A Look Through My Adult Autism Assessment Report

A Look Through My Adult Autism Assessment Report

20 weeks after the date of her assessment, the video creator Becoming Autism takes a deep-dive into her autism assessment report, which she just received in the mail. She made this video because of the relatively small collection of videos available online which show what an autism assessment report actually looks like.

The report begins with a diagnosis page that explains the criteria for an autism diagnosis, and which confirmed for this video creator that she does, in fact, have autism. Following the official diagnosis is a section which contains the content of her report, including the tests she was administered in her assessment process. The most interesting section of the report content is the summary, which explains the findings based on these assessments, and the report recommendations, which recommend certain therapies or approaches for addressing difficulties which the video creator experiences.

This video is an interesting in-depth look at what an assessment consists of and what conclusions may be made based on assessment results

A Look Through My Adult Autism Assessment Report UK
By: Becoming Autism
Initial Air Date: Oct 31, 2017
Source: YouTube

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