Best Toys for Autistic Toddlers

Best Toys for Autistic Toddlers

While autistic children may do some things differently from neurotypical children, playtime is exciting for everyone. You can use some toys as opportunities for learning, others to provide sensory stimulation, and don’t forget about the toys that are just plain fun! If you are looking for the best toys for autistic toddlers, you’ve come to the right place.

Features to Look for

When you think your toddler has autism, one of the first questions that parents and caregivers ask is, “what makes a good toy for my child?” People often end up purchasing a lot of sensory toys or learning toys—while both these options are great, there’s room for a variety of playthings in a child’s life!


The first thing you should consider is whether the toy is overstimulating. While some children prefer loud toys with flashing lights, autistic toddlers can feel overwhelmed by all the (sometimes literally) moving parts.

Once you feel confident that a toy isn’t over-stimulating your autistic toddler , find toys that allow your child to embrace their creativity. Many toys have no wrong way to play with them, which allows your child to experiment and try out a lot of different things when discovering what sort of fun they like to have.


You’ve probably heard that autistic children can become hyper-interested in a particular subject, such as  dinosaurs, knights, or sharks. Some parents try to convince their kids to branch out and stop focusing on just one thing, but wee think you should embrace that interest! Use it (and the toys associated with it) to teach your child more about that subject.

Learning Toys

The best learning toys often come in disguise. They teach your children something while making it fun and entertaining! Here are some great examples of learning toys we love:

Musical Instrument Set

Toys that make noise aren’t always great for autistic toddlers, but this set allows your child to regulate how much noise there is. Music is a great way to let children express themselves, and that can start with this set of instruments!

Dino Egg Kit

There’s no better gift for a dino-loving kid! These eggs with dinosaurs inside present an opportunity to teach your child about dinosaurs (complete with learning cards on each dino in the kit).

Speak & Spell

Who could forget this retro classic? Learning to spell words is a challenge for many children, and the Speak & Spell makes that challenge fun! Give your child a chance to enjoy a toy from your childhood and improve their vocabulary.

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys for autistic 2-year-olds help children calm down and reduce stress. Here are a few that we think they’ll love:

LED Tap Lights

When you need a toy that doubles as an interior design piece, these tap lights are perfect! Your kids will love stimulating their senses at their own pace, and these LEDs can also be used as a convenient night light.

Fidget Blanket

Fidget toys are an extremely calming option for many autistic children. This Fidget Blanket is soft and fun, with a few levels of difficulty so your child will enjoy it as they grow!

Sensory Swing

This sensory swing can be fun or calming for autistic children—perfect for use in good and bad moods! The frame is extremely sturdy and child-safe, with a 450 pound weight limit and extra-thick padding.

Just Plain Fun Toys

There’s a time for learning and a time for calming—but there’s also a time for fun! Here are some toys that your child is sure to have fun playing with:

Magnetic Fishing Game

Magnetic fishing games are fun, while also helping kids build up their motor skills! This particular puzzle has letters hidden beneath the fish—encourage your child to take out fish to spell words!

Rainbow Stacker Blocks

Building blocks are a classic children’s toy that encourages building. These rainbow blocks bring lovely colors into the mix and are full of ideas for new shapes and towers.

Magnetic Drawing Board

This drawing board takes the Etch A Sketch to a whole new level (thankfully, one that’s a bit easier to use)! With a pen and some stamps to make different shapes, this autism toy for toddlers is a great way to encourage imagination and creativity.

Now that you know the best toys for autistic toddlers, pick up a toy or two and watch the joy on your child’s face as they play! You can also browse our shop for more toys and gift ideas for the children in your life.

Have you found great toys for your autistic little ones that were not on this list? Share your ideas with our communities on Facebook or Instagram—we’re always interested to learn more!

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