How To Help Stop Autism Meltdowns

autism help for meltdowns

How To Help Stop Autism Meltdowns

If someone close to you is going through an autistic meltdown, there are a set of very specific ways you can help them through it. Learning these techniques can help you to be better prepared to assist with the next meltdown.

In this video, Indie Andy teaches us some strategies for handling an autistic meltdown.

How to Help Stop Autism Meltdowns by Indie Andy
Initial Release Date: July 30, 2019
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • When dealing with an autistic meltdown, it is important to remain calm and avoid raising your voice.
  • Don’t try to explain anything or have a discussion, you will overload them with information. They will struggle to understand or retain anything.
  • Do not touch someone going through a meltdown.
  • Try to get them out of their state of mind by trying to ground them with their senses. Have them concentrate on a particular sound or sight.
  • Someone having a meltdown may stop subconsciously breathing, so breathing exercises can be a big help for them.
  • Get them to a safe place if possible.This can be away from other people, somewhere quiet, or even just stepping outside.
  • Be patient with them, allowing them the time and space they need without worsening the situation.
  • Give them time to recover after the meltdown. The experience can be exhausting for everyone involved.

When a person on the spectrum is having a meltdown, take a hands-off approach and exercise patience. For more information on autistic meltdowns, check out the other free videos we have on managing behaviors in our Video Library.

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