How to Handle an Autism Tantrum | Autism

Tantrums are not just difficult for the child, they are a challenge for the whole family. Because autistic children have social and language communication issues, they are more easily frustrated than a typical child experiences. This is a huge piece of the reason why they might have a tantrum in the first place.

Preempting it or getting to understand what is causing the tantrum is important. Is it a valid communication issue? Is there discomfort? Is it when a child who wants sameness and you’re changing their behavior in a way that they don’t want changed, Or is it just being oppositional, which is what a lot of kids do? It’s important for parents to look beyond the tantrum to attempt to get the bottom of what created the tantrum in the first place. Re-directing them, having a timer, giving them transition time, and helping them sensory regulate are some of the first steps to tempering tantrums.

How to Handle an Autism Tantrum | Autism
By: How Cast
Initial Air Date: Jan 8, 2015
Source: YouTube

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