Autism Awareness Video: Diagnostic Criteria for Autism

Autism Awareness Video: Diagnostic Criteria for Autism

How do you tell if your child has autism? Issues with communication, social interaction and repetitive behavior can all be indicators of autism. 

This video teaches parents the symptoms to watch for during a child’s development.

Autism Awareness Video: Diagnostic Criteria for Autism by Rethink
Initial Release Date: Apr 4, 2012
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Autism is characterized by deficits in social interaction, communication, and repetitive behavior/interests.
  • Boys are five times as likely as girls to have autism.
  • Many disorders co-occur with autism, including OCD, ADHC, and Anxiety Disorder.
  • Autistic children may avoid eye contact, be unresponsive to verbal communication, and may not show emotional empathy.
  • Autistic children may also have restricted interests and engage in repetitive body movements.
  • Autistic children may also develop rigid routines and throw tantrums when they are interrupted.
  • Finally, autistic children may demonstrate sensitivity to sensory input, such as certain sounds or physical sensations.

Identifying autism early can be vital in helping your child developmentally. Use our free video library to learn more about symptoms, screening, therapy, and education!

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