Autism: School — Mainstream vs Special Needs (SEN)

mainstream vs special needs

Autism: School — Mainstream vs Special Needs (SEN)

Finding the right educational path for autistic children is key to helping them develop. Selecting the appropriate programs, teachers and even schools can make all the difference in the progress your child makes.

Learn from an autism mom as she discusses her journey selecting the best educational programs and schools for her child.

Autism: School – Mainstream vs. Special Needs (SEN) by That Beautiful Mind
Initial Release Date: June 5, 2019
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Bullying can be a concern for special-needs children going to a public school.
  • The important thing is to find a school that suits your child’s immediate needs. They will be constantly changing and developing, so trying to find a school that will meet all of their future needs is not worth it.
  • Having someone who can work one-on-one with your child and who has experience dealing with the same disabilities can be a major help.
  • Communication between parents and teachers/school staff is paramount. If the teachers say that they do not have time for communication, consider finding a new school.

There are many factors at play when determining your child’s educational path. Taking all of them into consideration is important for ensuring the best possible education. Schedule a consultation with Ability Life Solutions so we can support you and your family on this journey.

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