In this video, Stephanie from Our LANDing Crew discusses Halloween for autistic children, because it can be a hectic holiday for both the children and their parents.

For some children with sensory issues, Halloween costumes can be a barrier to fully enjoying the holiday. Stephanie suggests creating a costume utilizing regular clothes, and to avoid wearing masks that come with costumes or using face paint.

Trick or treating can also be a barrier for some children with autism, or potentially a poor experience for kids who don’t know what to expect. Stephanie suggests familiarizing your kids with trick or treating by talking to them about it, showing them videos of other kids trick or treating, or having them practice at your door or a neighbor’s. Easing your child into the Halloween festivities can help ease anxieties and discomfort around the holiday.

By: Our LANDing Crew
Initial Air Date: Oct 24, 2017
Source: YouTube

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