How to Reduce Problem Behaviors | Autism Intervention for Problem Behaviors

As the parent of an autistic child, you will learn to manage problematic behavior. Analyzing this behavior and coming up with strategies to lessen and help it are important skills to have.

Learn from Mary Barbera as she explains how to identify and change problem behaviors in children.

How to Reduce Problem Behaviors | Autism Intervention for Problem Behaviors by Mary Barbera-Turn Autism Around
Initial Release Date: Apr 10, 2019
Source: Youtube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • One of the hardest tasks for caregivers is the reduction of problem behaviors.
  • The first step in taking care of an autistic child is assessment. A general assessment checks for things such as irregular behaviors, allergies or food sensitivities.
  • After the general assessment, more focused, structured assessments are used to examine communication and behavior.
  • Assessment is never truly over; constant assessment tracks the child’s progress to tell if treatments are effective or not.
  • Use the assessment to formulate a plan. Prioritize destructive and harmful behaviors in an attempt to get them down to zero.
  • You cannot let a child do whatever they want all day, as easy as it would be to give in and not deal with them fussing. Instead, reward them when they exhibit desirable behaviors in order to encourage them to behave. You can slightly reduce standards to allow them to gradually learn good behavioral habits.

Learning to assess and plan for your autistic child’s behavior will help you to support their growth and development. Look through our Free Video Library for more helpful information about managing behaviors.

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