10 Types of Autism Therapy | Autism

In this video, Dr. Asma Sadiq, Director of Child Development at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, discusses ten types of autism therapy which are used with children on the spectrum, noting that the therapy one chooses must be tailored to the needs of each particular child.

Therapies include speech therapy for children with speech delay or difficulty with staying on topic, occupational therapy for children with sensory issues, and physical therapy for children with motor delay or motor coordination issues, among others.

Dr. Sadiq especially promotes the importance of behavioral therapy, which can come in the form of A.B.A. (applied behavioral analysis), D.I.R. Floortime (Developmental, Individual-differences, Relationship-based model), and R.D.I (Relationship Development Intervention). These therapies are geared towards helping the child with behaviors that interrupt their learning process.

Additionally, Dr. Sadiq stresses the importance of medical therapies for some children on the spectrum who experience things such as sleep difficulties or digestive issues.

Each of these therapies, explains Dr. Sadiq, should be integrated into a child’s regiment based on their particular needs. While it is often a combination of these therapies that leads to the best results for children on the spectrum, Dr. Sadiq also reminds parents that it can be an overwhelming process, so it is best to watch for which therapies make the biggest difference, and focus on those.

10 Types of Autism Therapy | Autism
By: Howcast
Initial Air Date: Nov 22, 2014
Source: YouTube

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