Early Signs of Autism in 18 Month Old Toddlers

In this video, Stephanie from Our LANDing Crew discusses the early signs of autism she noticed in her son Liam over the course of his first 18 months of life. Several characteristics and behaviors, such as low muscle tone and underdeveloped motor skills, as well as sensory challenges and a lack of eye contact and attentiveness, led Stephanie to seek out an evaluation for autism.

Stephanie compares Liam’s skills and behaviors to that of a typical 18 month-old, making note of key behaviors which are absent or rudimentary in her son. Included in these are language and communication skills, social behavior, and cognitive abilities. Stephanie has two other children with autism, so she then discusses differences in the development of those three children, especially with Liam’s brother Noah.

All about diagnosis

Early Signs of Autism in 18 Month Old Toddler by Our LANDing Crew
Initial Release Date: Jul 23, 2019
Source: Youtube

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