish AutismScottish Autism is an organization dedicated to enabling autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. They offer a wide range of flexible and innovative support services for children and adults throughout Scotland, each of which focuses on improving the quality of life.
EnquireReach can help you and your child understand children's rights to be supported and involved in decisions so that they have the same opportunities to prosper in their education. With short, accessible tips on additional learning support and the opportunity to hear students from across Scotland share what has helped them, Reach can help you talk to your child about school and the support they need.
Inverclyde LifeWithin the Inverclyde Life directory you can search for the hundreds of social projects that exist locally. These projects include counseling services, sports clubs, community centers, child care, arts groups, child care services, housing, community groups, children's activities, physical and mental health services, gardening projects, and more.
MoodcaféThey have produced and compiled information and resources relevant to several common psychological problems. If you feel like it, check out the resources and browse the self-help guides on the website.
Mind They provide counseling and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health issue. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.
Enable GroupThe entity They campaign with their members to improve the lives of people living with learning disabilities. They work with clients to create personalized services that reflect their values and enable clients to achieve their goals. They challenge attitudes toward learning disabilities that prevent people with a learning disability from living as equal members of society.
The Autism ToolboxThe Autism Toolbox has been developed for Scottish education to support the continuous improvement of the experiences and achievements of our autistic students in Scotland. A key goal of the Toolkit is to help education professionals, schools, and local authorities understand autism and support their students and families.
Man OnIs a suicide prevention peer support service for the men of Inverclyde. It is a community interest startup that provides mental health support to the men of Inverclyde. They are supporting people on social media platforms, face-to-face in groups, and digital platforms like zoom.
Scottish Disability SportSDS is the Scottish body that governs and coordinates all sports for people of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability. SDS has a vision to lead inclusive sport in Scotland for participants and athletes with physical, sensory or learning disabilities.
Independet Schools CouncilThe Inverclyde search engine provides the opportunity to find private schools in different areas. The search can be filtered by day or boarding schools, coed schools or single-sex boys and girls schools, as well as by age range, such as high schools, high schools, and sixth grade. Additionally, you can find information on school tuition, religious affiliation, special educational needs (SEN), and school tuition assistance, such as scholarships.
Hillpark Secondary SchoolThe LCR opened at Hillpark Secondary in August 1998. It was designed to meet the needs of high school students living on the south side of Glasgow, who have been identified with ASD and who are considered to be able to benefit from the experience of attending an ordinary high school.
Renfrewshire Health & Social Care PartnershipAt Renfrewshire Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP), we provide adult social care services and all community health services for adults and children in the Renfrewshire area. Among the services offered are Community Health Services (for example, district nursing services, doctor visits, mental health, health improvement, and learning disabled services); Contracted health services (general practitioners, pharmacies, dentists and optometrists); Among others.
Glasgow City Council Autism Resource CentreGlasgow City Council offers an Autism resource center where you can find relevant information in the area, as well as some frequently asked questions that may be of interest to parents, caregivers, professionals or people on the spectrum.
St Anthony’s PrimaryA Renfrewshire primary school has been shortlisted for a prestigious national autism award. The unit supports students with developmental communication conditions, including autism, by providing an inclusive environment where children can learn and interact with their class and community.
Tailor Ed FoundationTailor Ed Foundation has been supporting families with a child with autism in Edinburgh since 2009. Tailor Ed provides services to families to allow these essential skills to develop so that family life can run smoothly. Additionally, their website provides a list of links to entities that support autism.
Rivebrae SchoolLocated in Linwood, the school supports children and youth with additional support needs in Renfrewshire. Young people are very important to the school and their achievements, however small, however, the continued support of all parents, caregivers and partners is needed if they are to ensure that Riverbrae remains the happiest and most stimulating educational establishment in the world! Scotland.
Glasgow Clyde CollegeGlasgow Clyde College works in partnership with Renfrewshire Council to deliver this DFN Project Search course. The course provides real-life work experience combined with employability skills training to help youth with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions successfully transition to work life.
The Scottish Children's Services CoalitionSCSC is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable children and youth. Their vision is for Scotland to be the best place in the world for them to grow up. This includes those with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, learning difficulties, learning disabilities, mental health problems or who are cared for.
