I’m Autistic! Being Diagnosed with Autism at 23

I’m Autistic! Being Diagnosed with Autism at 23

Getting an autism diagnosis can be difficult at first, but understanding how it affects you can be very helpful. Learn the effects autism has on people and how it might be affecting you.

In this video, Ryann discusses her diagnosis and what it means regarding her everyday behavior. She also talks about the difficulties in recognizing autism, especially in women.

I’m autistic! (being diagnosed with autism at 23)
By: Ryann griffin
Initial Air Date: Apr 17, 2019
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • There are three levels of ASD. Each successively higher level indicates greater support needs.
  • Autistic people may mask their social deficits by emulating the behavior of neurotypical children to fit in.
  • Autistics can have trouble starting and continuing conversations, and also have trouble reading non-verbal cues.
  • Autistic people have to manually focus on certain parts of social interaction.
  • Autistic individuals can have sensory issues, including food texture, auditory input and tactile sensations.
  • People with autism often become ‘obsessed’ with certain interests.
  • Autistic people have trouble adjusting to changes in their schedules.
  • Autism looks different between men and women, and even from person to person.

If you think you may exhibit symptoms of autism, schedule a screening with a trained professional. Being able to explain previously inexplicable issues in your life can be invaluable. Learn more about ASD by visiting our free Video Library!

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