Nutrition for Autism shown 5x Beneficial for Children

Dr. James Adams of Arizona State University discusses the most recent results from 15 years of researching the effectiveness of nutritional interventions for autism. The results are notable, indicating that in a 12-month span children with autism that received nutritional intervention gained 20 months of development, while the group that did NOT get the intervention gained only 4 months of development. Dr. Adams talks about vitamin and mineral supplements, essential fatty acids (fish oil), a healthy GFCF diet, digestive enzymes, Carnitine, and Epsom salt baths.

You can learn more about Dr. Adams’ research at ASU here and the nutritional supplements he’s co-developed here.

Learn even more about nutrition and how it can impact autism at Nourishing Hope.

Nutrition for Autism shown 5x Beneficial for Children: 12-Month University Study RESULTS by Nourishing Hope
Initial Release Date: August 11, 2015
Source: YouTube

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