NHSGGC Autism Diagnosis ServiceThis Specialized Children's Services Team coordinates the evaluation and support of referred children and youth with autism traits. . This page aims to provide families and children with information that may be helpful, regardless of where you are on this trip.
National Center for Autism StudiesThe University of Strathclyde multiprofessional teaching program is one of the largest autism training programs in the UK and internationally. Through its campus and online courses, it offers postgraduate training at the Certificate, Diploma and Master's level, and in recent years has equipped hundreds of workers in the autism field from many different professions to support good practices.
REACH Lanarkshire AutismREACH was established on March 9, 2012 to close the gap in post-diagnosis services in Lanarkshire, to provide support to families who have a young person with an autism spectrum condition living within South Lanarkshire authority. To become a member of REACH, you must be 16 years of age or older, live in Lanarkshire, and have the responsibilities of caring for a person diagnosed or referred for an autism evaluation. People living in Lanarkshire with a diagnosis can also become members, but may have certain restrictions on accessing some services based on age.
Lothian Autistic SocietyThe Lothian Autistic Society is a person-centered, member-run charity. They provide services and practical support to children and youth on the autism spectrum, their families and caregivers in Edinburgh and Lothian. They provide high-quality support through the development of projects, services and new initiatives.
Stoa SchoolStoa School is a registered charity and specialist school within the Edinburgh area. The goal is to make a real difference for one of the most disadvantaged groups of children, namely children with autism who also have learning difficulties and a high level of communication and behavioral needs.
The Grampian Autistics Society (GAS)The Grampian Autistic Society (GAS) offers help and support to autistic people and their families. Starting out as a support group, the society expanded over time into a parent-led organization that later became a charity. They have a staff of about 40 people and provide ongoing support and services to more than 100 families.
Independent Advocacy and the Autism Spectrum
Ceartas offers independent advocacy to adults in East Dunbartonshire on the autism spectrum. Independent Advocacy is a way for people on the autism spectrum to get information about their rights, about the services and supports they can access, to have the greatest possible control over their lives, and to make sure their voices are heard correctly.
East ParkEast Park, a registered charity based in the Maryhill area of Glasgow, has provided education and supportive housing services to children and youth with additional support needs, including autism, since 1874. All of its services focus on the youth needs and are provided in a way that encourages partnership with the child and family.
Kirkriggs SchoolIt is a school for children with additional learning needs and currently has a role of 46 students. They have a variety of facilities at the school including a children's kitchen, a sensory room, a sensory garden, and extensive wooded gardens that are enclosed for our children to play safely.
Cardinal Winning SecondaryCardinal Winning Secondary is a school that supports youth with additional learning needs from S1 to S6. The school is located on the eastern edge of Glasgow, in the Tollcross area of the city. The dedicated staff is committed to professional learning throughout their careers to ensure that youth experience innovative, engaging, and understanding learning and teaching for each youth's needs.
Turning Point ScotlandTurning Point Scotland staff work in all Scottish communities supporting people with a variety of complex needs. They provide a variety of services for people facing one or more of the following: Learning disability, substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice, homelessness, autism, early-onset dementia, or Huntington's disease.
Renfrewshire Council - Renfrewshire Autism StrategyThey cover topics such as improving communication and coordination between agencies; better access to information for people with autism and their families; increased public and professional awareness of autism; clearer pathways through services; planning structures that focus on outcomes for the individual and are evidence-based; and smoother transition processes for service users as they move through key life stages.
Hope for AutismHOPE for Autism operates services that include activity groups for children and young adults, a variety of support services, and training and information for parents and the community.
Falkland House SchoolFalkland House School is one of Scotland's leading providers of education and care for children with additional support needs. In fact, they were one of the first independent schools in Scotland to receive Autism Accreditation from the National Autism Society. They offer day and residential placements (39 and 52 weeks). Rates are paid by local authorities.
St Thomas of Aquin’s R.C high schoolThe school supports children and young people who, for whatever reason, require additional support, short or long term, to help them get the most out of their education. Reasons may include: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Literacy and Dyslexia Difficulties, Sensory Disability, Communication Difficulties, among others.
