Extinction Procedures with Challenging Behavior

Extinction Procedures with Challenging Behavior

When managing problematic behaviors from your autistic child, you can use “extinction procedures” in order to reduce those behaviors. Extinction procedures involve not reinforcing undesirable behavior that your child exhibits.

Learn from Angela Persicke as she joins Autism Live to talk about using “extinction procedures” to reduce undesirable behavior in children.

Extinction Procedures with Challenging Behavior by Autism Live
Initial Release Date: Oct 19, 2012
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Extinction procedures involve no longer reinforcing problem behavior.
  • A BCBA can examine a situation and determine the function of the behavior. This helps pinpoint a solution and eliminate any reinforcement of the problem behavior.
  • Problem behaviors can sometimes have more than one function, necessitating more complex analysis and solutions.
  • Certain reactions on your part, often fueled by wanting to get out of an uncomfortable situation or not go through a stressful tantrum, may reinforce negative behavior as it teaches your child that the behavior gets them what they want.
  • When you put extinction procedures into effect, you may see an “extinction burst.” This is the child pushing their behaviors even further to see what they can get away with. This may even include new behaviors.
  • It is important to not let the extinction burst dissuade you; it is a sign that what you have been doing is working. Otherwise, you may reinforce even more negative behaviors.
  • If you need to give in to the behavior, make them earn it by asking them to do something, no matter how small. This teaches them that it was the task you asked them to do that earned them what they wanted, not their challenging behavior.

By using “extinction procedures,” you can reduce or even entirely prevent problematic behaviors. To learn more, check out the videos on managing behaviors in our Free Video Library.

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