Autism Push in or Pull Out

In this episode of Autism Live, Shannon Penrod discusses the necessity for parents to not only obtain the services their child needs in their child’s IEP, but to understand how these services will be delivered. Services at school, such as speech and language pathology, are often either provided on a “push in” or “pull out” basis; push in being where services are provided in the classroom during class time, and pull out being where the child is pulled out of class for one on one sessions.

There are different reasons for each child why push in or pull out services would be preferable. For children with sensory issues that make it difficult to focus on multiple inputs might benefit from services being provided in a quiet room, removed from the class environment. For others, the sensory issues may not be as much of an issue, and academic and social skills may be the priority. For these children, the push in method of providing services may be better. If schools are resistant to provide services in the classroom setting, it is important to push for push in services, because the goal of therapies is to excel in social settings.

Autism Push in or Pull Out
By: Autism Live
Initial Air Date: Sep 24, 2012
Source: YouTube

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