Dietary Supplements for Autism

Dietary Supplements for Autism

Certain supplements can help lessen symptoms in autistic people, improving social skills and brain function. Vitamin-D has been noted to have a drastic effect on autistic children in multiple studies.

This video compares studies involving Omega-3 and Vitamin-C (which were not very effective) to those involving Vitamin-D, which saw significant results.

Dietary Supplements for Autism
Initial Air Date: Sep 21, 2018
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Autistic children are often noted to have deficiencies in certain nutrients, and are therefore prescribed supplements.
  • However, it is unknown if this is a cause or a symptom of autism. The selective diets of autistic individuals could be the reason for any deficiencies.
  • Studies have shown that Omega-3 supplements do not have a notable effect on the core symptoms of autism.
  • Meanwhile, Vitamin-D studies have proven to be much more effective in improving symptoms. 

Remember, we always recommend talking to your primary care physician before changing your diet or your child’s diet. For more information about nutrition and autism, take a look at our other nutrition videos in our Free Video Library. 

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