Autistic Adult Takes the AQ (autism) test! (with @IndieAndy !)

Autistic Adult Takes the AQ (autism) test! (with @IndieAndy !)

In this video, Sam (who was diagnosed with autism as an adult) takes the Autistic Quotient Test (AQ Test), and provides some criticisms of the usefulness of the test for identifying autism.

She takes us question by question to come up with a score (the test is out of 50). The test asks the test taker to agree or disagree with various statements, and Sam gives her thought process while answering those questions, noting how the questions are wide-open to interpretation. For instance, the first question states “I prefer to do things with others, rather than on my own.” Sam understandably finds this question difficult to answer, because there are contexts where it is true for her, and others where it is not.

Autistic Adult Takes the AQ (Autistic Quotient test) with @IndieAndy
By: Yo Samdy Sam
Initial Air Date: Nov 8, 2019
Source: YouTube

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