How to Stop a Child with Autism from Hitting | Autism ABA Strategies

How to Stop a Child with Autism from Hitting | Autism ABA Strategies

Is your child on the spectrum overly aggressive at times? Discover how to prevent your child from hitting others or themselves by understanding the cause of the behavior. 

Learn from Dr. Mary Barbera as she discusses methods for preventing aggressive behavior in autistic children, namely hitting.

How to Stop a Child With Autism from Hitting | Autism ABA Strategies
By: Mary Barbera – Turn Autism Around
Initial Air Date: Aug 13, 2018
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • Aggression is a big issue for many children with autism.
  • The first step towards preventing aggressive behavior is assessing the behavior itself. Assess where and when the behavior is most likely to happen, and analyze the function.
  • Assess how frequently the behavior happens, and if it is accompanied by other types of aggressive behavior.
  • Trying to treat aggressive behavior without fully understanding the cause can actually make the problem worse.
  • You can use activities that you know the child enjoys to prevent them from engaging in aggressive behavior, but this must be done within reason; you obviously cannot just let them do whatever they want all day.

Assessing aggressive behavior is the most important step towards preventing it. Consulting with specialists, such as behavioral therapists, is key to understanding the functions of this type of behavior. Schedule a consultation with Ability Life Solutions so that we can help you find the support your family needs.

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