How Effective Can ABA Intervention Be? | Autism Challenging Behaviour | Real Families

In this documentary film, an Ability Life Solutions Video Favorite, Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA) as it is used with people with autism is discussed by practitioners as well as proponent sand detractors of its effectiveness and moral and ethical philosophy. Several families are documented as they raise their children with autism, as well as an independent ABA practitioner, Gunnar Frederiksen, who takes the view that autism can be cured through the use of early intervention.

At the heart of the debate among those who swear by ABA and those who disagree with its methods is the extent to which it is forcing the person with autism to do things they don’t want to and to become someone else in order to meet society’s demands, and whether this is robbing them of their ‘essence’ or ‘soul’, or whether it is simply teaching behaviors in order to enable a person to live a better life

How Effective Can ABA Intervention Be | Autism Challenging Behavior | Real Families by Real Families
Initial Release Date: Dec 22, 2017
Source: Youtube

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