Autism: What Is Occupational Therapy

In this Ability Life Solutions Video Favorite, Falene, the mother of four boys, two who are autistic, shares the benefits she’s experienced in using an Occupational Therapist (OT) with her son, Aiden. OT helps with a “bunch of difficulties” with your kid, says Falene.

OT can support sensory overload, including touch, sight, smell, sounds, tastes, etc. OT helps kids to work on these and a variety of other issues with best practices in mind. Balance, body awareness in space, is your kid too close or too far away? OT can support this.

OT also supports transitions, and the accommodations that help a child’s ability to task manage – including focus to getting work done. Feeding problems with picky eaters?, Falene gives detailed examples of food/sensory issues, based on her son’s needs.

Autism: What Is Occupational Therapy
By: 6 Blue Warriors
Initial Air Date: Aug 26, 2016
Source: YouTube

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