Anger-Control Techniques for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

In this short animated video, several concrete techniques are provided to help you help your child learn new, replacement behaviors, express frustrations, creating “house rules” with examples you can write down and post on your refrigerator.

All behaviors are a form of communication, yet the feelings, needs and wants of an autistic child might not be able to be expressed unless replacement behaviors are learned. Your job is to explore the behaviors to discover what the behavior is telling you. In this video, you will be introduced to examples of “feeling” words, including what feeling words are and how you can support your child to express his/her needs and wants.

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Anger-Control Techniques for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
By: My Aspergers Child / Mark Hutten, M.A.
Initial Air Date: Nov 28, 2016
Source: YouTube

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