5 Tips For Autism Haircuts | Nonverbal Autism | Fathering Autism

In this video, FatheringAutism explains his decision to get his nonverbal daughter Abbie her first haircut since she was two years old, and gives some tips on how to make the experience a better one. Although he didn’t necessarily want to cut her hair (he and his wife like her long hair), he decided it was a good idea because Abbie chews on it and gets food in it.

In advance of the haircut, FatheringAutism suggests explaining to your child that you are planning on taking them to get a haircut and why. Giving your child a heads up about a big change like a haircut is always a good idea, especially with a child with autism. With Abbie, they showed her a video of a haircut beforehand, because she also has some difficulty with auditory processing.

Another important strategy is to discuss the haircut with the stylist beforehand, explaining that your child has autism and that they may need a break or other reinforcers during the haircut. Also asking the stylist to engage your child, perhaps explaining the process of the cut during it, is a good idea.

5 Tips For Autism Haircuts | Nonverbal Autism | Fathering Autism
By: FatheringAutism
Initial Air Date: Apr 20, 2017
Source: YouTube

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