Diagnosed with autism… (aged 33!)

In this Ability Life Solutions Video Favorite, Sam discusses her recent adult diagnosis of autism, and the sense of relief it brought to her to finally receive that diagnosis. She also highlights the fact that many women are diagnosed later in their life than men are.

Sam discusses why she did not get a diagnosis earlier in life, particularly the fact that she engaged in unconscious masking of her symptoms by copying behaviors of those she saw being successful in social interactions. She notes how each symptom she experienced in her life, taken in isolation, can be completely normal behavior for most people, but the sum of all these symptoms paints a different picture.

Sam also touches on her internalized ableism, born out of a habit of trying to fix herself in a world that does not accommodate her needs. While she still does these things, an autism diagnosis has freed her to be more forgiving of herself going forward.

Diagnosed with autism… (aged 33!) by Yo Samdy Sam
Initial Release Date: Feb 12, 2019
Source: Youtube

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