Diagnosed with autism… (aged 33!)

Diagnosed with autism… (aged 33!)

If you suspect that you might be an adult with autism, consider going in for a diagnosis. It might be difficult to accept at first, but there are many benefits to getting officially diagnosed.

Learn from Sam as she discusses her journey leading up to her autism diagnosis as an adult.

Diagnosed with autism… (aged 33!) by Yo Samdy Sam
Initial Release Date: Feb 12, 2019
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Women are often diagnosed with autism much later than men are. They are good at masking, so they are not as easy to diagnose at a young age.
  • Masking is a subconscious effort to blend in with neurotypical behavior.
  • Autistic people perceive the world differently, both in a sensory way and a social way.
  • Many autistic traits are typical by themselves, but can be a strong indicator of autism when combined.
  • Obsessive hobbies and interests can be a sign of autism.
  • Getting a diagnosis as an adult can act as a vindication of many of the struggles you have dealt with throughout your life.
  • Diagnosis can also allow you to relax and be yourself a little bit more.

If you think you might have autism, we recommend seeking an official diagnosis. Check out our blog to learn about the benefits of a diagnosis, and be sure to watch some videos on first diagnosis in our Free Video Library!

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