IEP, and Autism diagnoses through the Educational system.

Qualifying your autistic child for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) requires an evaluation by the school to ensure that they meet certain requirements. Once the child qualifies for the IEP, the process of creating the plan involves multiple meetings with the school staff to determine what exactly is appropriate for your child.

This video teaches us about the process of qualifying a child for special education.

IEP, and Autism Diagnoses through the Educational System
By: Spectrum of our Life Brost
Initial Air Date: Feb 19, 2017
Source: YouTube

What We Learned from this Video:

  • In order to qualify for special education, a child must meet several different criteria.
  • An evaluator may come to your home to analyze your child’s behavior and determine whether or not they meet these criteria.
  • These criteria are often behavioral, dietary or sensory in nature.
  • An IEP can be designed based on observations of a child’s behavior, custom-made to suit their needs.
  • There are visual tools that can be provided to caregivers that allow them to communicate with their child more easily.
  • Autistic children can influence the behavior of younger siblings, indirectly causing developmental issues for them.

The Individualized Education Plan process is very involved, and can often be difficult. Learn strategies for preparing for your IEP meetings and asking the right questions of the school staff by checking out these helpful videos on education in our free video library. You can also schedule a consultation with Ability Life Solutions to help you prep for your IEP meeting.

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