Getting Kids with Autism to Eat

Getting Kids with Autism to Eat

Getting Kids with Autism to Eat

By using positive reinforcement, children with autism can be guided to try new foods and expand their food palette. These foods can even be used as rewards later on to introduce even more options.

Tom Caffrey teaches us the feeding intervention process used with James, a young boy with autism.

Getting Kids with Autism to Eat
By: Tom Caffrey
Initial Air Date: Feb 12, 2014
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Children with autism may refuse to eat new foods, even throwing tantrums when their caregivers try to feed them.
  • By offering positive reinforcement through praise and rewarding a child with the foods they like, it is possible to expand their palettes. 
  • By expanding a child’s palette, foods that they once refused to eat can be used as reward foods later on once the child has adjusted to them.

Mealtimes can be a challenge for families on the spectrum. We’ve got your back! A child’s eating habits can be guided with positive reinforcement and implementing a feeding intervention. Learn even more about the benefits of healthy eating by reading our blog about Autism and Nutrition.

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