Getting an Autism Diagnosis

autism diagnosis

Getting an Autism Diagnosis

If your child is struggling with social behavior or organization, even considering the possibility of autism can be a scary thought. This video can guide you to a program that can help diagnose and treat symptoms of autism.

Gabriel Meyer explains how to catch potential warning signs of autism. Learn about some of the options open to parents attempting to get a diagnosis for their children.

Getting an Autism Diagnosis by Autism Live, a Production of Center for Autism & Related Disorders (CARD),
Initial Release Date: March 30, 2019
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • People of any age can be diagnosed with autism.
  • Asperger’s has been rolled into the autism spectrum and is no longer a separate diagnosis.
  • Autistic people can demonstrate issues with socialization, organization, and emotion.
  • First diagnosis does not necessarily mean an intensive program; various programs are available depending on severity.
  • There is no harm in having your child checked. Even if they do not have autism, you can get on the right path for treating anything else they may have.

If you are concerned that your child may be exhibiting signs of autism, don’t hesitate to take action. You can schedule a consultation today to make sure you understand your child’s needs.

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