10 Types of Autism Therapy | Autism

10 Types of Autism Therapy | Autism

There is a wide range of therapies available for children with autism, but your child may not necessarily need all of them. Find out which treatments are right for you and your autistic loved one based on individual needs.

In this video, Dr. Asma Sadiq discusses the various challenges faced by autistic children, and the best therapies for working through those issues.

10 Types of Autism Therapy | Autism
By: Howcast
Initial Air Date: Nov 22, 2014
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Therapies are tailored for children based on their particular needs.
  • For example, speech therapy is used for obvious issues such as speech delay, but can also help children stay on topic during a conversation.
  • Occupational therapy can be used to address sensory issues.
  • Physical therapy can help with motor delay and motor coordination issues.
  • One of the most common and important therapies is behavioral therapy.
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis is the most common behavioral therapy, but there are various other therapies available.
  • Medical issues such as problems with sleeping and food issues need to be addressed with medical therapies.
  • While a child may need many types of therapies, it is best to focus one the most important ones first and not overwhelm the child.

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