I’m autistic! being diagnosed with autism at 23

In this Ability Life Solutions Video Favorite, Ryann discusses her recent diagnosis with ASD-1 (formerly known as Asperger’s) at age 23. She speaks about what caused her to go so long without realizing she had autism, pointing to the lack of representation of women with autism in the media, as well as her “masking” tendencies, or subconscious tendency to observe and copy behaviors of other neurotypical people.

Ryann then discusses ways in which autism has impacted her life, such as in the case of social interaction, where she has difficulty reading social cues and second-guesses her interactions in real time. Eye contact and vocal inflection during social interactions are also difficult for her. Ryann also discusses several sensory difficulties she experiences, from the texture of certain foods to sounds which make her physically uncomfortable.

For Ryann, receiving an autism diagnosis was a huge weight off her shoulders, as she was finally able to understand what led to her behaviors and feelings of being different from other people, and she hopes that this video may inspire others, especially women, to explore their own minds if they have felt similarly about themselves.

I’m autistic! (being diagnosed with autism at 23)
By: Ryann griffin
Initial Air Date: Apr 17, 2019
Source: YouTube

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