Alistair’s Autism Evaluation Results

In this Ability Life Solutions Video Favorite, Brett, Alistair’s fine motor skills coordinator, discusses body awareness, the brain, and where our bodies are in space, providing examples of sensory issues – at the same time as Alistair plays with blocks.

It’s endearing when Brett breaks from the camera to redirect Alistair to perform a new task with the locks, in a gifted and especially brilliant way. New(er) parents to autism will likely find this video informative in technical aspects of motor skill development, as well as demonstrating real-time, verbal and non-verbal approaches to successful outcomes. We encourage you to pay attention to Brett’s facilitation, sincerity, playfulness, and patience, and take notes. Our takeaway from this is that “how” we interact is as important, sometimes more so, than the skills we are attempting to grow.

Source: YouTube

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