Autism and Speech therapy | (Full interview with Mrs. Shubhangi Auluck) | Reena Singh

Speech therapy is a varied tool with multiple uses. It is frequently used to treat symptoms of autism, as autistic children can suffer from a lack of communication. If your child is not hitting the proper communication milestones, speech therapy may be good for them.

Occupational therapist Reena Singh interviews speech therapist Shubhangi Auluck about autism, speech therapy, and how the two tie together.

Autism and Speech therapy | (Full interview with Mrs. Shubhangi Auluck) | Reena Singh
By: Kushi Therapy Center / Reena Singh
Initial Air Date: Jun 17, 2018
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Communication requires two or more people. It is the process of exchanging thoughts, feelings and information.
  • There are certain speech and communication milestones that babies should be hitting at particular ages. By 18 months, a child should have a vocabulary of 20 words. By 24 months, their vocabulary should be 50 to 100 words.
  •  Doctors can tell the difference between delayed speech and non-verbal children with autism. There are other indicators that will be present if the child has autism.
  • By finding out what an autistic child is interested in, communication and speech can be reinforced by engaging them on the subjects they like.
  • By using verbal reinforcement alongside tangible reinforcement (chocolate, for example), the child will gradually come to identify those words alone as reward. They will associate them with the feelings of happiness that the chocolate provides.
  • Speech therapists may not necessarily have the expertise to recognize or deal with autism.
  • The point of therapy should always be communication, not speech.

Speech therapy can make a huge difference in your child’s life. Consider scheduling a consultation with Ability Life Solutions to discuss different therapy options.

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