22 Asperger’s Signs and Traits in Adults

22 Asperger's signs and traits in adults

22 Asperger’s Signs and Traits in Adults

Are you wondering if you are exhibiting signs of autism? This easy guide can help! There are 22 traits that are often experienced by adults with high-functioning autism.

Watch this video to learn 22 common signs of Aspergers (now considered high-functioning autism).

Asperger’s Signs and Traits in Adults by From Toxic to Love
Initial Release Date: February 17, 2016
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • These are just some of the signs that you might have autism:
    • Sensory overload
    • Meltdowns
    • Blunt/direct
    • Feeling awkward about touch
    • Monotone
    • Eccentric interests
    • Repetitive eating habits
    • Stuck in routines and schedules

There are various indicators that can help determine if you are autistic. Watch our videos on first diagnosis to better understand these signs, and check out our blog post on the benefits of an adult diagnosis.

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