TEENS+TEENS + is an Edinburgh-based full-time transitional education project for young adults aged 17-20, with complex and severe communication needs, such as autism, who have dropped out of school and are entering adulthood.
MAKERSScottish Autism is an organization dedicated to enabling autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Makers is a Scottish Autism Community Center offering day and vocational opportunities for autistic individuals over the age of 16 and individuals with learning disabilities who would not otherwise have opportunities to experience a supported work environment. The service houses a community cafe, shop and gallery, and a vegetable garden.
Scottish Charity RegulatorThe Company's goals will be the advancement of education, health and wellness, equal opportunity, and alleviation of disadvantage for individuals living with an autism spectrum and related conditions.
Scottish AutismScottish Autism is Scotland's national autism charity supporting autistic children, adults, their families and healthcare and social care professionals. The mission is to enable autistic people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. It offers a range of services including New Struan School, a residential and day school for autistic youth; vocational and adult day opportunities, residential services, support for people living in their own homes, and support for people transitioning from our services to living in the community. They also provide an Autism Advice Line and Right Click.
Autism RocksThe main goal is to provide peer support and information through our Facebook group page (this is a private group, which means you can be sure that only the people in the group can see and respond to any inquiries). kids / adults on the spectrum and parents / caregivers to socialize, that's why we have Family Days.
Starley HallStarley Hall offers 52 weeks of residential care and educational placements for children and youth who have emotional and / or social difficulties and who can often become disconnected from all aspects of learning. The school also offers day student placements for a small number of youth.
Blu SkyBlue Sky is an innovative and unique service that offers individualized therapy programs for young children as young as 6 months of age who experience developmental delays, including autism. They are focused on using evidence-based Naturalistic Developmental Behavioral Intervention (NDBI) approaches to support child development, including their own Play2Talk model in conjunction with Pivotal Response Therapy (PRT), the Early Start Denver (ESDM) model. and DIR Floortime.
Rosslyn SchoolRosslyn School is a specially designed special school located as part of the Windmill Community Campus that incorporates Viewforth High School, a local library, and a local council office. Currently, the school serves students with complex needs for additional support within the Kirkcaldy area. Students are between the ages of 3 and 18 and we have links for inclusion opportunities with our local kindergarten, elementary and middle school offerings.
Camphill SchoolCamphill School students have a variety of diagnoses, including autism and learning disabilities. They work closely with local Scottish authorities to place students in an environment of learning and personalized care that will better support their development. They offer a range of support services to provide all of their students, ages 3 to 25, the opportunity to learn and participate in meaningful activities.
Moray Council Services for children with Additional Support NeedsThe Autism Development Team supports the needs of children and youth with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or a social communication disorder who are being educated at Moray. The kit is available to preschool and high school students, as well as their teachers and families / caregivers. Specialized staff mentor referred students and can work with them individually or in small groups.
Helensburgh & Lomond AutismThe charity's goal is to raise awareness about ASDs and support affected people in our area. Its goal is to address issues related to the provision of adequate support, rest and education in the Helensburgh and Lomond area. They work closely with group members to find areas that lack support and address this with the appropriate bodies, including meeting with counselors.
Perth Autism SupportPerth Autism Support was founded in November 2011 to support identified gaps in the support of autistic children and youth up to the age of 18 and their families at Perth & Kinross. They currently support an average of 240 youth each week through their services and have more than 870 families registered for their services at Perth & Kinross.
Autism ParentingAutism Parenting Magazine is an award-winning publication that aims to improve the quality of life for families affected by autism. They believe in the potential of all children with autism and the magazine has become an essential resource for parents around the world.
TrefoilTrefoil exists to support the development of children and young people with additional needs in Scotland, to enable them to maximize their abilities and achieve the greatest possible independence.

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LinkName'The local autism strategy is not in place, what happened to the funding from the Scottish government?' of Autism Spectrum Disorders for people with autism spectrum disorders online course on the anatomy of the brain, as well as some mental health disorders such as autism spectrum disorder. Council
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Autism Strategy Group & Kinross Council
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OOOOOUniversity of Stirling
MSc Autism Research County Public Schools
Autism Spectrum Disorder Services College
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