How to Stop a Child with Autism from Hitting | Autism ABA Strategies

In this video, Dr. Mary Barbera discusses strategies one can use to help reduce problem behaviors for children with autism, such as hitting themselves or others. Dr. Barbera stresses the importance of including a medical and behavioral health professional to help address aggressive behaviors, and gives tips for working with such children.

An important part of addressing this behavior is assessing the behavior, paying attention to potential triggers for the reaction. Once the behavior has been assessed, setting up an effective plan for addressing it is essential for successfully reducing the behavior. Dr. Barbera offers a free 3-part guide which covers addressing aggressive behavior, which is available here.

How to Stop a Child With Autism from Hitting | Autism ABA Strategies
By: Mary Barbera – Turn Autism Around
Initial Air Date: Aug 13, 2018
Source: YouTube

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