Building Your Autism Team

Joy Van Der Lann, an autism mom, nurse practitioner, and functional medicine specialist had loads of questions when her daughter, Sophie, was diagnosed with autism. In this video, Van Der Lann talks from a mom-professional perspective about four typical questions asked by new-to-autism parents.

1.  Who do I call to start treatment?

2.  Which therapies are appropriate?

3.  How do I contact a therapist in my area?

4.  Who needs to be on my daughter’s team? 

With so many treatment options, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. Creating an “Autism Team” is an important asset to finding your way through the maze of autism, including the various people you might want to include on your autism team and what each individual can bring to Your Autism Game Plan.

For more videos to help you build Your Autism Game Plan, visit their website.

Building Your Autism Team by Autism Game Plan
Initial Release Date: January 16, 2021
Source: YouTube

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