Alistair’s Autism Evaluation Results

Alistair’s Autism Evaluation Results

There are several different types of therapies and specialists available to help children with autism. They can not only determine where a child is on the spectrum, but also improve the symptoms that come along with the disorder.

This video shows two different specialists working with Alistair and discussing the various issues he has with communication and motor skills.

Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Neurotypical people have spatial awareness, even when they close their eyes, thanks to the connection between their brain and their muscles. Autistic people do not have as strong a connection, so they “stimm” (hand-flapping, constant bumping or touching) in order to gain that same spatial awareness.
  • Autistic children often have communication difficulties. When other children are speaking in full sentences, autistic children might be only speaking one to two words at a time.
  • When an autistic child cannot properly communicate (especially with other children), they may act out and be aggressive, loud, or physical.. This is not done out of malice, but instead because they know that they will get attention.
  • In this child’s case, he is speaking a lot on his own (commenting), but has difficulty responding when spoken to.
  • Joint attention is when you are trying to direct a child’s attention to something specific, but they are fixated on something else and do not pay attention to what you are trying to get them to notice.
  • While it is important to not let your child get overly frustrated, letting them experience some when working with them can help motivate them to improve.

Concerned about your child’s development? Consider taking them to see an autism specialist. Not sure where to start? Set up a consultation today.

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