Autism Spectrum Dealing with Anger and Meltdowns

Autism Spectrum Dealing with Anger and Meltdowns

Autism Spectrum Dealing with Anger and Meltdowns

Everyone has to learn to deal with emotion, and this can be more difficult for people with autism. Learning to handle your child’s meltdowns and teaching them to express themselves is an important skill for autism parents.

Learn from autism mom Sally Thibault as she discusses her experiences raising her son David, managing meltdowns and helping him handle his emotions.

Autism Spectrum: Dealing with Anger and Meltdowns
By: Sally Thibault
Initial Air Date: Jul 25, 2011
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • There is a reason behind every emotion and behavior. Given how much more sensitive autistic children can be, they have more reasons to be upset or to lash out.
  • Approach an outburst or meltdown without judgment. Attempt to understand the reasoning behind the emotion before judging.
  • Be in the moment and do not let your own emotions get the better of you. Do not respond in anger to your child’s outburst.
  • When a meltdown occurs, start by asking yourself what must have caused it. 
  • Help your child de-stress by getting them to expend energy, such as by hitting a pillow.
  • After the meltdown has subsided and they have calmed down, talk to them and ask them questions about what caused it.

Understanding that your child is acting out for a reason will help you work with them to prevent meltdowns before they occur. For more information on helping your child manage their behavior, please browse more of the videos in our Free Video Library. If you are looking for even more support, schedule a consultation with your friends at Ability Life Solutions.

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