How to Avoid a BACK TO SCHOOL MELTDOWN | Autism Family Back to School Tips

How do you prepare your autistic child for the first day of school? In this video, we’ll learn some tips for getting your child ready to head back to school with minimal stress.

Learn from autism dad Kevin Chapman as he shares his involvement with his son Andy and their experiences preparing to go back to school.

How to Avoid a BACK TO SCHOOL MELTDOWN | Autism Family Back to School Tips
By: Kevin Chapman
Initial Air Date: Aug 21, 2019
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Ask to have a tour of the school before your child returns.
  • Arrange to meet the new teacher to discuss your child’s specific needs. It also helps to meet anyone else who will be in your child’s life, such as TAs and bus drivers.
  • Try not to throw too much change at your child all at once. This includes not just changing teachers and classmates, but also buying new clothes and uniforms. Try spreading these changes out so as not to overwhelm them.
  • Don’t spring surprises on them. Give them plenty of notice before big events or changes happen.
  • Let them see school friends throughout the summer to not only remind them that school will be coming up, but also give them a reason to look forward to school.
  • Using a calendar to count down the days until school helps them be aware and prepared for going back.

The first day of school can be stressful, but if you prepare your child for it, you can get through it much easier. Learn more about education and autism by watching videos in our Free Video Library!

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