Diagnosis Autism

Diagnosis Autism

Diagnosis Autism

It can be difficult to get an accurate autism diagnosis at a young age. However, doctors are trying to learn early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and are hoping to be able to diagnose by 12 months. The earlier autism is detected, the more effective treatment and therapy is.

This video discusses the study of autism, specifically the warning signs and how early they begin to develop.

Diagnosis Autism
By: Mirela Magh
Initial Air Date: Mar 21, 2011
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Experts believe that if autism is detected early in development, the child’s neurological development can be altered to reduce the effects.
  • By altering neurodevelopment, the symptoms and behaviors of autism can be countered and reduced.
  • Therapy can make huge strides in an autistic child’s development, taking a child unable to verbally communicate and bringing them to speaking in multi-word sentences.
  • Studies from birth compare the development of neurotypical children to that of those with autism. These studies are helping to track the behavior associated with the disorder in order to diagnose it at a younger age.
  • Diagnosing children as young as 12 months is difficult. Many children who exhibit autistic symptoms at such early ages end up developing normally.
  • Autistic children are very unresponsive compared to neurotypical children, not reacting when their name is called or when they are shown a new toy.
  • Children may pass early tests and screening, but may regress and show signs of autism later on.
  • Many groups claim that autism cases have been rising explosively. While there are more diagnoses, that is because the definition of autism has been widened to include disorders previously counted separately.

If you think your child is exhibiting symptoms of autism, don’t hesitate to reach out for support! Schedule a consultation with us to talk about our global community through a multi-business network that provides a complete range of resources, services, and support for families and individuals living with autism.

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