Dr. Martha Herbert says “Diet is Big” for Autism

Dr. Martha Herbert

Dr. Martha Herbert says “Diet is Big” for Autism

Some experts claim that autism is not a permanent condition, and can be treated with a nurturing environment and a proper diet. Autism has many causes, and each needs to be considered when planning prevention.

This video will discuss the reversibility of autism. Autism can be counteracted with proper care, attention, and nutrition.

Dr. Martha Herbert says “Diet is Big” for Autism by Nourishing Hope
Initial Release Date: April 2, 2012
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Autism is not a life-sentence; it can be reversed.
  • Reducing exposure to toxins can reduce the chances of autism in children.
  • A healthy and varied diet can equip the body with what it needs to reduce irritation and inflammation in the brain.
  • There is not a single cause or identifier of autism; understanding full body health is critical.
  • Many children start developing symptoms of autism around two. This stage of development sees a lot of radical changes for the brain. 
  • Parents should make sure to create as healthy an environment as possible not just during their child’s infancy, but also while pregnant.

Doctor Martha Herbert explains that autism can be reversed. Children raised in a healthy, non-toxic environment on a proper diet can have their autism lessened, or even completely lose their diagnosis. For more tips on leading a healthy lifestyle, please  check out our blog!

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