How to Handle an Autism Tantrum | Autism

How to Handle an Autism Tantrum | Autism

Dealing with autism tantrums can be difficult for a parent. Understanding why tantrums happen and having a plan in place to prevent one when you see it coming are very attainable goals.

Learn from Dr. Asma Sadiq as she goes over the way a tantrum starts and the methods you can use to prevent one.

How to Handle an Autism Tantrum | Autism
By: How Cast
Initial Air Date: Jan 8, 2015
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • It is important to understand the reasoning behind a tantrum.
  • Autistic children have difficulty communicating, so they get frustrated more easily than neurotypical children.
  • There may be a valid reason for the tantrum, or it may just be the child being oppositional.
  • Have a strategy ready for helping prevent the tantrum, such as redirection or sensory regulation.
  • For autistic children, there is a good chance that a tantrum is an attempt to communicate something.

Pay attention to and recognize the signs of an oncoming tantrum. Formulate a plan so that you can help manage your child’s behavior, while also teaching them how to self-regulate. For more advice on self-regulating over-stimulation, check out our blog post on this very topic!

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